Saturday, 14 November 2020

Top 5 Best communication app Android 2020

 Are you looking for an easy communication app that allows you to easily communicate with your friends and family? Here we bring you the Top 5 Best communication app Android 2020 that allows you to chat, voice call, video call, create group, and stay in touch with your friends and close ones.  

Whatsapp Messenger

This is the best communication app Android 2020. It is among the most used communication chatting app and has been downloaded by more than 5 billion peoples. It is rated as the best chatting app that is not only easy to use but is also personal and secure. 

This is a free messaging app that allows you for free messaging and is available for Android, iPhone, and computer. This application uses your internet connection to send messages and let you call your friends and family. Get this app and switch from SMS to Whatsapp to send and receive messages. This messaging app also allows you for sending pictures, documents, videos, and voice messages. 

It is a completely free app that lets you call and send messages using your internet connection. With this app, you can use your internet connection on your phone to message and call friends and family. This will let you call and message for no cost. Whatsapp never asks for any subscription fees. 

Here in this app, you can also send and receive videos, pictures, documents, and voice messages. This app provides you the feature of free call. With this feature, you can call your friends and family on Whatsapp for no costs. 

With this app, you can also make a call to your friend residing in a different country. This calling app uses your phone’s internet connection and there is no requirement for cellular plan voice minute. 

Here in this app, you can also enjoy the feature of Group chat where you can create your friend or family group and easily stay in touch with them. This app includes no international charges. You can send and receive messages internationally without any extra charges. 

This app works with your mobile number. So no requirement to remember usernames, Pincode, or password. With this app, you can quickly connect with your friends or family. In case when your internet connection is off, this app will save your messages and let you see them when you come online.

This app is rich with many more features. Here you can also share your location, set custom wallpapers, exchange contacts, and change notification sounds. This app allows you for broadcasting messages to multiple contacts at once. 

Get this app now and make your communication way easy!


TelegramFZ-LLC brings you another best communication app Android 2020. This communication app is an amazing messaging app that comes with features focusing on speed and security.

With this app, you are allowed to pin several messages in any chat. Here you can also see pinned messages on a separate page. This app will send you a notification when your friend or any family member shares their live location. 

With this app, you will get the option to send several music tracks as a playlist. It also allows you to view detailed statistics about the performance of individual posts in your channels. 

This app provides you the feature of a tap button where you can view a photo, edit it, and send it back. 

It is a pure instant messaging app that is fast, simple, secure, and synced across your all devices. This app has more than 400 million active users. 

Telegram is among the fastest messaging app available in the market that helps in connecting people via a unique and distributed network of data centers around the globe.   

This app is synced and allows you to access messages from your all devices. This app will never let you lose your data again. With this app, you will get the option to send files and media without any limit on their size and type. There is no requirement for disk space to store your chat history, and telegram will securely store your data in the cloud for the time as long as you need it. 

This app provides you most secure combines with easy use. All the chat, media, groups, etc are encrypted in this application. This app allows you to create a group of 200,000 members, and get the option to share large videos, documents of any type, and can also set up bots for specific tasks.    

Truecaller: Caller ID, spam block, SMS, and payment

It is a great communication app Android 2020 and was designed by Truecaller. With this app, you will get the feature of Caller ID, SMS, and call blocking. Here you will also get the option to send money, pay bills, and recharge with UPI. 

This is among the best caller id that has the potential to identify anyone calling you. This app will automatically identify all the unknown messages. It will help you in organizing your SMS into important, personal, other, and spam. Here you can also enjoy free chat with your friends, and family in a group chat option. You have the option to use flash messages for urgent messages.    


Microsoft edge

Microsoft corporation brings you this great communication app Android 2020. With this app, you will get more privacy, world-class performance, more value, and more productivity. 

This app will provide you more personalized browsing experience. This app will provide you utility to protect your privacy online with the help of features like Adblock, tracking prevention, and InPrivate browsing. 

Messenger- Text and video chat for free

This is another great communication app Android 2020 and was designed by Facebook. It has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people and is rated as best.       

With this app, you will get the feature of free chat, group video chats, voice calls, video calls, and text messaging. Here you can select between different chat themes and colors and make your chat more personal. 

The bottom line

So these are the Top 5 Best communication app Android 2020!


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