Thursday, 29 October 2020

Top 5 Best kids’ education apps Android 2020

Are you a parent of a toddler just started learning? Are you worried about the early education of your kids? Does your kid play games on your smartphone? Keep him busy playing games along with learning. 

Here we bring you the top 5 best kids’ education apps Android 2020 that will keep your kid learn while playing games on the phone. 

ABC Kids- Tracing and phonics

This is the best kid’s education app Android 2020 and it was designed by RV AppStudios. This is fun alphabets and phonics tracing game app for preschool, toddlers, and kindergarten kids. 

This app is perfect for those parents who are looking for a free, but fun and simple education app for their toddlers to help them in learning phonics and make them trace letters of the alphabets. 

ABC kid's application is a free alphabet and phonics teaching application that will make learning fun and easy for children ranging from toddlers to preschools and kindergarteners students. 

With this application, you will get the feature of a series of tracing games that will help kids in recognizing letter shapes and will help them associate them with phonics sound. This app will help them put their alphabet knowledge to use in fun matching exercise. This app will make all toddlers., preschool-age children and kindergarteners learn English and the alphabets in English easily just by following some arrows with their fingers. Here in this game, the toddlers and children will get a chance to collect toys and stickers on completing tracing games. 

This ABC kid's application for kids is more than just a game but is actually a kid-friendly educational app that was designed with keeping in mind the participation of adults. 

The interface in this application is designed to keep the toddlers focused on alphabet reading and writing. Here adults are provided with easy settings to access settings to engage teacher mode and can look at the report cards, or toggle tracing that will facilitate better learning. 

This game will provide you the feature of colorful early education for your toddlers that will help them learn English alphabets. This app also includes phonics pairing, ABC tracing games, letter matching, and many more. Here your toddlers will get busy in tracing uppercase and lowercase and in listening and matching. 

It is provided with a smart interface to help kids focused on letters and phonics without accidentally exiting the game. 

Educational Games for kids

TTKStudios learning games for kids present you great kids’ learning app Android 2020 that comes with more than 5000 flashcards for toddlers. This will help parents in teaching their toddlers fun.  

This app will make your kid easily learn numbers, colors, alphabets, week days, months of the year, shapes, planets in the solar system, space, and much more. This will also help your children learn to recognize letters as they appear. This will make preschoolers kids learn all the letters and sounds much faster. 

Kindergarten kids learning app: Educational games

Greysprings presents you with another best kids’ learning app Android 2020 and this game application will provide online learning game activities for children in preschool for homeschooling. 

This application presents your education fun game for pre-school children and toddlers and will help you teach kids shapes, alphabets, tracing, counting, interactive charts, and body parts with the help of the kid fun learning app. 

This application will provide you great mode of education for interactive learning to your toddlers entering as kinaesthetic learners in kindergarten. 

This application provides colorful and attractive pictures and designs to keep young kids focused and it helps them learn letters with the help of interactive fun quizzes and charts. 

With this app, kids will learn to count and math for preschoolers and this will also make them learn the way to write and trace numbers and ABC with the alphabet tracing game for Spanish, English, Hindi, and numbers. 

Here your toddler will get access to color books containing many coloring pages, stickers, and pictures. This app has the feature of printable coloring pages for kids to cover greeting cards, geometric shapes, English Alphabets, letters, etc.    

Here toddlers will get so many interactive and attractive charts that will help them in teaching fruits, vegetables, sports, Animals, professions, Numbers, planets, solar systems, and stars. 

This app also allows you to sing and dance on poems and rhymes with your kids. It will introduce your kids and reinforce the concepts of colors and shapes to the kids.  

Here you will get the feature of phonics for English alphabets and activities are present to reinforce and teach each letter like car building games, archery for kids, basketball games for kids, and many more. 

Kids Educational Games: Preschool and Kindergarten

Shubi brings you another great kids’ education game Android 2020 that comes with 32 free educational games for kids aging between 2 to 8 years toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. 

This app will help your kids to improve their learning ability from assistance of the collection of best educational games that are especially designed for preschool kids, toddlers, and kindergartners in this unique multiage app. 

This game is featured with professionally illustrated graphics and voice prompts that will help in creating an immersive learning environment. Get this app now and build a strong foundation for your kids in basic English, logics, maths, and more. 

Nursery, LKG, UKG, Pre Primary, Kids learning app 

This is another great kid’s education app Android 2020 by CRAWLING BABIES. This is a combination of three apps including nursery application, LKG application, and UKG application in a single app. 

It is a kid play a game that is specially designed for kindergarteners, playgroup students, preschool students, LKG and UKG kids. This is the best kindergarten and preschool education learning app that will help your kids in early learning and help them learn alphabets, counting, logic, and many more in an easy way. 

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 best kids’ education apps Android 2020 that will make your kid learn from your smart device.  


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