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Healthy routine for the morning

 Healthy morning routine as per Ayurveda

Hello friends, How should be the daily routine of human beings that make us healthy and protect us from different diseases is technically explained in details in Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, everything is related to the core element and it is based on the tridoshas named Vatta, pitta, and Kapha. Do read this article till the end so that you may realize how far we have come from the routine suggested by our ancestors.

To bring radical changes in body, mind, and consciousness, there is a need to incorporate some healthy daily routine habits. These habits as per Ayurveda will also help you establish balance and will help you regularize your organic clock, absorptions and assimilation, aids digestion, and could assist you to generate self-esteem, peace, discipline, happiness, and longevity.

Here in this article, I will share healthy morning routine habit ideas that you should incorporate into your morning routine for a healthier and more productive morning.  
Healthy morning routine:

1. Wake up early before sunrise: 

It is always a good idea to wake up early in the morning before sunrise, in loving sattvic nature that brings freshness to the senses and peace in the mind.

The time for sunrise changes according to the season, but the average time to wake up should be between 5:30 to 6:0 am in the morning.

Right after waking up, the next thing you should do is to see your hands and gently move them over your face and chest down to the waist. This will assist cleanse your aura.

2. Prayer before leaving the bed is always good for you:

It is always a good habit to thank god for the beautiful day. After saying your prayer, you should touch the floor with your right hand and then touch the same hand to your forehead with great respect and love to mother earth.

3. Wash the mouth, face, and eyes:

The next routine in our healthy habit ideas is to wash your face with cold water. Then rinse your mouth and splash your eyes with cool water. Massage your eyelid and rub them gently.

It is advisable to rotate your eyes in all directions and blink them 7 times. Wipeout your face with a dry clean towel. 

4. Drink 2 glasses of water:

This is another important habit as per Ayurveda. Drinking water at room temperature preferably from a pure copper cup filled the night is great to wash your GI tract.

This will stimulate peristalsis and flushes the kidney. Starting your day with bed tea or coffee is never a good idea as it drains kidney energy and leads to constipation.  

5. Evacuation: 

Squat on the toilet and have a proper bowel movement. An improper schedule and inadequate sleep may hinder this process.  

However, drinking water in the morning and sitting on the toilet at a set time each day will help you regulate your bowel movement.  

Breathing with alternative nostril may also help you get a proper bowel movement. Then follow proper hygiene methods by washing your hand with soap. 

6. Tongue scraping 

Scrape your tongue gently from the back forward for 7 to 14 times. This will stimulate your internal organ and help you get proper digestion and also good for removing dead bacteria and germs. You can scrape your tongue with stainless steel scraper. 

7. Teeth cleaning 

The next habit in a healthy daily routine is cleaning your teeth properly. You should always clean your teeth with the help of a soft toothbrush and an astringent, or any toothpaste.  

Traditional Indians used to clean their teeth with neem sticks that have a property to dislodge fine food particles from between the teeth and help them getting the strong teeth and healthy gums. 

8. Gargling 

Gargling twice a day with sesame oil will help you get strong teeth, gums, and jaws and will also help in removing wrinkles from the cheeks.  

9. Chewing 

Chewing some sesame seeds helps get strengthened teeth and gums. Also, it's chewing in the morning will help you by stimulating your liver and stomach and thus will improve your digestion.  
After chewing, it is advisable to brush your teeth again but without toothpaste. 

10. Nasal drops: 

Dropping 2 to 3 drops of warm ghee or oil in your nose will solve major problems related to sinuses and it lubricates the nose, and improve vision, voice, and mental clarity.  

11. Exercise 

Daily exercise, especially yoga, will help you improve your circulation, endurance, and strength. It is also good for digestion and better health.  


After exercise or Yoga, its time for pranayam. Sit quietly and do some breathing exercise like alternate nostril breathing, curl your tongue and breathe through it, and do some short but fast breathing exercise. 

13. Meditation: 

Another important daily routine is meditation. It will bring peace and balance into your life and is great for improving your concentration.  

14. Ear drops: 

Similarly, ear drops in the morning will solve the problems of ringing in the ear, poor hearing, more wax production, lockjaw, and TMJ.  

15. Applying oil on head and body 

Applying oil in the head will prevent baldness, premature graying of hairs, headache, and receding hairline.  
Similarly oiling the body will keep your skin soft. 

16. Bathing 

The next routine is bathing. It will help to remove dirt and fatigue and will bring you new energy and freshness, holiness to your life, and clarity to your mind. 

17. Dressing: 

After bathing, put-on cleans cloth and start your day.  

18. Perfumes: 

Using natural perfumes will give your body vitality and will improve your self-esteem. 

19. Time for the breakfast: 

Hey buddy, now it’s time for your breakfast. Have some high energy breakfast for your energetic day. 

The bottom line: 

So this is the routine we all should follow in the morning for a better and more productive day. Hope this article helps you. Also, let us know how these ideas work in your morning routine.  
Thank you  

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