Sunday, 25 October 2020

Top 5 best chess game Android 2020

 Her friends! As you know that Chess is among the oldest strategy games in the world. This is an excellent board game with logics that will help you develop skills like strategy, tactics, and visual memory. 

Here we bring you the top 5 Best chess game Android 2020 that you can play against your friends or computer and enjoy!


This is the best chess game on Android 2020 and it was designed by Chess prince. This is the best board logic game that comes with progressive levels and beautiful graphics. 

Here this application allows all the players to play any of the levels to enjoy the game. Download this game and play chess and unlock levels to be a chess master. 

With this game, you will get chess pieces including the pawns that move to two fields at the first move and one field further after the first move and have the potential to beat diagonally to one field forward. 

The game provides you kings that moves to one field in all direction including horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. In this game, the queen has the potential to move to any distance horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The rook in this game has the power to move to any distance horizontally and vertically. 

The knight moves to the field to field along the vertical and one horizontal and can move one field vertical and two horizontal. The bishop in this game can move to any distance diagonally. 

With this game, you will get more than 10 difficulty levels and here you can also enjoy chess puzzles. This game also provides you the option of game assistant and you have the ability to undo a move. With this game, you will also get hints of moves and the game will provide you with starts to complete the levels without the undo button. 

Here this game provides you seven different themes and you can get two board views. Here also present the option for 2 player mode and it provides you realistic graphics. You also have the option to save your game. Get this game now and enjoy a real logical board game!

Chess Free

This is a free chess game Android 2020 by AI Factory Limited and it is the most top-rated chess game in the play store. This game is perfect for learning and improving your chess skills. 

With this game, you will get 12 play levels and you have to use your intellectual skills to get pro in this game. This game is perfect for beginners as well as pros. Here you will get both casual and pro modes and you can learn with the help of casual modes and progress with pro modes. 

This application also provides you the option to analyze your move and you can also perform deeper analysis on your move. Here you will also get an option for achievements and leaderboards. This game also has the feature of review game mode and you can step through your game. 

Here you are also having the option to save your game and can play this game against your friends.  


CanaryDroid brings you another best chess game Android 2020 and this 3D chess game will provide you the best way to play the classic chess board game. In this game, all you need to do is protect your king at all costs. This is the best chess game with a 3D view to play the classic board logical game on an Android smartphone. 

This is a two-player strategy board game that can be played on a checkerboard with 64 squares that are arranged in an 8 * 8 grid. In this game, each player begins with 16 pieces that include one queen, one king, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, and eight pawns. The main objective in this game is to checkmate the king of the opponent player by placing its king under an inescapable threat of capture. 

With this game, you will get 10 play features and you can also take this game to learn on casual and progress to pro. This game will also provide you with helpful tips and highlights and here also present the undo function. 

This game will provide you detailed performance stats and ratings and you can see this game in 2D view, 3D view, and automatic view. 

With this game, you will get 6 gorgeous themes for pieces, boards, and backgrounds. This game provides you 2 player mode, and you can play this game with your friends. You also have the option to play this game against the computer or can play online against anybody in the world. 

Chess- Strategy board game 

This is another best Chess board game Android 2020 and with this game, you can play chess with your friends, against a computer or anybody all around the world via online mode. 

This game will boost your brain limits and help you get smarter. This game is simply designed in small size to offer you the best user experience. With this game, you will get features of the undo button, fast AI response, Easy user interface, Animated moves, and multiple board and themes. 

With this game, you will get intuitive controls and much more. Have this game now!

Chess King- Free chess game

Another best chess game Android 2020 by Chessking lets you play the best and most logical board game. This is a matchless multiplayer chess game that helps you produce overall intelligence. This game can be played among two players locally, or you can play this game against a computer, and can also play this game online against any random person all around the world.

This is a very interesting game that helps you exchange ideas with your friends in the private room. This best game to improve the skills and best for a mental workout.

Get this game now and start playing! 

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 best chess game Android 2020 that will help you improve your skills and get you smarter. I hope this article helps you.

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