Sunday, 15 November 2020

Top 5 Best Social media Site 2020

 Are you looking for a good social media site where you can share your memories and moments, stay connected with your friends or families, and know what is happening around you? Here we bring you the Top 5 Best Social media Site 2020 and stay in touch with your closed ones.  


This is the most used and best social media site 2020 and it was designed by Facebook. Here in this social media, you will get the option to search for friends, play games, watch live videos, and save pictures in your social network.

This will make it easy for you to make friends. Here in this social media site, you can share updates, pictures, get engaged with friends and pages, and this site will allow you to stay connected to communities important to you. 

With this site, you will get a feature to connect with friends and family. Here you can meet new people on this Facebook network. Here on this site, you can set status updates and get the option to use Facebook emoji to help depends what is going in your world.  

This social media site allows you to share your pictures, videos, and all your favorite memories. It will also notify you when any of your Facebook friends like, comment, or share your post. 

On this site, you can search for nearby local social events and can plan to get together with your friends. With this site, you can play games with any of your Facebook friends. 

This site also provides you with a feature to backup pictures by saving them in albums. On this site, you will get the option to follow your favorite websites, artists, and companies to get their latest news. 

Here on this site, you can also lookup local businesses to set operation hours, reviews, and pictures. This site also allows you to buy and sell locally on Facebook Marketplace. This site also offers you to watch live videos on the go.    

This social media site not only keep you stay connected with your friends and close ones but actually do much more than this. It helps you keep up with all the latest news and current events all around the world. This site allows you to subscribe to your favorite brands, celebrities, news sources, artists, or sports teams to follow their newsfeeds, caught up on the latest happenings, and watch live streaming videos no matter where you are!

This site also allows you to write on a timeline, browsing for people, like pictures and editing your profile. Make a profile on this social media site and stay connected with your friends! 


This is another most used social site 2020 designed by Instagram. This site by Facebook allows you to share videos, pictures, and fun moments with your friends you love. 

This site brings you close to the things and people you love. With this site, you can stay connected with your friends, and share pictures and videos of what you are up to, or see what is new from others all over the world. 

This site lets you explore your social community and make you feel free to be yourself. Here you can also share everything from your daily moment to life’s highlight.       

The reels feature from this social media site provides you a new way to create and share short videos on Instagram. This site lets you discover, comment, watch. Like, and interact with all reels video in this dedicated space to explore for free. 

Here you can create and watch fun short videos on Instagram reels. Here you can use special camera effects to bring your video to life that includes face filter, background music, and stickers. 

This site also lets you create video clips and get discovered when explored. Here you will get the option to explore millions of videos. This site also allows you for watching and sharing any Instagram reels video with your friends. 

With this app, you can add pictures and videos to your story. It also allows you to message your friends directly. On this site, you can follow your favorite celebrities, band, actors, singers, and athletes for live updates. Have an account on this site and have fun!


It is another most popular social media site 2020 where you can find your voice and this app will keep you updated on politics, news, and everything around you. Have an account here and stay updated. 

This account allows you to personalize your profile, location, description, add a picture, and background photo. You can build an engaging profile by regular tweets and try all options to expand your social network and try optimizing your posting time.

This site allows you to post visual content also and you can use hashtags in your tweets and draw followers from all different social media platforms outside Twitter.


Another popular social media site 2020 where you can share your moments. It is a fast and most fun way to share your memories and moments with your family and friends. 

This site has features to open the right camera and allows you to send your snap in a second. All you need is to take videos and pictures and add a caption. Then you can send it to your best friend. 

This site also provides you the feature of chatting where you can stay in touch with your friends via live messaging. Here you can share your day with group stories.

Vero- True Social

Vero Labs, Inc brings you another best social media site 2020 where you can share online more like real life, and choose the post you want to see. This is 100% chronological feed and there is no data mining. It contains no ads and no algorithms. 

On this site, you can own your own content and share pictures, videos, music, links, movies, TV shows, places, and books. This site allows you to message directly to your connection.  

The bottom line

So these are the Top 5 Best Social media Site 2020 


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