Saturday, 7 November 2020

Top 5 Best alternatives of AnyDesk for your PC

 Want to provide tech support to your friend, colleague, or any customer remotely? Are you looking for a perfect alternative for Anydesk for your PC? Here we bring you the top 5 Remote Desk software that proved to be a great alternative for Anydesk. So these are the Top 5 Best alternative of Anydesk for your PC:

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a leading global remote connectivity solution provider that is the potential to empower users to connect anything, anytime, and anywhere. With this team viewer, you will get secure remote access, control, support, and collaboration capabilities for the online endpoint of any type. 

With cutting edge innovation yet easy to deploy Internet of things and Augmented reality implementation, this team viewer enables all size businesses to enter into their full digital potential.    

This team viewer software has been installed in more than 2 billion desktops and around 45 million devices are online this time. 

This software is perfect for you whether you require some software to maintain a lifeline to your office while you travel, or let you work closely with your remote team members. This software for PC offers an incredible feature that has the potential to catapult your productivity and will help you but increasing customer satisfaction. The team of team viewer is continuously adding new functionalities. 

With this software, you will get the power to directly access a remote computer, tablet, or smartphone from your device and provide support to others. This application will provide you a chance to take control of the remote computer as you are the primary user and let you easily fix the issue. 

This will help you by reducing your travel and let you fix your customer's issue remotely. This will help you solve all the issues remotely. With this software, you can perform all your IT tasks. Now you don’t need to be local for accessing any device as with it, you can remotely access any device. 

This software allows you to easily log into the other device and fix the IT issue. This software lets you control a remote computer let you fix bugs, and access all the information remotely. 

This team viewer software also provides you access to any device from any of your devices. With this software, you can support any of your employees that are having any tech issue. This platform also supports cross-platform communication for a combination of a variety of devices.

This software also provides you the feature of session recording feature and that will help you record your remote control session. This will help you with training purpose or quality assurance. 

With this software, you will also get the feature of a VPN alternative and let you connect to any PC or smart device. Here you can also share files of any size with speed up to 200 MB/s.    

VNC Connect

This is another great alternative to Anydesk for your PC. With this software, you will get secure and feature-rich remote access for business professionals and departments. 

This application provides secure and feature-rich remote access and is great for supporting departments, professionals, and small businesses all around the world. 

This software is great in providing quick and easy support tools and remote access that you can easily trust and will help you in multitasks from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

With the professional subscription of VNC Connect, you will get the power to access the application and critical systems remotely and you can provide agile support to your customers or colleagues from any device to any device all around the world. 

With this software, your company will get compelling ROI, improved services. Cutting IT support costs, and it is basically an enhancing business application that supports regulatory compliance initiatives, and enable new revenues.    

Install this great software on your PC now and get powerful, ultra-secure, and flexible remote access that supports your enterprise. 

Zoho Assist

The remote support provided by ZOHO ASSIST is simple yet fast and affordable. There is no need for the prior installation of the software and you can run this software entirely on a browser. 

This software is specially designed for small and medium business IT support, independent IT technicians outsourced IT firms, and remote PC repair service personnel. 

With this software, you can easily support remote customers with the help of remote-based, on-demand remote support sessions. This software will help you in setting up and managing remote computers without any effort. This software is secure and completely reliable.   

This is a great resource to connect you with the partner computer or smart device remotely in these pandemic times.  

ConnectWise Control

With this best alternative of Anydesk for your PC, ConnectWise Control universal remote access software, you will get an all-inclusive solution for not only remote support but also for remote access, and remote meetings.

This is a fast and reliable software for secure remote access, support, and meeting solutions. This software will help you easily connect to partner smart devices and provide on-demand remote support and repair. 

This is easy to use and powerful remote management tool. It can do anything and allow you to access the remote computer, setup custom scripts, and also allows you to transfer files.  

LogMein Rescue  

This best alternative of Anydesk for your PC will provide you remote support that you have never felt so closer to. With this software, you can securely connect to any PC, or other smart devices on any network anytime, anywhere. 

This is a powerful remote support that allows you to connect with your customers and employees and solve their tech-related problems. This software provides you the feature of quick connectivity and lets you access your end users with the help of secure code, DRLs, or email links on your site. 

This is a powerful and easy to use remote support solution for not only PC but all smart devices. This is specially designed to serve teams of all sizes.   

The bottom line

So these are Top 5 Best alternatives of AnyDesk for your PC. 


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