Thursday, 28 January 2021

A complete guide for Whatsapp and Whatsapp business app

 Whatsapp is probably the most popular and highly rated app for messaging and chatting. With its feature to send message without SMS charge give this app a great rise and progress. Also, with its great features and services, this app becomes the most popular app for chatting among not only youths but the entire world.

Today, whatsapp is very common. It is now becoming most used service next to calling. Even people are incorporating the use of whatsapp in Business and for business conversation.

And the good news is that, Whatsapp has launched a separate feature rich app for business related work and conversations. Here in this article, we will discuss on both this apps by whatsapp and their features. So let’s get started.

Whatsapp Messenger

This is widely used messaging app that have feature to send messages using internet connection. In the time of SMS pack, the entry of whatsapp made grand entry and it changed the messaging pattern entirely.

People started preferring whatsapp as it is sending messages using internet and not charging extra for each messages. This was a great moment in the history of messaging services.

Whatsapp Inc presents the simple, secure and personal tool for messaging. The whatsapp messenger app is free messaging app that is available for all Android devices as well as other iOS, window, or other devices. This app will utilize your data pack for sending messages and will also allow you to call your friends and family.

So those who are fed up of recharging for SMS pack and calling, should simple recharge for data pack and switch to whatsapp for both calling and messaging as well. This whatsapp messenger app will let you send and receive messages, share pictures, videos, voice messages, documents, and do calls. Also, here in this app, you will get the feature to do video call and feel the charm of meeting with your far living closed ones digitally.

There is no need to do any recharge for whatsapp. All you will need is a data pack or other internet pack. This app will utilize your device’s internet connection and will allow you to message and call your friends. Thus make you no need to pay for every call and message. Also, there is no subscription fees on this whatsapp app.

This app will also provide you the opportunity to share multimedia files like music, video, voice messages, pictures, etc. With this app, you will get the feature of free calls. Thus you can use this app to call your friends and closed ones for free. This app will use your internet connection for making calls and will not charge anything else.

Also, with this app, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the feature of group chat. With this feature, you can create a group of your old friends or family members and enjoy conversation. With this app, you can also make video calls in group and enjoy digital get together with your friends or family.

In the case when any of your friend or relative stay outside India, instead to making international calls, you can simply call them on whatsapp. There will no need to pay extra charges and the whatsapp will only use your data pack for calling.         

This app has feature to help you get connect with contacts you are having in your device. Also, when your internet connection is off, the app will save your messages and will notify you when you turn on your internet connection.

This is not all about Whatsapp. With this app, you will also get the feature to share locations, contacts, set wallpapers, and many more. Also, here you will get the feature to set your notification sound.

Whatsapp Business

This app by Whatsapp Inc is great tool for business that will allow you to have conversations with your customers. With this app, you will get feature to communicate with your customers more efficiently and it will also help you grow your business. This app will enable your business presence on Whatsapp.

Also, in the case when you have separate number for business and personal use, then you can have both whatsapp app business as well as personal use. Just simply install both the whatsapp messenger and Whatsapp business and register them with different numbers.

This app will provide you the feature of Business profile. This feature will allow you to create the profile of your business and help you customer to find information related to your business like website, contact information, and location.

Also, this app will help you grow you business using business messaging tools. This tool will make you more responsive to your customers as here you can use away message or greet message to send your customers an introductory message when they first message you.

In the case, when you have landline number for your whatsapp, no worries, this whatsapp app for business will allow you to register using landline number as well. Now with whatsapp messenger app, your customer can message you on your landline number. In order to verify your landline number, you will need to select the “call me” option for receiving the code over a phone call.

This whatsapp business app has all the feature that is available in whatsapp messenger. This app will also let you share multimedia messages like voice messages, media files, images, videos, and many more. 

With this app, you can make video calls to your customers and introduce them with your business. Also, using the calling feature, you can call your international clients and save bugs on international calls.

Like whatsapp messenger, in this app also, you will get the option to broad cast your message. Thus allow you to send the same message to multiple contacts at the same time.          

The bottom line

So these is a complete guide on both the whatsapp messenger app and whatsapp business app.

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