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Norton- Antivirus and Security

 Today online threats not only include viruses but also include spyware, phishing, ransomware, and many more. A variety of online threats are available that can give cybercriminals access to your data and can infect your devices. 

Do you want protection against these cyber threats? Software related to antivirus and securities can help you defend your computers, tablets, smartphones, etc against these online threats.

Nortone LifeLock designed the Norton antivirus and antimalware as computer security products. The security technology by Norton includes different layers of defense that will help you block and catch all types of online threats trying to infect your devices. 

How does This antivirus work?

This antivirus has a feature to do a complete scan and then it will help you removing malware entered in your computer, smartphone, and tablet. The technology used by Norton antivirus is machine learning that determines the good and bad files. 

“Emulation” is likewise blanketed in Norton safety and motive the web chance to show themselves. Emulation is nothing just running each file in a lightweight virtual machine. All the procedures will be done in milliseconds just after your double-clicking on files.

Hundreds of optimizations have been done to the Norton protection antivirus engine and this will minimize the impact on user experience. 

Why it is necessary to have an anti-virus program?

A tablet, computer, or smartphone has the potential to encounter malware and virus when they connect to the internet. You may be careful while online, still, there are chances that you navigate a malware compromised website or download malware from a message from your trusted friend with a hacked account. 

It is also possible that someone else uses your device and is not that much careful as you. Having security software and antivirus will protect your device against all types of malware. 

Feature of Norton Antivirus- Malware protection:

Multiple defenses are included in Norton security technology to defend against malware and threats. This technology is powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence. The malware protection of Norton security technology includes:

Intrusion Prevention System: With this technology, Norton antivirus analyzes arrived information from the network and block the potential online threat before they hit your system.

Advanced machine learning: This antivirus includes this feature to scan the entire system and thus help you removing threats and malware files. Testing is done to see what files do with the help of emulation and machine learning.

Reputation protection: This technology uses the reputation information that is collected from the global network for the classification of software application files on their attributes.

Behavioral protection (SONAR): This system uses artificial intelligence and then classifies the application depending on behavior. The applications that are displaying suspiciously are automatically blocked by this technology.

Proactive exploit protection (PEP): The protection against the ‘Zero-day” attack that is harmful by exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system or the application is done with the help of this technology.

Power Eraser: This technology helps you in the detection and removal of malware and high-risk application residing in your system. 

Antivirus for Windows computers:

For windows, Norton was among the first antivirus solution. And the company is developing new ways for decades and has been innovative to help protects PCs and laptops. Today this Norton security technology is using emulation and advance machine learning to determine the good and bad files.

Beyond antivirus, this security technology has many more ways to help your system protected. For PCs and Laptops, the protection starts at the network level, analyze network traffic with the help of smart firewall and intrusion prevention, and helps in blocking potential online threats before they hit your PC.

The reputation protection is used by Norton protection for PC that helps in analyzing reputation data. This tool gathers the reputation information from the global network for the classification of software application files. 

The protection includes behavioral protection (SONAR) that will helps in monitoring and blocking applications exhibiting suspicious behavior. It also includes technology to fight against the ‘Zero-day’ attack that has the potential to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system and the applications.

Antivirus for Mac:

Mac computers are immune to viruses are myth. They can also get viruses and there is a requirement of file-based antivirus protection. 

For mac, there is a need for one more layer of protection like Intrusion prevention, firewall, and Anti-phishing protection.

Norton security technology includes all the above layers of protections and has been helping Mac users for decades. The security technology is powered with 24-hr threat monitoring advanced technology that will help you stop the latest attacks before cybercriminals reach your Mac.

Antivirus for Android: 

An array of tools and features are included in Norton protection for Android and these tools are advisor*, Web protection, Wi-Fi security, and safe search. Anti-theft tools and security report cards are also included in this application. 

The scanning of the app before downloading is done with the help of app Advisor* that is powered by Norton mobile insight. This tool is expertise in warning you before installing the risky apps. This tool will also tell you about online privacy, malware, and other risks that are detected for a particular app before you download it. 

Antivirus for iOS:

The threat might enter your iPad, or iPhone while using public Wi-Fi or you log into emails. The protection powered by Norton will help you protect your iPhone with its Web protection, wi-fi security, and device security. 

The Wi-Fi security powered by this tool will alert you before your device to connect with a Wi-fi with the risk of attack by cybercriminals. 

The web protection tool by Norton will help you in detecting and safeguarding your device from navigating to malicious websites. And you will get an alert from Device security when your system is not updated. Out of date system could leave your iPad or iPhone susceptible to vulnerabilities. 

The bottom line:

Get Norton security protection now and keep prying eyes out. This software will help you protect your personal information safe. 


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