Thursday, 8 October 2020

Google chrome

 Google chrome is a cross-platform web browser that provides you a faster way to do anything. Developed by Google, this chrome browser allows you to do any small or big work when you are on the web. 

With this chrome browser, you will get the speed and smart features that allow you to create, do and explore online. Chrome browser by Google will provide you everything that you want to do. 

There are all things present in chrome that allows you to get most out of the web like you can search for quick answers in your address bar, also you will get quick translation in just one click, and here also present customized articles for you. 

With Google Chrome, you don’t need to worry about the security as this browser will automatically protect you from security issues like dangerous sites, and phishing. The best thing is that the chrome browser can work on any platform that includes windows, android, and iOS.    

Features you will get with Google chrome:

Do you like to keep 100 tabs open? There is constant evolvement in this chrome browser to optimize memory responsiveness and usage. Thus it will provide you less lag per tab and you will stay organized with its sleek design. 

This chrome browser by Google will keep you secure without even sacrificing your convenience. It is very difficult to remember passwords. This browser by Google can generate a password that is unique for every site and will also keep them safe. With this browser, you can also store your payment details and address safe and thus get help in filling forms in just one click. 

With this browser, you will get an extension for all that you love. You can take help from the extension to save your articles in Google keep and can find a way to save some money on your trendy fashion search. Google chrome provides you more than 150,000 chrome extension and you will get many ways to power your browser like it’s your customized own. 

Google Chrome has a feature to answer the question before even you finish typing. You can get an answer to your address bar. With Google's address bar, the fact-finding mission becomes very fast and simple. Here you can also search for your Google drive thus make your diving into the holiday plan for next week is much easier. 

The chrome also provides you feature to translate your entire site in just one click, doesn’t matter from which part in the globe you are. There is an automatic prompt of the translation by the chrome when you need it. 

Here in the chrome browser, you don’t need to get annoyed because of ads, There is present an in-built ad blocker that has a feature to remove annoying and malicious ads. Here also present less auto-playing videos, page takeovers, and countdowns on screen. 

This chrome browser by Google is specially tailored for you. Here you will get from a tailored content feed and you can search in your Google drive for the content that suited you easily.

This will also keep you up to date. There is surfacing of blogs, contents, and articles by Google when you are online. The more you spend time on Google Chrome, more it will become customized for you. And it will show you the content that is most relevant to you at your fingertips.

Chrome is proved to protect you from all dangerous websites and downloads that have the danger to steal your passwords or have the potential to infect your device. This chrome provides you with a warning when it sees something suspicious. 

Chrome has a feature to update automatically after every 6months to provide you up to date security features and fixes. 

Advanced technology such as sandboxing, site isolation, and predictive phishing make this browser the most secure browser and also keeps you protect from security threats. 

This browser has a feature to keep you all device synched. Thus provides you the same experience on all your devices. 

Google Chrome for Windows:

With Google Chrome on Windows, you will get a clean and straightforward layout. This browser will provide you with intuitive navigation and will provide you many accessible options. Here you will get fast download speeds and it also prevents you from malware. 

With Google chrome, enjoy safe browsing!

How to download Google chrome on PC?

Google chrome is a light weighted browser for windows. To download Google Chrome:

First, visit you will get the option to download chrome.

Click on the download button.

After downloading you will see the term of the service window.

Click to set your chrome as your default browser.

Now click on Accept and install to start the installation. 

Now the chrome window will open in your PC. Sign in the chrome.

Enjoy secure browsing!

Google Chrome for Android:

This is a simple, fast, and secure browser for your Android smartphone. With this browser, you will get customized news articles, downloads, quick links to your favorite sites, and Google search. Along with all these features, you will also get a translate built-in that can translate in one click. 

With this browser, you will get the feature of the incognito browser also which will allow you to browse without saving your history. Thus you can browse privately across your entire device. 

Get this app now and keep your favorite contents just one tap away!

How to download Google Chrome on an android phone?

To download Google Chrome:

First, visit Playstore.

Search for Google Chrome and click on download.

Now let the app install in your device.

Sign in Google.

Enjoy browsing.

Google Chrome for iOS platform: 

This is easy to use, fast, and secure browser for the iOS platform. Here in this browser, you can choose from customized searches and quickly browse web pages. 

How to download Google Chrome on iOS phones?

To download Google Chrome:

First, visit Appstore.

Search for Google Chrome and click on download.

Now let the app install in your device.

Sign in Google.

Enjoy browsing.


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