Tuesday, 22 September 2020

 23 items every woman should have in her bag

Hey lady! Today the listed items in this article are going to make your life away better. Trust me; if you are missing any of these things, then you are not ready to go outside the door. 

A woman needs to be ready for all situations, anyone, and all the time. Generally, we carry our entire world in our bags. But here in this article, I am going to list out the essential a woman should have in her bag. Doesn’t matter if you are a working woman or a carefree teenager, here are some essentials you ought not to forget.   


Items every woman should have in her bag:


1. Snack: 

The first thing a woman should have in her bag is a snack. You can keep granola bars or any energy bars on hand as it will prevent you from cravings and also the energy loss. 

Sometimes a lady might drive a little bit crazy while she is hungry. This energy bar will keep your mood brighten all the time. 


2. Band-aids: 

Band-aids are the most essential item you should carry. It will help you in case of some blister when you are wearing new shoes, in broken nail condition, and little injury. 


 3. Pepper spray: 

Every woman must-must carries this. I suggest you keep this considering the unfortunate incidents that are occurring against women recently in our country. This will help you in your self-defense. 

Besides keeping you safe from all harms, it will also make you confident to face any threat.


4. Hand sanitizer: 

Another important item a woman should have in her bag is hand sanitizer. The current pandemic situation makes it compulsory for all to carry a sanitizer. It will help you stay away from germs. You must carry it especially while using public transport.


5. Sanitary Pads/ Tampons: 

Keeping an extra pad or tampon will not help you during an emergency. But you can also help someone who needs it.


6. Small notepad: 

By the way, today’s smartphone is always enough to jot down everything. But still, I prefer carrying a small notepad. You can use it immediately while making any list and can use note down a phone number. You can use it as a reminder and many other uses.


7. Pen: 

For the above-mentioned item, you will need a pen. So with a notepad, don’t forget to add a pen in your bag. 


8. Wallet/ Money: 

The other important item in my list is the wallet/ money a woman should have in her bag. There is no need to mention, why a woman should carry this. All I want is to emphasize it.


9. Clutches/ Elastic hair bands

While sizzling hot summer, when you wish to keep your hair tied in a band and off your face, this hairband will come to your rescue. I suggest you keep 2 or 3 extra hairbands and one hair grasp in your bag.


10. Makeup Compact:

Makeup compact with one small but the good mirror will help you in touch-ups on the go. A woman should have it to look fresh throughout the day.


11. Lip balm: 

Another item I need not mention is lip balm. Every woman might carry tons of lip balms to have soft, moisturized, and hydrated lips. 


12. wet tissues/ Face tissues: 

Face tissues are the stuff a woman should have in her bag. This will help her to feel fresh on sizzling hot summer days.  


13. Mint gum/ Tictac/ mouth freshener: 

Bad breath can make you embarrass at any time. Your breath might smell bad when you are dieting, fasting, or be so busy and don’t get a chance to have food for a long.

This mouth freshener will give much-needed freshness to your breath. You can also have it after the meal and don’t let your friend guess that you had garlic bread.


14. Small perfume:

Keeping small perfumes that you get a sample or “Gift with purchase” will prevent you from the embarrassment due to sweaty smell. Also, you can treat your bag with some spritzes so that it can smell great just like you.


15. Portable panic alarm:

These panic alarms are compact and have the potential to create high decibel sounds. You can use it when in distress. These alarms can be carried easily and are also available in form of key chains.


16. Eye drops: 

Many of us are allergic to dust and pollution. Having an eye drop in your bag will help you in soothing your eyes. 

Also, red-eye may embarrass you when people ask the reason for red-eye. You can have an eye drop that can cure inflammation and cools and soothe your eyes. 

Also, eye drops can help you in reducing acne and can reduce the size of the pimple.


17. First-aid: 

This is the most important item a woman should have in her bag. Your first-aid bag should carry medicine for headache, migraine, pain killer, nausea, travel sickness, and for some emergencies like antiseptics, etc. 


18. Comb:

Another important item in the list a woman should have in her bag. Only the lady with frizzy hairs can get the importance of a comb in her bag. 


19. Earphones: 

While in the metro or when you are free, your earphone will help you pass your time. It is also helpful when you are waiting for someone or want to avoid a really cheesy person. 

Just plug-in your earphone and fresh up your mood with your favorite music.   


20. Makeup pouch:

This might seems less important, but you can load it with eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, neutral lipsticks, oil blotting paper, etc, and keep your make up organized in your bag. 


21. Power bank: 

When your phone is about to die and you have to make a really important call, this power bank will come for your rescue. 


22. Sunscreen:

When you are outside on a hot sunny day, there you will need sunscreen to save your skin from UV rays. 


23. Lotion:

Your skin might demand moisturizer at any time. You should always be ready with lotion to keep your skin moisturized. #1 beauty tip: Moisturize-moisturize-moisturize.


The bottom line

So these are the items a woman should have in her bag while stepping out from the door. Let us know your must-have purse item in the comments below. This will be my pleasure to add it to my bag.  

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