Monday, 9 November 2020

Top 5 Best cricket games Android 2020

 Are you a cricket lover? Do you want some application that offers you the fun and excitement of cricket in your palms? Here we bring you the Top 5 Best cricket games Android 2020 that will offer your real cricket fun!

World Cricket Championship 2- WCC2

This is the best cricket game Android 2020 and it was designed by Next wave Multimedia. This cricket game by Next wave multimedia is home to mobile cricket.

This game must be possessed by every cricket lover as this will provide them advanced 3D mobile cricket games in their palm of their hands. This game allows all the cricket lovers to play a maximum number of cricket shots that also includes popular Dil-scoop, the upper-cut, and the Helicopter shot. 

This game is specially designed for cricket fans and lovers. Here you can get loads to look forward to. This game allows users to customize their players and cheer their team up with personalized banners. 

This game will also provide you scintillating animation, new controls, more cricket venues, and new camera angles. This game is rich with features that make it the most versatile and dynamic game in the world of mobile cricket. Get this game and be ready for insane fun!

This game provides you features of online and offline 1v 1 multiplayer through online rivals and local rivals respectively. This game provides you the fun of ashes to ashes test tournament. In this game, you will get the feature of 150 different batting animations and more than 25 different bowling actions. 

Here also included the rain interruption and the D/L method. This game also provides you the feature of Hot-spot and ultra edge for edge and LBW. With this game, you will get a chance to enjoy the Blitz tournament for no cost. Here also present electrifying fielding with quick throws and stunning device catches to surprise the opponents. 

Here in this game, you can also challenge the AI opponent and enjoy the realistic ball physics that responds to the pitch. This game also provides the player with extra skill when they show consistent performance. 

In this game, you can see the 18 different international teams and 10 domestic teams. It also allows you to play in 42 different stadiums, and play hot event, test cricket, and more than 11 tournaments that includes World T 20 cup, world cup, Blitz Tournament, and ODI series. 

World Cricket Championship Lt

Next wave Multimedia brings you another best cricket game Android 2020. This game has been downloaded by more than 50 million peoples and will provide you a chance to play two tournaments and15 over. 

With this game, you can play the set of three of the most amazing and electrifying cricket games in the world that includes the World Cricket Championship, World Premier League, and super fantasy cricket league. 

In case when you are devoid of points, you are allowed to request your friends for the points. Get this game app now and taste the success of teamwork with all new gangs of cricket. 

With this game, you will also get a chance to make new friends at the SHOUTBOARD. This game will make you feel the stadium to come alive with its professional commentary, high quality graphics, and the team that you have created with your friends. 

Don’t worry about the skills of your players. These players are armed with a broad range of cricket shots like never before. This game will provide you a chance to see the massive sixes that fly in slow motion and will make you feel the glory of the moment. 

You can also check for the terrific wicket in action replay. Get this game and challenge your friends. Show them your talent and let them know how good a player you are. You can invite your friends to play cricket with you or can challenge them to better your score in the amazing asynchronous multiplayer mode.  

Have this game now and play tournaments for unlimited fun! All the best and hope you win matches and go up the leader board and get a chance to meet a lot of champions like you!

Real Cricket 17

This is a great cricket game Android 2020 by Nautilus Mobile and has been downloaded by more than 10 million peoples. Get ready, it's time to get real... have fun!

This is the most amazing fantasy cricket game for all cricket fans. Welcome, all the cricket lovers to this most authentic, complete, and surreal cricket game with the best experience on Android. 

You can play this game against your friends and or other players in Real cricket in this batting shutdown. Here you can take charge of your favorite franchise and create your team from scratch. 

Have this game and take participate in the Mini world cup and win the trophy for your country!

World Cricket Championship 3- WCC3

This is another amazing cricket game Android 2020 by Next wave Multimedia. With this game, you will get hundreds of brand new full motion-captured actions of crickets that include the action of batting, bowling, and fielding.

Here you can enjoy the professional commentary from top commentators that are Matthew Hayden from Australia, and Aakash Chopra from India.     

This game will provide you the experience of brand new hand crafted stadiums, pitches, and lighting that will leave you to mesmerize. 

World of Cricket- World cup 2019

App On Innovate brings you another best cricket game Android 2020. Get this game, smash sixes, and hit boundaries. Here you will get a chance to enjoy a real cricket experience!

This is the next generation world of cricket where you will definitely get fun and excitement about cricket. Have this game and take your country to victory. Get a chance to become the world champion start in this cricket game.

Here you will enjoy realistic gameplay and physics and it offers you awesome modes. You can play different modes, choose your favorite players, and train your team to beat your opponents in all cricket leagues. 

The bottom line

So these are the Top 5 Best cricket games Android 2020!  


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