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Microsoft Office

 Microsoft office alternatively known as MS Office is a complete package of computer application that is basically helpful for office purposes and in businesses. In 1990, it was first introduced and was created by the Microsoft Corporation. 

The basic office tasks are simplified with the help of MS office and will help you improve your work productivity. Each and every application in the set of MS office is designed in a way to address the specific task, like as word processing, making a presentation, data management, and organizing emails.

There has been the development of multiple versions of MS office by Microsoft to support a different operating system that includes Linux, Windows, and macOS. MS Office is available in 35 different languages.

Common applications of Microsoft office:

The most common applications that come in our day to day use by MS office includes Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and outlook. The other application by MS office includes access, OneNote, and Publisher.

Here we provide you some brief explanation about each of these applications by MS office and how you can use them for:

Microsoft word: This is a kind of word processor that allows users to edit and make text documents that include letters, reports, and resumes. And it is also helpful in running spell-check on writing.

This is the most widely and commonly used application throughout the world. This application can be easily open in both macOS and windows. In 1983, it came into existence for the first time for the MS-DOS OS. 

The word processor was initially available in Doc format but after the release of the 2007 version, the format changed to Office Open XML. In the 2007 version of MS Word, PDF (portable document format) and Open document format was first introduced. 

The typing becomes very easy with MS word and it become easy to type all contents and official documents in MS word. This application also allows the users to save their written documents and these can further serve as a record.   


Microsoft Excel: This is an electronic spreadsheet program and it is helpful in storing, organizing, and manipulating data with the help of the creation of simple to complex spreadsheets.

MS Excel will help you by learning your patterns and is great for you in organizing your data and will save your time. With this application, you can easily create spreadsheets and you can use modern formulas to perform the calculation. 

Here you will get features of new graphs and charts that will help you in presenting your data in a compelling way. Here other features available like formatting, tables, and sparkling that will make your data better understandable. Herewith the help of this application, you can easily create a forecast that will help in predicting trends.

This application by MS office also allows you to share your workbook with your friends and colleagues. You should work on this for real-time collaboration that will help your work done faster.      

Microsoft PowerPoint: This application by MS office allows users to visually display information with the help of anything from simple slideshows to complex and professional multimedia presentations. 

With this application, you can create well-designed and impactful slides to present your ideas and designs. It is now become easy to insert embedded animations and 3D objects into PowerPoint decks directly from the library or your own files.

With this application, you can ink easily onto a slide and this can also convert the handwritten notes into the text. It can easily make hand-drawn shapes perfect in just a few seconds.  

Microsoft Publisher: This is a graphic design application by MS office that will allow users to create material for publication and marketing and there will be an offering of more options for the design and layout of the documents. 

With publisher application, you can create polished, and professional layouts without any hassle. Here available a precise layout, pictures, style text, borders, calendars, and many more to create your layouts in a professional way. 

This application will allow you to create everything from simple greeting cards to marketing materials, and professional newsletters. 

The Publisher application by MS office will allow you to share your pixel-perfect printouts, and you will get permission to send your professional-quality email publications.    

Microsoft Outlook: This application is a personal information manager by MS office that is mainly helpful in managing emails. But this application can be used in storing calendars, and contact information. It will help you in managing tasks and will also help you in organizing meetings.    

With outlook application by MS office, you can easily manage, send, and receive your emails. You are allowed to use this application as built-in calendars and this will keep track of your every event and appointments.

This application will take control of your privacy. With the help of outlook search, you will get access to locate people, messages, and documents. This will simplify your scheduling and will share your availability. This is a great application to prioritize your tasks.  

Microsoft OneNote: This is a digital alternative to the paper notebook and it will allow the users to create, share, and organize their notes easily. 

This is a digital notebook for you that will help you in capturing and organizing across your device. 

Here you can simply jot down your ideas and it will help you keep track of your meeting and classroom notes, and help you in making to-do lists, and sketch your ideas, and many more.

Microsoft Access: It is a database management application by MS office for linking and using data from other sources and allows the users to manipulate the data that they have gathered via different sources. It also allows them to create simple applications for business. 

This application will allow you to build your database and share it in seconds. Here you can easily create and structure your data and put your reports and query in the format that you want. 

These applications by MS office will either be available in for of package. And also you are allowed to buy stand-alone applications by MS Office such as Word or excel separately. 

Most of the basic package by MS office contains MS word, Ms excel, MS, Outlook, and MS PowerPoint. While some packages also allow you access to other Office programs like Access, Publishers, and OneNote.  

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