Friday, 2 October 2020


 Teamviewer - Remote control

Teamviewer is a proprietary software application to monitor, control, manage, and repair computers, network machines, and mobile devices, and many more remotely from any time, and anywhere.

The features for Teamviewer include:

Website monitoring with Teamviewer:

With this feature, TeamViewer allows you to analyze, monitor, and improve your website’s page load speed, important transactions, and uptime with the help of new and integrated website monitoring solution of TeamViewer web monitoring. 

This software will be helpful for you to turn your visitors into customers as with this you can provide your costumers with the best possible user experience. 

Teamviewer web monitoring allows you to monitor the end-user experience and performance of your website. Along with being expensive, there are bad experiences os slow and unresponsive websites over customers. The visitors may run away from your website when it has ever-loading pages, broken processes, and downtime, and these will also harm SEO.

With Teamviewer you can make your website run at peak performance, This software will help you turn your visitors into costumers by providing the best possible user experience. 

With TeamViewer, you will stay updated when your page is down in any part of the globe, you can note the time your website takes for full loading, and you can ensure the running process in your webshop.

Support from anywhere to anything- With the new augmented reality:

With the help of augmented reality by Teamviewer, you can support and see any problem remotely from anywhere and guide users via visual steps and can resolve any issue easily. 

Teamviewer software is provided with augmented reality that will help you to help anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Here you will get the option of 3D object tracking that will allow you to place spatial markers that will stick on the real-world objects. 

You will get the option to add text annotations and can highlight things in the live video stream that your customer or service technician shows to you via a mobile camera. 

Herewith this software, the remote expert will get access to see what you see, so there is no guess work about which wire to cut, which lever to pull, or which button to push. Your remote expert will guide you easily and will help you solve the issue with step-by-step visual support.

For maintenance and Repairs:

With TeamViewer, you will get real-time support for your service technician or customer. The software will provide you:

  • Prolong machine health along with proper guided preventive maintenance.
  • Improved first time fix rates, and will help you reduce costs and avoid unnecessary site visits.
  • Decrease human errors and will lessen machine downtime.
  • Record support sessions for knowledge transfer and future training. 
  • Help consumers perform first-level troubleshooting.

For field service:

You will get:

  • Improved service resolution time and real-time expert guidance.
  • You can provide instructions for complex procedures and minimize human errors.
  • Approve inspection from your desk, and you will also get the option to record for documentation purposes.
  • Ramp up junior technicians fast along with ensuring compliance and safety. 
  • This software allows you to share files and resources directly in the video session. 

For personal use:

With this software, you can help your friends and family from anywhere:

  • This software has a feature of mobile to mobile support vi any Android/ or iOS device.
  • You can see the same as your connection partner sees.
  • This will help you assist in real-time by drawing, marking, or adding text in a live video session.
  • This also allows you to use 3D annotations that you can stick to real-world objects.

Monitor, control, and protect your IT infrastructure- from anywhere:

The software will provide you integrated remote monitoring and management that will enhance your experience and will help you take your IT management to the next level. 

With this software, you will get the chance to gain a high degree of visibility into your IT infrastructure. This software allows you to monitor business-critical aspects of your centralize important device information, and IT without depending on end-user input, and you can protect your device from external threats and human errors. 

With TeamViewer, you will get fully-integrated remote management and allows you to roll out a comprehensive RMM solution in just a few clicks.

This also allows you to create personalized remote management policies and you can ensure your clients that the RMM solutions to which they are equipped are exactly tailored as per their needs. 

This software is as quick and flexible, as you are. This software has the potential to accommodate your new clients without having any impact on its performance.  

Meet Remotely, collaborate closely:

This software, Teamviewer, allows you to host securely that results in productive team collaboration via video conferencing, instant chat messages, VoIP calls, screen sharing, and many more on any device, anytime, from anywhere. 

For businesses, Teamviewer blizz will allow you to stay connected with your team via video conferencing, instant chat messaging, voice calling, screen sharing, and more. 

Major features:

With TeamViewer blizz, you will get features like:

Instant meeting: This feature by TeamViewer will allow you to focus on your meeting, and you will not need to figure out the way to start and join a meeting. 

You can start an instant meeting with just one click. 

Meet with anyone:

This Teamviewer blizz is available on all desktops and mobile platforms, and it allows all to join the calls for free. There is a requirement of less than 1 minute for the installation of this software.

Indexed messaging:

Now with Teamviewer, there is no need to track multiple email chains, and this will help you collaborate all easily with its advanced chat messages, indexed to save your brilliant ideas.

1 Click VoIP calls:

With this software, you can also go for VoIP calls and reach them on their mobile or desktop in just one click.  

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