Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Top 5 Food delivery apps Android 2020

 Are you starving? Search for the food you crave and order from the online food delivery apps listed here. In this article, we listed your top 5 best food delivery app Android 2020 that will deliver you food in less time with proper follow of sanitation protocols and will take care of your hygiene issues.  

Domino’s Pizza Online Delivery

This is the best food delivery app for Android 2020 and this app delivers you the pizza with proper hygiene care and delivers you safe food. Not only at Domino’s restaurants, safety procedure is followed but it also trained its production facilities to follow sanitation protocols and strict hygiene in order to ensure the safety of the customers. 

Domino’s has trained its food soldiers to deliver fresh and hot pizzas without coming in direct contact with the customer and offers you actual zero contact delivery. 

The pizza offered by Domino’s always tastes better and lets you share the pizza with your friends, family, and colleagues. With domino’s pizza, you turn your sweet moments into treasured moments. With Domino’s pizza delivery app, you will also get a variety of deals on various pizza.  

In this app, you will get a pizza of every taste and you can select the best that suits your taste. With this pizza delivery app, you can place an order for pizza anytime and anywhere. This food delivery app also delivers pizza even for late night cravings. 

In the application, you will get easy options to personalize your pizza. You will be provided with the option to choose the toppings, and select the order from the wide range of offerings. This app allows you to personalize your dominos pizza online and order the way you like. 

Zomato- Restaurant finder and food delivery app

This is another best food delivery app for Android 2020. Install this app now and search for restaurants. This app allows you to discover great restaurants to eat out and you can order in form also.     

This app also takes care of your security and will offer you contactless delivery in this pandemic time and will ensure minimum human interaction when you order to choose dining at restaurants.

Here in this application, you can also search for restaurant reviews and choose the restaurant with the best reviews to have your meal. This app will provide you full restaurant reviews and in-depth information on more than 1.5 million restaurants across 24 countries. 

This application is serving to more than 70 million users monthly and it also helps the users to find high-quality food at restaurants. Install this zomato app now and browse the best restaurant nearby you through menus, pictures, and rating, and reviews, and plan your next super meal.

This application allows you to search for cuisines, restaurants, or dishes on zomato. Here you will get a variety of options from pizza, butter chicken, cakes, pancakes, salads, burgers to dimsums, sushi, and lots more to lower your cravings.

Here you will also get a feature of a search filter that will help you discover restaurants near you for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. You can also refer to the theme-based curated list by the application to search for the best burgers, top trending restaurants, and perfect date spot for you and your special one. 

this application helps you find the restaurant menu, pictures, review, contact details, map details, and much more essential information that you might need for your next bring season. 

With this app, you can also get your grocery delivered. Here you will get the option of zomato market that will deliver you all daily essentials including fruits, dairy, eggs, vegetables, and many more at your doorsteps in less than 60 minutes. 

Swiggy Food delivery app| Order food| Online delivery| Grocery

This is another great food delivery app Android 2020 and it allows you to order groceries, food, and other essential online and it will offer you quick doorstep deliveries. 

This application is specially designed to allow you to order food, groceries, and many other essentials online. This app also allows you to search for top restaurants and stores nearby you in your city. 

This application has trained the restaurants and delivery partners to deliver food following proper sanitation protocols and proper hygiene care. 

This application allows you to choose from more than 30 cuisines in your city to deliver you your favorite food. This application also provides you service late at night and will deliver you food to lower your late-night cravings.    

Here you can order from biryani, pizza, to masala dosa, burgers, lassi, and many more. It also allows you to order daily essentials from your nearby store and get a quick delivery at your door step.  

Uber Eats: Food delivery

This is also an amazing food delivery app Android 2020 that will deliver you delicious food in a convenient way with proper hygiene care. Here in this application, you will get a feature to track your ordered food and get an estimate for the time in which you will get your food delivered.

This application allows you to search for your favorite restaurants and can also search for food by restaurant name, cuisine, dish name, meals. Here in this application, you will get a range of variety in food from burritos, burgers to sushi and Chinese food.

Select your food and place an order. Enjoy your meal. 

Foodpanda: fastest Food delivery, amazing offers

Next on our list is obviously food panda, an amazing food delivery app Android 2020. The ordering of food is now become easy with food panda and gets super fast food delivery.

You can also track your food and get the estimated time for your food to reach you. With this app, you will get the power to browse for multiple restaurants and order the food from your favorite one.  

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 best food delivery app for Android 2020. I hope this article helps you order and lower your craving for your favorite food.


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