Thursday, 31 December 2020

A Complete guide for Instagram

 Instagram is gaining popularity exponentially. We can see how the Instagram users increase from 1 million in December 2010 to 1 billion in 2020. But in the case when you are not the part of these 1 billion Instagram users but considering registering in Instagram, there here we bring you complete guide to use and get the Instagram app.

But before proceeding to learn the way to get this app and how to use this app, first thing you should know what Instagram is and what its features are.


Instagram is social media platform where you will get chance to share your picture and videos, get in contact with your old friends and far living relatives or family member, see what’s going in their life, and let them see the moments in your life via pictures and videos.

Instagram is best social media platform app that was designed by Instagram. It has been downloaded by more than 1 billion users and is rated great on Google play store. This app has more than 111 million reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, you will get chance to share pictures, videos, and fun moments with your friends and closed one.

This social media app will help you get close to your loved ones and the things you love. Here in this app, you will get the option to connect with friends, share pictures and videos, and see what is happening new in your friend’s life and what is happening new all over the world. Here in this app, you will get the wing to explore your social community where you feel like a bird, free to be yourself and get chance to share everything from your life’s highlight to daily moments.

Another feature that you will surely appreciate in this app is Instagram reels. With this feature, you will get the option to create and share your short videos on Instagram. This feature will allow you to discover, like, comment, watch, and interact with all other reels videos and let your explore the world in no cost.

This app will help you watch and create fun short videos or Instagram reels and share them on Instagram to get likes and comments. Here in this app, you will also get the feature to is special effect and filers in camera that will help bring your video to life. This app also allows you to include background music, stickers. And face filters, etc in our video. 

In this instagram social media app, you will get option to upload your creative video and clips and get discovered on explore. This app will offer you the permission to explore millions of video. In this app, you will get option to watch and share Instagram reels video with your friends.

In this app, you can also add your pictures and videos to your story. This app will help you bring your videos and picture in story to life using fun and creative tools like emojis, stickers, face filters, boomerang, and stickers. On this social media platform, you will get the option to select specific friend who are allowed to watch your videos or clips or you can make your story public. Also there is option available where you can broadcast and watch live videos without requiring to post them on your feed. All your story post will disappear after 24 hours.         

With this fun app, you will get the permission to message your friends directly. This app will offer you the chance to start a fun conversation with your friends on what you have seen on feed and stories. With this messaging feature, you will get option to share memes privately with your friends and start fun conversation. Here in this app, you will also get the option to learn about what is trending in the market and get these information from your favourite account. Also, you have option to share this information with your friend privately on their message box. This app will notify you when you receive any chat message.

Another feature in this app namely insta feed where you have option to post your pictures and videos. Here you can upload your videos and pictures directly from your gallery or directly from your camera and share them with your followers. This app offers you to show what you want your followers to see. In this app, you can also upload short videos and picture from the moments in your life. You will receive notification when anybody like your post.

In this app, you have option to follow the person, brand, celebrities, athelets, actor, and signer whom you like. This app also offers you to watch movie scenes, skits, news updates, sports highlights, music performances, and many more right from your favourite page. You also have option to check the IGTV in the case when you like seeing long video from your favourite insta creators.

This app is also great for shopping lovers as here they have option to explore what is in the trends and shop directly from this social platform.

How to get this app?

In order to get this app, follow the instruction given below:

  1. Go to Google play store.
  2. Search for Instagram in the search box.
  3. Download and install the app from the play store.

How to make account on Instagram?

Here is the tutorial to make account on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Sign up either using your mobile number, email Id, or Facebook account.
  3. Hit Next.
  4. Fill up your username and password.
  5. Now fill your profile information.
  6. Hit Done.
  7. In the case when you register using facebook, you will need to fill your facebook id and password to login.

This way you can register on Instagram and get connected with your closed ones.

The bottom line

SO this was a complete guide about Instagram and how to use this app. I hope this article help you.     

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