Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Top 5 Best parenting apps Android 2020

 Are you a new mom or going to be a mom soon? Are you looking for the best parenting app for tips to be the best mother? Here we bring you the Top 5 Best parenting apps Android 2020 that will guide you to raise your kid accurately!

Indian Women App: Healofy

This is the best parenting app Android 2020 and was designed by Healofy- Parenting Baby care and Pregnancy Tips app. This is a great application to track pregnancy week by week and will provide you tips related to pregnancy food, baby food, childcare, baby names, and many more. 

This application is perfect for all Indian ladies who are expecting. This app is also great for women across all age groups. This is helpful for teenage women dealing with relationship problems or also useful for the mother who is looking for work from home opportunities. 

This app is great for providing pregnancy diet, baby care parenting tips, breastfeeding, baby milestones, mouth watering recipes, kitchen hacks, fitness, beauty, weight loss, and yoga and daily horoscope as well all under one roof. This app is going to be a special social network all for women. 

This app will provide the entire pregnant lady with pregnancy nutrition and cravings. It will provide them with a diet chart according to their pregnancy stage and will tell them interesting recipes to curb their food cravings. 

It is also helpful in tracking baby growth and movement. It will provide you the daily guidance on baby growth, movement, and many more. It will also tell you all the sleep positions and deliver your tips to make your sleep relaxed and peaceful. 

The tips from this application will be related to yoga, exercise, and diet that will prepare you for delivery as well. Here you can also search for tips on packing hospital bags and recovery after delivery. 

For new moms, here they can find tricks and tips to handle the challenges of being a new mom and it will provide them tips related to losing weight and breast feeding. 

This will also track baby growth and will offer you cognitive, physical, and social guidance according to your baby’s age. Here you can also find tips related to baby daily care, baby sleep, baby cry, massage, bathing, and many more.      

This app will provide you a tip to raise a well-behaved and disciplined child and will guide you to become a good parent. 

Momspresso: Motherhood Parenting My Money Baby

Momspresso presents your best parenting app Android 2020. It includes videos, and blogs on mothers, babies, pregnancy, childcare, health, family, and many more.

This application is ideal for the modern mom and it provides the content to answer all your parenting questions. It is going to support you on your own journey as a woman. 

It is a great platform where new moms can learn from other moms, and experts on baby care, baby diet, baby health, and many more to raise the baby in the right way!

Parenting tips, baby health, baby care, and baby food

This is another best parenting app Android 2020 by Parenting app, baby care, baby tracker, and baby health. With this app, you will get not only parenting tips, but also baby health tips, baby care tips, and baby food chart tips. 

This is a top rated baby care and parenting app that has helped lakhs of ladies and their families in India. Get this app now and it will deliver you everything that you might need as a parent that includes customized insights on baby nutrition, baby health, baby vaccination chart, baby milestones, baby daily trackers, baby development week by week, baby food recipes, positive parenting, and expert parenting advice from fellow mothers, doctors, and many more. 

With this app, you will get a feature of growth check where you will get the first holistic baby development tracker that will provide you complete analysis on baby development and health. It will also provide you parenting tips. 

This app will also provide you progress report for new baby growth, and detect the delay in baby development early. Here you will get the feature of Nutri check that will provide you Feeding tracker and many more.

With this app, you can get expert tips on parenting and baby care from moms, doctors on baby health, baby care, and baby development week by week. This will also provide you baby vaccination chart, due alerts, reminders for new born babies. 

This app will offer you more than 100 activities for all developmental areas of the baby for bay growth. It will automatically track the newborn baby milestones and will alert you on delay for easy parenting. 

Download and install this Android app from the Google play store to make the parenting experience much easy and pleasant!

The Happy Child- Parenting App

HJB Ventures bring you another best parenting app Android 2020. It has been downloaded by more than 1 million people and has positive reviews. It will help you in correctly raising your baby. It will help in replacing all the myths associated with parenting with scientific research. 

This app will offer you access to tips and research that will help you in raising a well-adjusted, and happy child. It is a personalized science based app and that will provide you short lessons that you can easily implement in your busy schedule.

Parenting Guru- Let’s nurture values in kids

This is a great parenting app Android 2020 by Team Majestic. This is a special app to raise your child with values and ethics. Parenting is not the only process to raise the kid. It is actually nurturing the ethics and value right from childhood. 

This is a unique application that not only focuses on health care tips and issues of kids but also provides rich information and material to nurture ethics and values in the child. 

This app includes information for an ideal kid, article on parenting, information for ideal parent, age wise tips, do’s and don'ts for parents and many more. 

The Bottom line

So these are the Top 5 Best parenting apps Android 2020!



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