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Top 5 Best women safety apps Android 2021

 Though India is developing very fast but the crime rate against women is also increasing at the same rate. Now it’s time for the India government to take strict action to reduce the crime against women. And, India Government is also working in the same direction for women empowerment and women safety.

In order to make the world safer for women, there are several apps available in Google play store that might help women to stay safe and secure. Several apps with the help of location tracker protect women from yahoo minded criminals.

Here in this article we list you top 5 best women safety apps Android 2021. 

Top 5 Best women safety apps Android 2021

Given below are the top 5 best women safety apps Android 2021:


This is best women safety app Android 2021. This app was designed by HARMANJOT SINGH @HARMAN.JS. This women safety app has been downloaded and installed by more than 1 thousand people and it is rated great on Google play store. This is great initiation app that helps in protection of the core section of the Indian society or every society that is females.  

This app is designed with the aim to keep the women safety at the priority. According to the designer of this app, the safety of the women should be keep in the priority as a lot of women needs to work till late night, travel alone, and work at late night many times. The app was designed considering this fact in order to leave no stone unturned in order to make the world a way safer place for all the working women. The aim of this app is to make the world safer for women to work and live with no fear and utmost safety.    

As per the designer of this app, it is possible to make the women progress and competitiveness swift and to actually empower the women, there is need to make the world and the safer society where they can feel safe without any apprehension.  The idea for making this app is come from the realization that the women safety should be the prime concern in today’s world. Almost every one among us has sisters, mother, wife, or daughters who have to go outside and may need to work till late night. Hence there is need for the society that is safer for them. The change is only possible when we start from us only. It’s our duty to make the world safe and much more progressive for all the women in the nation or the world.

With this app, you will get several features that are designed keeping the women safety as primary concern. This app is perfect for women as it offers them several safety tips. The screen in this app displays several safety tips that is required to known by every women. All women needs to know all these safety tips doesn’t matter they are working women or a housewives, or whether they are at home or going out for shopping, in parties, online, travelling, or alone or in the car.

This women safety app also includes all the women laws in India that are for the safety of women and to penalize the culprit. In the screen of this app, you can see all the laws in India for women safety and to penalize the criminal for the offences against women.  With this app, you will also get the feature of escaping threats. In this app, the screen shows several informative tips along with images. These tips will help every women to escape threat and it will aware them of the unpleasant circumstances.

This app along with promoting women safety and women empowerment, also favours that women should learn the defence. Thus the screen in this app comprises of several purposeful self defence images and videos that will help guiding the women to learn self defence in the case of nasty moments.

This app is also helpful for women because of it SOS feature. This feature helps every lady in the nation to call the police or any other emergency women help lines instantly with single click. Also, when you feel the unsafe situation, just one tap on the message button will help sending the emergency SOS alert to the trusted contacts selected by you.

This is helpful app and every women should have this app in their Android device.

Women Safety

This is great women safety app android 2021 by Awesome Apps Inc. With more than 100 thousand downloads, it helps the women to send emails with picture, audio or video, and location with single click. This app will help you easily inform your trusted one and the women helplines or police in emergency condition.

Women safety app by Awesome apps help in informing your close one about your location and other details.

Indian SOS Women safety | Disha | emergency Alert

Akshara Tips Apps designed this women safety app Android 2021. It helps protecting women from emergency situations. This app is developed in order to save every people from emergency situations. In this app, you will get the SOS button. You can tap this button in order to send the emergency message to all your trusted ones in an emergency situation. With the message, it will inform your closed one that you are in unsafe location.

Disha SOS

This is great women safety app Android 2021 designed by Andhra Pradesh Police. It has been used by more than 500 thousand users and is rated great. It has the feature of SOS to inform all your closed one along with women helplines and police instantly when in emergency or unsafe condition.

Grannus Women and child safety medical emergency

This app is especially designed to help the core section of the society that is the females. It helps the women by unleashing their full potential and guide the nation to greatness.

The bottom line

So these are Top 5 Best women safety apps Android 2021!

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