Monday, 26 October 2020

Top 5 Best file manager Android 2020

 Hello friends! Are you looking for the perfect file manager app for your Android smartphone to easily manage all the files, folders, and apps installed on your smart device? Then you are on the right page. As here we bring you the top 5 best file manager app Android 2020 that can help you manage all your files! 

File manager- easily and free 

This file manager application by Xiaomi inc is the best file manager app for Android 2020. This app by Xiaomi is a free and secure app for efficient and free file management. 

With this free and secure tool, you can find the file easy and also get the feature to share your file online or offline. This app for file management supports tons of cool features that include quick search, opening, deleting, moving, and sharing files and also includes features like unzipping, renaming, and copy-paste. 

This file manager by Mi has the potential to recognize the formats for multiple files that include music, video, documents, images, APKs, and zip-files. This file manager will provide you a clean user interface and it will make file management easier for you. 

The features you will get with this file management application includes recent where you can look for the files that you have worked on recently without searching for them. In this application, files are also organized into categories according to their formats and you can easily access the app that you use more frequently. 

This app will also provide you stats for the storage available in your device and left for more files. This application also helps you in freeing up all the storage space on your device just with the help of deleting cache and junk files. 

With this app, you can easily share your files with your friends who are nearby without even the need for an internet connection. Here options are present for the search bar where you can search for any file easily. 

Does this application also come with the feature of file compression where you can easily compress and decompress ZIP? RAR archives and can manage multiple files for the same operation. 

File manager 

File manage by File manages Plus is another best file manager app for Android 2020 and it is not only fast but easy to use and full feature app for file management that comes with cloud integration. 

This is an easy and powerful file explorer app specially designed for Android devices. This application for file management is fast, free, and full-featured and it comes with a simple user interface. This app can be used very easily.

With this file manager plus application, you can easily manage your folders and files in your device, cloud storage, and network-attached storage. 

This application also helps you know the type of files and app that you are having in your smart device at a glance immediately just after opening the file manage plus application.       

Every file management action is supported by this file manager app and it can easily search, copy and paste, navigate directories, cut, delete, compress, rename, decompress, download, transfer, bookmark, and organize your files. Various types of media file formats and major file formats are supported by this application that also includes apks.

Major functions and locations of file manager plus includes main storage/ SD card/ USB OTG where you are allowed to manage all your folders and files on both the internal and external storage. 

It also includes Downloads/ images/ videos/ Audio/ Document/ New files folder where you can see that your folders and files are automatically sorted according to their file types. This makes you easily search for your file exactly the file you are looking for. 

This application also helps you manage all your applications that you have installed on your local device and it also provides you access to cloud/ remote storage like NAS and FTP servers. 

Get this app now!

Cx File Explorer

This is the best file manager app Android 2020 by Cx File explorer and this app for file management comes with a clean interface that will provide you easier management of files. 

With this user-friendly file manager app, you can organize your folders and files easily and can easily browse, copy, move, compress, extract, rename, delete, create, and share files and folders on both the internal and external storage of your mobile. 

This file manager application makes you easy access to the management of files on cloud storage. This application helps you to access your files within shared and remote storage like FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN. 

With this app, you can easily manage all the applications that are installed on your device. Get this app now and easier your file management!

File Manager

Smart Tool Pro brings you another best file manager Android 2020 that is personalized for your smartphones with small storage and small memory. This application provides you a simpler option with not so much flair. 

This application is extremely preferable and it is perfect for those who are looking for some simpler application for file management. 

With this file, you can easily locate any file and now with this app, no file will appear hidden for longer in your system. This file manager app will help you in categorizing files and searching for files easily. 

It is a great storage keeper app and you can see the category view with this app. This app will customize your smartphone according to you and will easily manage all the apps on your device.

File Manager File Explorer

Maple Media presents you with another great file manager app Android 2020 that can easily manage all the files and folders present on your device. 

It is a fully-featured app for file management that will help you in transferring the files and with this app, you can easily access the files and document management. 

Have this app now and manage your files!  

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 best file manager app for Android 2020 that can help you manage all your files!


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