Thursday, 22 October 2020

Samsung Galaxy M31- Product review

 With up-to-date hardware and affordable prices, the Samsung Galaxy M series has gained much popularity The lower price for these Samsung M series models is managed as they are selling these models online thus reducing the distribution costs. 

This M31 smartphone by Samsung managed to attract lots of following in India because of its perfect combination of powerful hardware at an affordable price. 

In this corona pandemic time when we are focusing to take take care of our health and stay healthy and safe, there is a need for a smartphone to get all your work done. This smartphone by Samsun helps you not only to get your work done but also to help you get in contact with your close ones and give you perfect relaxation. 

There is a different meaning of smartphones for different users. But the best value for money phone is that which is packed with the correct combination of features and that matches that affordable price tag also. The Samsung Galaxy M31 is an example of such a phone that targets young smartphone users and provides the right set of features and power at an affordable range.

The amazing Rear Camera setup:

On the rear side, this device namely Samsung M31 comes with a 64 MP quad-camera setup. This 64 MP primary camera sensor makes you capture stunning pictures with amazing details almost effortlessly. 

This camera will help you in a variety of tasks ranging from capturing the memorable moment with your closed ones to scanning the documents. This Samsung Galaxy M31 camera with every single shot will help you create memorable memories.

This is not all about the Samsung M31 camera, this phone also features an 8 MP ultrawide angle lens, a 5MP macro lens, and a 5 mp depth sensor. With these additional camera sensors, you will get the potential to capture pictures in a wide range of different camera modes. With this phone, you can select from Macro shot, Live focus, Night mode shot, and ultra-wide.

The wide range of view is offered by the ultra-wide mode that allows you to capture stunning details in your snaps. When you are shooting in low-light conditions, the night-mode on your phone will help you. This mode is beneficial for all those smartphone photographers who are working and studying from homes.  

The great outdoor shots is enables with the help of a macro lens that focuses on smaller objects up and close.

If social media is breath for you, you can’t miss capturing portrait shots. This Samsung Galaxy with its sunning camera setup helps you shoot great portrait mode photos and allows you to blur the background with the help of powerful edge detection capabilities. This will make your portrait pictures look extra special every single time.

The Samsung M31 also comes with the potential to shoot video in 4 K resolution is beneficial for those who love recording videos. There is a feature available namely Super Steady mode that allows you to minimize the casual shakes and help you capture the video on the go.

On the front side, you will get a 32 MP front-facing camera that is perfect for selfies. This camera also has features to record videos on Slo-mo and this is also compatible with AR Doodle and AR Emoji functionalities. 

With a front camera also, you can capture videos in 4k resolution. This camera also helps you get in contact with your close ones via group video call during this pandemic.

A Powerful battery:

A massive battery with a power of 6,000mAh comes with this Samsung M 31 that can help you get through the entire day easily with just one full charge. 

The battery in this device is rated to last for more than 21 hours with WiFi usage and is rated to last for 26 hours with video playback. With voice calling, this battery is rated to last for 48 hours and can last for 119 hours when you are just playing music in it. 

This device also supports 15W Type-C fast charging and you can fastly charge this device and get going.

A perfect display for more enjoyable content:

The device comes with an amazing 6.4inchSMOLED FHD+ Infinity U display that allows you to binge-watch your favorite show and movies on the go. The device display is crisp which makes it consume less battery. With this display, you will get a peak brightness of 420nits that make it usable across various lighting conditions. 

The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 coating is used in this display for protection purposes and this glass makes it less susceptible to daily wear and tear. This Galaxy M31 is perfect for you to watch your favorite movie or going through your work documents. 

This display also lets you access high-quality videos on all of your favorite streaming platforms with the help of the Widevine L1 certification that comes with this smartphone. 

With the Samsung M31 display, you can change the white balance on the basis of your specific needs and will also promise you for all good viewing angles. This phone is going to be your perfect partner whether in getting your work done or consuming your favorite content during this pandemic time.

The powerful process that never let you slow down:

You don’t need to worry about the performance of this smartphone as it is powered by the company’s Exynos 9611 chipset. This device comes with a quad-core processor and the processor is paired with blazing fast LPDDRx RAM. 

This will make you smoothly play all your favorite games and use all the heavy application without any worry for the phone to slow down.

Software that is smooth like Butter:

The device operates on Android 10 based One UI 2.0. The user interface is more smooth and usable than ever. This device comes with many pre-installed applications. 

With useful Android 10 features including Digital Wellbeing will aware of you of the time you are spending using your phone. 

The Bottom line:

The phone comes with many more features. Basically, this phone is worth buying as it comes with a fantastic display, amazing battery life, and adequate performance.      

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