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Top 8 must-have window application for your new PC

 Do you get a new PC or you reinstalled Windows? First thing you do after buying a new PC or reinstalling window is installing software. In the market, you will find dozens of amazing software, but it is not possible to download them all. 

Knowing the window programs most essential for your PC will make your new installation easy. Here in this article, we bring to the top 8 best must-have window application that you should install in your newly installed PC:

Google Chrome- Browser

It is not so surprising that we ranked this software first in our list of must-have windows applications. This browser is super-speedy and provides you little conveniences for surfing google instantly, and you will also get a vast library of Chrome extensions. 

With the help of application synching, you can also open your Google Chrome browser in your Android or any other smartphone. This is the most fantastic browser for all-purpose use. 

With Google Chrome, you will get the option to browse securely as it also provides you major safety measures. It warns you before you surf for some malicious site or download some malware files.   

Here in this browser, you will also get an option for incognito mode or privacy mode, where you can make google searches without leaving history behind. 

Google Drive- Cloud storage

This is the best option for cloud app service. With this software, you will get 15 GB of free storage. This Google drive has application for all platforms which includes Android, iOS, and Windows. Thus allows you to take your files for every device. 

This device allows you to back up your folders on your computer and other devices and take your files anywhere. This application also makes it super easy for you to share your files. Also, it plays very well with all Google’s productive suite. 

This is an essential pick for your new PC as you can use it for your backup plan, or as clouds flashes drive and can also use it for sharing folders with others. 

LibreOffice- Office suite:

This office suite will ease you all office work. This tool will allow you to work with spreadsheets, documents, and presentations at some point. If you don’t wish to pay for Microsoft office, then here we bring you the best alternative to do your Office work for free. 

This is a free tool yet powerful and is a great alternative to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, excel, access, and more. Here you will see only a few aesthetic changes different from Microsoft office, and you can easily do your office work here.

Spotify- Music streaming

Previously, it was painstaking to import and organize your MP3 files or music collection to listen to music on your desktop. But with Spotify, you can easily listen to music on your PC. 

Spotify is a music streaming service that eliminates the requirement for individual albums digitally or physically. This music streaming application provides you ad-supported free plan that allows you to listen to as much music as you like. 

This window application homes to several podcasts, and make all music files available in one convenient place. There is also present a dedicated software of Spotify for the PC that allows you to enjoy your music without importing and organizing music files.

Paint.NET- Image Editor   

There is a need for an image editing program to manipulate your image through your hands, want to retouch your old pictures, or want to blur the sensitive information on screenshots. Photoshop is best but not free. You can get many free window applications that are easily accessible. 

One of the topmost choices is Paint.NET. It is far more powerful and is not overwhelmed with confusing tools. In this application, you can easily blur any part of the image. It also has a feature of autofocus to make your picture look better. Here you can also add text and shapes in your picture. 

Here in this application, there is availability of plenty of plugins to expand its functionality. 

VLC- Media player

With YouTube and many more video streaming app, you rarely watch local videos. But still, there is a need for a solid video player on your desktop that will help you play your media file locally. 

For playing a local media file, nothing can beat the VLC media player. It comes with a ton of features that is capable to play nearly every video and audio format. 

Give a chance and download the VLC media player on your PC. This will save your hassle of messing with video formats and will save your time. 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware- Security

Though there is present a window defender in window 10 to keep your PC secure. But still keeping secondary security is a wise decision to keep your PC safe from malware and other threats. 

In the market, you can see plenty of antiviruses available, but most of them are paid. If you are looking for a free option, then nothing can beat Malwarebytes. Its free version allows you to scan your entire system for malware. 

7-Zip- File Compression and Extraction

There is native support in the window for a simple zipped file. But there is a need for some powerful tool when you have something beyond the basics. Well, this application is not so exciting, still, you should have it in your PC so that you can work with all types of archived files. 

The gold-standard application for this purpose is 7-Zip as it can compress files and extract apps easily. This is a small application that can be installed in just a few seconds. This is most easy to use and will stay out of you when you are not using this application.

The Bottom line:

So these are the top 8 Must-have window application for window 10, and they all are free. These applications are useful for most of the PC users. After installing these window software will make you appreciate these as they work much better than basic default software.     


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