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Top 5 best email clients for Windows 10

 Since emails are central to most business applications, there is always a need for easy to use and robust email manager to never get your way of the flow of emails to abate. 

For most of the users, the mail application that generally comes with Windows 10 is more than enough, but there are also present other email apps that are useful in many sense. 

If you have recently started working from home, there is a need for a proper email app. Emails are most of the time the primary method of communication. Here in this article, we will discuss the different ways in which emails can be sorted and used. 

In this article, we are here to help you decide the best email app that suited you best. Here in this article, we rounded up a bunch of best email clients for Windows 10 that can make your work easy.


This is Google’s webmail that requires no introduction. It comes with a streamlined interface and provides you with lots of power.

This Gmail software was first launched in 2004 and now it has become the market leader in free email service that has more than a billion users across the world. 

This is no doubt the best email client for Windows 10. The highlight is the stripped-back web interface of Gmail. In this software, most of the screen is occupied mainly by the inbox and it comes with a minimum of the toolbar and other clutter.

This email client software will provide you neatly organized messages that provide you easy viewing. This makes you easily read and reply to the emails and this is perfect for first-time email users. 

This software will provide you plenty of powers. Gmail is more interactive with the help of dynamic mail and it comes with the ability to take action from within the email directly like responding to the Google Docs and filling out the questionnaire.

Here you will get a feature to filter the messages automatically in Primary, social, and Promotions. This feature will help you focus on the content that you actually need. 

This software comes with leading-edge spam blocking that will keep your inbox free from the junk, and will help you in managing other accounts from the same interface. With the Gmail email client, you will get 15 GB of storage for your Drive, Inbox, and pictures. 

This app also allows you to access email offline. Also, you will get a neat snooze feature to let you snooze your emails for a specified amount of time. Other features along with organized messages into folders, you will get a simple metaphor. 

Gmail is a great and excellent service that provides a good choice for all users. Gmail is also available in a paid business-oriented plan in the shape of a G Suite product. 


It is a free and personalizable email client for Windows 10. It is worth considering email clients by Mozilla and is a great alternative to paid email clients. 

This email client is free for downloading and one can easily install this software on your PC. After installing this email client, you will get to know that it contains all the features that you would expect from an email client. 

This Thunderbird email client is different from others because of its customization features. With this client, you will get the option to install an addon that will provide you additional features and functionality. Some add-ons are available for privacy and security. 

Along with this, different themes are also available to download that will make your email client more customizable and you can experience it in the way that you want. 

So for those who are looking for an email client that is capable but free should give this email client a shot. This email client from Mozilla could be well worth to look. 

Microsoft Outlook

This is the best paid email client for Windows 10 and is been trusted by businesses worldwide. This email client is the gold standard and it comes integrated with Microsoft office. 

This Outlook email client is a gold standard email client for most businesses and enterprises. This email client comes with tight integration with other Microsoft office services and this software has the potential to take the email beyond the simple exchange of messages. 

One more advantage of Outlook is that it comes in full integration with the Outlook calendar that makes it a snap to easily share calendars to coordinate meetings. 

Along with the calendar, this also comes in integration with contacts. It is not only supported by the Windows platform, but also by iOS, and Android.

eM Client

This is fully featured best email client for Windows 10 that supports chat and boast encryption. This email client comes with a modern interface and along with Windows, it is also supported by Mac.

Throughout the long development for 10 years, this email client has evolved into the best email client for Windows 10. With this email client, you will get the feature of calendar, chat, and contacts. This software supports all major email services like Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, and

The free tier for this email client is available, but there is a need for a pro version for commercial use. With the PRO version, you will get unlimited accounts and VIP support as well. 

Mailbird Pro

Another best email client for Windows 10 that comes with loads of inbuilt apps and is affordable as well. With this email client, you will get a customizable interface and it claims to save time in managing multiple accounts. This email client has the potential to make your email beautiful and easy. 

This email client has a feature to support a diverse range of integrated apps that includes Google Docs, Whastapp, Google calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and Dropbox. This feature makes it perfect for a better-streamlined workflow. 

The bottom line

So these are the best email clients for Windows 10 that will not only manage your emails but will make the workflow much easier for you.  



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