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Best premium communication Apps Android 2021

 With developing technologies and growing distance, several apps get introduced in the market. All of them claim to be the best, but the most important in any communication is its privacy. It is must that all the communication apps should keep the conversation confidential and private. And when it comes to business related conversation and communication, privacy become even more important.

Thus there is need for the app that have potential to keep your business related conversation safe and secure and never let your competitors to know about your conversation. So we recommend you to have some paid premium communication app for your confidential conversation.

In order to communicate safely with your clients as well as others on business related topics, here we list you best premium paid communication apps android 2021.  

Best premium communication Apps Android 2021

Given below are best premium communication Apps Android 2021:

Threema. Secure and private messenger

This is best premium communication app Android 2021. It was designed by Threema GmbH. The threema Secure and private messenger app has been trusted and downloaded by more than 1 million users and this app is rated as best communication app on Google play store. This app for confidential communication has more than 65 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, you will get the feature of the messenger that keep privacy and security first. This app will provide you the safe platform where you can do your business related or any other private communication with any fear. You can get this private communication app in just for Rs 270. In such a little amount, you will get a platform where you can converse freely without any fear of the leakage of your communication.

Threema provides the world with secure messenger and it is rated one of the world’s best selling secure messenger app. This app have feature to keep your data out of the hands of corporations, competitors, hackers, and government. You will get the option to use this service completely anonymously. This app by threema is an open source and provides you the option to make end to end encrypted video and voice calls and with this app, you will also get each and every feature that you might expect from the state of the art instant messenger. You don’t only need to have the app for this platform, you are also having the option to use Threema web and enjoy all the features of this app on your desktop as well.

This app by Threema keeps the privacy and anonymity on the priority. The messenger app by threema was originally designed from the ground up to generate as little data on server as possible. This app will help you manage all the contact lists and group membership on your device and the good thing is that it never stores any servers. All the messages will immediately deleted once they get delivered. This app has feature to store all the local files encrypted on your mobile device or Android tablet. All these features thus help you provide the safe platform and prevents the misuse and collection of all of your personal information that includes metadata. This app by Threema is completely compliant with the European privacy legislation.

This messenger app by threema is known to have highest encryption strength. With this threema app for messaging, you will not only get the feature of encryption, privacy and security, but you will also get several more features that will enhance your communication process. In this app, there is feature available to send voice message or you can write the text message. This app will provide you the feature to make video as well as voice calls.

Here in this app, there is also the feature available to share videos, pictures and locations. This app will allow you to send any type of files that includes gif, pdf, animated, mp3, zip, doc, and many more.

With the Threema web, you will get the option to use this app on desktop as well. In this app, you can make groups and start conversation in groups securely. This app will also provide you the feature of poll thus all you to conduct polls.

In this app you will get two theme options and you will need to choose between dark theme and light theme. With the unique agree and disagree feature, this app will provide you the option to silently and quickly reply. This app also allows you to verify the identity of any contact. All you need is to scan their personal QR code and thus verify their identity. You can use this wonderful premium app in making anonymous instant conversations as private messaging app. This app will also provide you the feature to synchronize your contacts.

This app will promise you for full anonymity. All the servers in this app are located in Switzerland. You will not require nay phone number or email id to register in this app. It will provide you a random Threema ID for identification. Thus it allows you to use this app completely anonymously. Have this app now and enjoy end to end encrypted conversations and never let your conversation leaked to hackers or other competitors!

Conversation (Jabber/ XMPP)

With more than 100 thousand downloads, this app is another best premium paid conversation app Android 2021. It is rated great on Google play store for its privacy and security. This app will provide you an encrypted and user friendly messaging client optimized platform for mobile.

This is easy to use app that will provide you the feature for completely encrypted conversation either via text or voice or video calls.

Fongo World edition

It is another premium paid communication app Android 2021. This app is another great app that will help you get your own local Canadian number.

CryptoTab Browser Pro- Mine on a pro level

This app for communication has been downloaded and trusted by more than 100 thousand users and is rated great on Google play store It will help increasing your mining speed.

The bottom line

So these are Best premium communication Apps Android 2021!


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