Thursday, 15 October 2020

Top 5 Best Workout App for Android 2020

 Are you looking for a bodybuilding app or an app to keep you fit in this era when going to the gym may prove to be dangerous? Here in this article, we bring you the Top 5 Best Workout App for Android 2020 that will help you tone your muscle and keep yourself fit at home without the requirement of any special types of equipment.   

Home workout – No equipment

This is the best workout app for Android 2020 and was designed by Leap Fitness Group. This application will provide your workout routine daily for all your main muscle groups. 

With the help of this application, you will get the power to build your muscle and keep track of your fitness at your home without any equipment or going to the gym. There is no need for any type of equipment and gym, here all the exercises are performed according to and with your body weight. 

In this application, you will find the workout exercise for chest, abs, legs, butt, and arms, as well as full-body workout. None of the exercises in this application requires equipment. The exercise given here will be effective to tone your muscles and will help you get six pack abs with few minutes in a day at your home. 

Here the designing of warm-up and stretching routines in a way that makes sure that your exercise is in a scientific way. The app will guide you with the help of animations and videos. If you wish to get a six-pack body, all you need to do is stick with the home workout provided by this app and you will definitely notice the change in you in just a few weeks. 

The features you will get with this workout application are the warm, and stretching routines. You will also get recorded training progress automatically and here present the chart will track your weight trends.


This application allows you to personalize your workout reminders and here also given the detailed guides in form of videos and animations. With this application, you can easily lose your weight and this app will work as your personal trainer. Get this app now! 

Six pack in 30 days- Abs workout

This application by Leap Fitness Group is another best workout app for Android 2020. This application offers effective abs workout categorized in different levels and makes your aim easy to lose fat and get 6 pack abs without equipment at home.

This application is perfect for those who are looking for an app to lose belly fat and get six pack abs body. Here in this app, you will be provided with different workout plans with different levels. 

This app will help you lose your belly fat, and get rock hard abs. Here present 3 levels of workout plans that will help you in losing belly fat and help you in building abdominal muscles step by step. 

This application is suitable for all beginners and pro and they can find a workout here that is suitable for them. This application prepared different exercises daily to keep it fresh and exciting. 

This application will offer you 30 days of workout routines and you will notice the amazing result. The workout routine present in this app will help you set an aim for exercise by providing scientific and systemic 30-days workout routines. Here present all exercises are of no cost and these will help you in burning belly fat and will also help you tone your abs. 

The features you will get with this application are 30 days of workout routines, amazing training for weight management and muscle building, and a gradual increase in exercise intensity step by step. Here you can also have personalized workout reminders and this app will help you record training progress automatically. Try this app now and showoff your six abs.

Women Workout at home- Female fitness

This application is another great workout app for Android 2020 and will keep fit you and help you lose your weight at home. This is among the best women's workout app to lose weight and stay fit at home. 

The features you will get with this app are a quick and effective workout that will maximize your fat burning. This application is also scientifically proven to improve health and lose weight. With this app, you will get bodyweight workouts and there will no need for equipment.  

The guidance for exercise in this app will be provided with the help of video and animations. It is a 100% free app and is friendly for beginners. With this application, you will get a full-body workout, workout for buttock, abs, legs, and many more and will accelerate the process of fat burning. Fitness

This app provides you online workout, meditation, yoga, online detox, and healthy recipe. It is a fitness and health powerhouse that takes a holistic approach to mental and physical well being.   

This app increases the intensity of exercise gradually and helps you develop a habit to exercise daily. With this app, it will act as your personal trainer and there is now no need for a personal trainer. The workout present here is effective as a gym workout. Give try to this application and stay fit at home.

Pro Gym Workout

This is another fitness tracker and workout trainer for your Android smartphone that guides you to workout at home. This application doesn’t require an internet connection. Here the videos for a workout are prepared by professional bodybuilders and they will guide you with the right technique.

Here you will also get the feature for BMI calculator, calorie calculator, Protein calculator, and fat calculator. Here you are also allowed to create your own custom workout exercises and workout routines. Here you will get exercises for each and every muscle and help you stay fit.


So these are some best workout apps for Android 2020. I hope this article helps you.      



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