Friday, 23 October 2020

Top 5 Must-have apps Android 2020

 Whether you want some application to manage your kinds of stuff, or help you in getting your work done handsfree, here we handpicked the top 5 must-have apps Android 2020 for you.

The applications listed here are always going to help you in your daily work and you will worth installing them.

Google Drive

This application is the best must-have app Android 2020 for online storage from Google. This will provide you a safe place to back up and access all your important files from your smartphone or any other device. 

With the help of this application, you can easily invite others to view, edit your file, and can also leave a comment on any of your files or folder. With this drive application, you can safely access and store your files anywhere. 

This application allows you quick access to important and recent files. Here you can easily search for any file by their name and content. This application also allows you for sharing and setting permission for your folders and files. 

With this application, you can easily view your content even without an internet connection. This application also provides you an important notification for urgent activity on your file. With this application, you can also use your smartphone’s camera to scan your paper document. 

Google Drive application will provide you 15 GB of storage free, and allows you to share your files across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. If you need extra storage, then you can also upgrade to the premium subscription at just $1.99/ month for 100GB in the US and it may vary according to region. 

Google assistant- Get your stuff done, hands-free

This is another best must-have app Android 2020 and with its help, you can call, navigate, search, and can do many more things with just your voice. You can take help from Google assistant for Hands-free help. 

This application by Google is ready to help you when you actually need it. This application can help you in managing your schedule and will help you in your everyday tasks. With this app, you can easily and smartly control smart home devices and it also gives you a way to enjoy your entertainment and much more. 

All you need to say is “Hello Google” and this app will do anything for you. Here you can also play music and videos with the help of just your voice. Here you can also search for music on the basis of genre, and it will help you in playing your favorite songs, podcasts, playlists, and music videos. This can also help you in searching for the perfect music according to activities like studying, cooking, or working out. This app is also helpful in skipping songs or change the volume or other settings. 

This application by Google will also help you stay in touch with your emails, calls, texts, and much more hands-free. This assistant application makes it fast and easy for you to stay connected. With just your voice, you can make calls, draft emails, and sent text messages to your contacts. 

This application is also great for providing quick direction and local info. This assistant application will help you search for an answer related to restaurants, business, and attraction that also includes business hours, Google maps directions, and traffic info. 

This app can also help you with booking a ride in your favorite rideshare company and can also help you search for parking lots near your destination. Install this app now and get convenient help throughout the day! 

Nova launcher

This is a must-have app Android 2020 by TeslaCoil Software that will help you in customizing your home screen. This application is a powerful, versatile, and personalizable home screen replacement. With this application, you will get advanced features that will enhance your home screen and are a user-friendly choice for all. 

With this application, you will get the latest Android launcher features for all of your smartphones. This application supports multiple icon themes that are available in the play store. 

This app also lets you set night mode that will come on automatically at a particular time and you can also leave it for the dark theme. With this application, you will get the feature of a personalizable app drawer with which you will get options for vertical and horizontal scroll, card or immersive options, page effects, and many more.  

Spotify- listen to new podcasts and play music:

This is a must-have app Android 2020 for music lovers. This app lets you discover new music and you can search for your next favorite song, playlist, album, and podcast. 

This application will help you in listening to music and it will provide you the power to play millions of songs and podcasts for no cost. This application will help you stream podcasts, and music that you love and search for your next favorite song from all around the world. 

This app will let you enjoy music playlists and a unique daily mix made just for you. You are also allowed to share your own playlist. Install this app now and explore for new top songs from different places, genres, and decades.  

Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard

Swiftkey presents you with another must-have app Android 2020. With this application, you will get intelligent and smart typing from the keyboard that learns from you. 

This keyboard by Microsoft is an intelligent keyboard that learns from your writing style and helps you type faster. With this application, you can get your customized keyboard to type and send GIFs, emojis, and more just the way you like. 

This keyboard always tends to learn and adapt to match your unique style of typing that also includes nicknames, slangs, and emojis. This keyboard will also learn your favorite emoji and you can send the perfect reaction to your friends easily.  

The Bottom line

So these are the top 5 must-have apps Android 2020 that will help you in your day to day work. I hope this article helps you. 


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