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Top 5 Best free media player for Window 10

 No truly great media player has been offered by Microsoft for Windows users. In case of unusual file formats, or the file has DRM. Then the player would not play the pre-installed movies and TV app. Trying the ancient media player for windows is not an outdated thing. 

Here in this article, we will list you the top 5 best free media player for window 10 that will allow you to play any type of file you want. With these players, also there is no need to pay for the extra privilege either and they are capable to play all types of media file you throw at them. 

VLC Player

The first media player that comes on our list is obviously the VLC Media player. It is the best free media player for Windows 10 and it is the most recommended media player to play movies and TV shows or other videos in any format. This media player is among the most arguable and well known best media players available for any platforms that also includes Windows 10.  

The VLC media player is an open and free source cross-platform multimedia player that has the potential to play most of the media files and various streaming protocols. This player can play anything that includes files, discs, devices, webcams, and streams.  

In rare cases, the VLC player will not be able to play any video, and the files including corrupted files as well as encrypted files will not be played by the VLC player. This VLC media player has the potential to play local media files also and can handle broadcast content and internet live streams from other local sources like digital TV receiver. 

With this VLC media player, you will also get the power to convert video files into another format from one format, and it also helps you in saving YouTube videos for offline playback. You can also take help from this media player to record videos with the help of a Webcam. For music lovers, this application can play mp3 or other music files also.     


Another best media player for Windows 10 is Kodi and it has a minute bad reputation in case of certain places. Still, it is among the most functional and free but best media players for windows 10 users.

Now Kodi has grown into a big-screen entertainment platform, but it started its humble beginning from the original Xbox and is now capable to play all music, TV live streams, videos, and many more from a single interface. The user interface used for this software was designed for TV but it also works great on PC. 

Similar to the VLC player, this media play Kodi is also capable to play pretty much media files you know. This player has the ability to handle network-attached storage devices easily. It also allows you to play your movies and TV catalog over your local network. 

It also has the feature of third-part add-ons that will help you extend your Kodi’s functionality further. And it also allows users to play content for any other source online. Here addons for Netflix and YouTube playback are available. 

It will provide great support to your music files and can support almost every music format, party mixes, playlists, and more. It is way better than a pile of DVDs, and as with it, you will get the movie collection with cast genres, artwork, and more. 

This software is perfect for binge-watching and you can also catch up on your favorite shows. This software has a feature to keep your TV organized. 


As mentioned in its name, Media player classic, it can be easily assumed that this media player has been around for a while. In another word, we can say, that this MPC-HC media player is for the originals that come with many other added features and bug fixes. 

This media player is simple yet quick and easy to use. This media player can be considered as light-weighted alternatives for other media players on lower resource windows PC. 

Though this media player is powered with an outdated interface, still it is considered as the most capable media player available. Like a VLC media player, this play also has the ability to handles all common and unusual media files, with the inclusion of live streams and playbacks for DVDs. 

This media player is highly personalizable and comes with multiple interface plugins and skins to extend the functionality further.

The only downside with this media player is that there has been no addition of new features and fixes after 2017. Though it still runs great on Windows 10.


MPV is more similar to VLC and is also an active, free, and open source media player in development. It is another fork project that comes with bits of the older MPlayer project with new added features and interface.

In this media player, the controls for media stays hidden during playback, although you can make them appear with just simple hovering of the mouse tip over the player. 

It might be not so appealing, still is a great alternative. It comes with many stand-out features that include several third-party scripts to extend the functionality of the software. And it also allows you to personalize the way MPV used to play all the contents.


This is a free media player that proves to be a great alternative to other known media players for Windows 10. This player is light weighted and it uses hardware acceleration to improve the performance of playback. It comes with the ability to playback almost all video formats that are common. 

This media player is also known to support local TV receivers that include DVB-S, and DVB-T. This player is highly personalizable and comes with various interface skins and an enormous number of settings that allow you to adjust the potplayer the way you like. 

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 best free media player for window 10 that you can use to play your media files. I hope this article helps you.  


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