Thursday, 12 November 2020

Top 5 Best news app Android 2020

 Are you looking for the best news app that can keep you stay updated about what is happening around the world? Here we bring you the Top 5 Best news app Android 2020 that will let you know about the breaking and latest news happening in the world!   

Dailyhunt- 100% Indian App for News and videos

This is the best news app Android 2020 and it was designed by India ka app, India ke ye! With this app, you will get Live news and video in Hindi, and many more languages. 

Dailyhunt application is made in India and will provide you news and entertainment videos. This app has been downloaded by 250 million people. With this app, you will get the feature to follow and share news, videos, and viral cards in different languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, English, Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, Urdu, and Bhojpuri. 

Here in this application, you can create your profile and post them. With this app, you will get the opportunity to create an interesting post and share your thoughts, use hashtags, tag people, and start a trend. 

In the case when you like something in this app, you will also get a chance to repost that post. All you need is to simply tap on the repost button and share the articles. Here you are allowed to share with others what’s in your mind. 

This app also allows you to join or create your group and start a conversation. This app will let you join any group or create your own group and interact with people with similar interests in your area or all around the world. 

Here you can share what you like. If you get something informational, you can share them with your friends. Along with informational content, you can also share news articles, memes, videos, and links with your friends, and others. 

This app also allows you to discover something trendy. This app will provide you content on the basis of your interest whether it is news, politics, sports, entertainment, cooking, or lifestyle. This app is going to be your one-stop destination for all trending topics. 

Here in this app, you will get all your favorite content in different languages from more than 2600 media partners. Here you will get personalized content tailored specially for you. Here you will get world news, entertainment, TV and cinema, cricket updates, weather news, horoscope, employment news, stock updates, and much more. 

Here you can also follow your favorite news channel, newspaper celebrity creator, and get a chance to discover the latest updates, videos, articles posted by them. 

Public- Indian Local Videos

Inshorts bring you another best news app Android 2020 and with this app, you can get local news updates and videos of your city on your smartphone. This is made in India news app customized for you!

This app is available in several languages that include Bengali, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, and many more. This is a special app for people belonging from Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, Jharkhand. Bihar, MP, Punjab, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Gujrat, Telangana, Maharastra, Kerala, and Tamilnadu. 

Get this app now and get the first notification on the latest news!    

Aaj Tak Live TV News- Latest Hindi India News App

This is another great news app Android 2020 by TV today Network limited and with this app, you will get free India Hindi news, Live Tv news, breaking news, and, Live TV channels, and many more. 

It is the most watched Indian watched Hindi TV news channel that is available for free. This is a free Indian new app and gets the latest news in Hindi. 

Here in this app, you will get a chance to watch Live TV for no cost. This app also allows you to view TV shows and programs like Hall Bol, Dangal, 10 tak, So sorry, Khabardar, Dharm, and Mumbai Metro.  

Here you will get breaking news and the latest news flash in Hindi on entertainment, politics, sports, technology, business, lifestyle, and auto. 

Get this app and stay updated on the latest news, Bollywood news, world news, India news, News headlines, sports news, live news, movies reviews, tech news, politics news, Delhi news, Mumbai news, full cricket news, world cup coverage, live cricket news and many more. 

This app also allows you to see pictures of your favorite Bollywood actor, politician, sports star from the provided exclusive library. With this app, you are also allowed to share your news articles, videos, pictures, via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, and other social media apps. 

This app is not only limited to videos but also allows you to turn on the audio mode to listen to live news without streaming the video. 

Get this app now and stay updated with all the latest news!

Google News- Top world and local news headlines

This is a great news app for Android 2020 by Google LLC. This app will keep you informed with all the latest local and world news that is specially customized for you. 

This is a personalized news aggregator that will organize and highlight what is happening in the world. With this app, you can discover more about the stories in which you might interest. 

This app will keep you updated on your interest topics and delivers you top stories across all your favorite topics and sources under one roof. 

NDTV India Hindi News

NDTVV Official app presents you with another great news app Android 2020 and in this app, you will get live TV, photos, news, live radio from NDTV India. With this app, you will get Breaking news, Top stories, world news, Indian news, business sports news, and many more. With this app, you will get full coverage of news events and you will also get a chance to share it via emails, social media sites like Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and many more. 

Get this amazing news app and stay updated!               

The Bottom line

So these are the Top 5 Best news app Android 2020!

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