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A complete guide to use PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, video, and collage maker

 Today is the era of sharing pictures and videos on Social media. Now it is like trend to share every moment of your life on social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Now the social media sites are becoming a great social platform where you can share your moments and let people know what is going on in your life.

Some peoples are so much obsessed with social media that they share every moment of their life from waking up in the morning, dressing up for collage or office, to dinner meal, and good night pictures. Also, social media is becoming income source for some celebrities where they share their daily routines, special moments and get likes and more followers.

All these increase the trend of picture editors app. Now almost every phone has a picture editor app. These apps are special apps that people use to edit their pictures and share their edited awesome looking picture on social media sites. With these picture editors, you can change everything from your background, to your lip color, you can blur your background peoples, change your skin tone, remove pimples or acne, change your hair style, adjust the brightness, contour, etc, and can even edit yourself with any celebrity. With photo editor apps, you will get several filters that you can use to turn yourself into cute animals as well.

There is also feature of stickers, emojis, and many more in photo editor apps to make your picture look even more awesome. These apps are helpful in making collage of your pictures and also offer you the feature to make sticker of your own pictures.

Here in this article, we will discuss on the complete guide of one of the best photo editor apps namely PicsArt Photo editor. Today we will guide you the way to use it, feature you will get with this app, and many more. So let’s get started.

A complete guide to use PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, video, and collage maker

Given below is a complete guide to use PicsArt photo editor:

This is best photo editor app for Android and is also mentioned as editor choice app on Google play store. This app has been trusted by more than 500 million users. PicsArt phot editor app is rated great on Google play store. This photo editor app has more than 10 million reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, you will get the feature to edit your pictures, videos, and will also offer you t remix free to edit picture and stickr into awesome memes and collages.

How to get the PicsArt Photo editor on Android?

This app for photo editing is available on Google play store and can be easily get from there. Here are the steps to download and install PicsArt Photo editor:

1] First of all, open the Google play store home page.

2] Now type PicsArt photo editor in the search bar. 

3] Press the Download button in the right side of the app.

4] This app will automatically download and install in your Android device.

Once you get this photo editor app in your device, now you can use it to edit your pictures.

Feature of the PicsArt Photo Editor:

This app offers you the best all in one picture editing features and video editor as well. With this app, you will get the chance to unleash your creativity and share your talent on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

With PicsArt app, you will get everything that you might need to edit your pictures. Here in this app, there are several features available that will help you create awesome edits in your pictures.

  This photo editor app will allow you to edit videos and pictures. You will definitely have fun while editing pictures and videos. This app will also provide you the feature to make collages and stickers, and many more.

Here in this app, you will get opportunity to access personalized content including background, stickers, brushes, replays, and many more. This app will allow you to start editing like a pro without any requirement for professional skills.

With the photo editor feature, you will get the option to try several hot filters and gift your picture with trendy effects. In this app, you will also get the option to access impressive background erasers and this will help you cut out pictures and erase backgrounds. This app will also allow you to remove object and will offer you the amazing picture retouch.

In this app, there is option available that allows you to use several outstanding free images and edit your own pictures. Here you are also allowed to express what is in your mind via words. This app allows you to add text to pictures using more than 200 aesthetic fonts.

The beauty tools available in this app will help you get a stunning makeover. With beauty tool, you will get the option to do makeup on your picture, change the hair color as well as hair style, use filters, change your skin tone, and many more.  

It will also allow you to blur the photo background and can create beautiful double exposure layer. This app will also allow you quickly flip and crop pictures.

Also, with the video editor feature in this app, you will get the option to edit videos and turn them from scratch to outstanding video. This feature will help you bring exciting stories to life and help you create exciting videos. Also, this app allows you to add music to your silent video and bring life to them.

With the collage maker feature, this app help you make collage using your awesome pictures. Here you will get the option to use grid as well as a free style collages. Also, scrapbook and frames for pictures are available.  

The bottom line

So this was a complete guide on PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, video, and collage maker.



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