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Check Out Top 5 best ninja game apps Android 2021

 Ninja games need no introduction as they need been around for a really while. They fascinate the player like no other. Over the years we've seen and played tons of ninja and assassin Best ninja game apps Android 2021 or consoles. But today, we live during a different era where mobile phones dominate lifestyle.

Ninjas are traditional Japanese assassins, appearing from the shadows, killing the target in the blink of an eye, and disappearing where available. Ninja video games put the player at the center of the action and allow him to take on the role of the ninja, unleashing his skills to demand that the objectives advance. Humans who can move at the speed of sound like the wind are known as Ninjas.

They have special abilities and are masters of martial arts. Most RPGs use the Ninja element. These games are often played from a side scrolling, third person, or first person perspective. During the game, the player uses special ninja skills and weapons to kill enemies and earn points. These games combine the elements of attack based on Stealth, Combat and Shuriken. The Tenchu ​​offers the stealth component, while games like Shinobi provide excellent game play with shuriken-based attacks against enemies wearing the battle armor. Ninja games affect exploration, combat, stealth, and special abilities.

The best games for Android next year:

There are many ninja games available on the Google Play Store, but you deserve the simplest ones. Therefore, we have compiled an inventory of the best ninja game apps Android 2021. Download them and discover how to be a ninja!

Ninja Warriors – Extreme Wars:

What happens when a ninja enters the world of fashion? How can you fight crime together with your ninja and stealth techniques? If you've been wondering yourself, download and install Ninja Warriors - Extreme Wars. Ninja Warrior may be one of the best Ninja games on Google Play Store. This game is about the times when an island is invaded by mobs and criminals and they are heavily armed. you have a crossbow and you have no defense. So how are you going to fight those mobs? The single use your ninja stealth to kill them.

Ninja Warrior Amazing Run is an Action, Platform, Single and Multiplayer Computer Game developed by Digital Toys Studio for the Android platform. The sport takes place within the beautiful world and gives you the chance to become a ninja and show off your crazy moves before individuals. Swim in the water and dash along the walls to signal your fantastic moves. It offers a game similar to Wipeout and introduces various characters to perform different parkour moves. Take on your role and check to achieve different courses by reaching the top of them.

There are various crazy obstacles available to make the game tricky. It offers fast-paced, action-packed game play and lets you immerse yourself in fun-filled activities like rock rolling, wall running, stealthy moves between ninja fields and more. Real Ninja Warrior Amazing Run offers brilliant features like realistic environment, various insane obstacles, touch controls and more. Try it and it will entertain you.

Shadow Fight 2:

After the success of the first shadow fight, Shadow fight 2 is available on the Play Store. This game is exclusive and feels very realistic with cool sound effects and animations. There are a number of other characters and villains to exterminate. This game is best for those people who like RPG games because you will get not only ninja action but also exciting story.

Devil Ninja 2:

This best ninja game for Android can be a treasure for gamers who love old games. The game is simple and really easy. Also, this game gives you tons of enemies to kill during the journey. Devil Ninja 2 can be a scrolling game where there are buttons on the screen for various purposes. This game is better once you are honestly having it and you will experience ninja game with ease all day long. Players can use one, two or more fingers to simultaneously swipe and slice all the fruits. Cutting all the fruits on the screen is important and if the players don't cut three fruits the game is over. With high scores such as multiples of one hundred, players can gain an additional life and continue to play this wonderful game.

If a player takes a minute and thirty seconds, they can never get the biggest rewards. Players can also earn great scores by cutting special fruits like special bananas. With all the amazing fun of Fruit Slicing, addictive game play, beautiful 3D visuals, and original background sounds, Fruit Ninja is one of the simplest puzzle video games to play and enjoy.

Dark sword:

The next level of Best ninja game apps Android 2021 with a supernatural twist. Basically, during this game, you will be managing a variety of monsters. Also, this game allows you to own incredible but much bigger swords and some swords are even bigger than the character himself. Dark Sword is dark as the name suggests (not literally dark where nothing can be seen). This game has a lot to offer, you will enhance it with a variety of updates available within the game.

Yorei Ninja:

Well, we save the only one for last place and this game called Yorei Ninja. This top ninja game for Android is different from the rest of the games listed here. Because this game is a bit like Temple Run but with some ninja twists. In this game, you will choose a personality (enough characters to choose from) to start your ninja journey. Furthermore, all the characters available within the game have a special set of abilities and skills. You will jump, kill and dodge and besides, the animations are smooth too from this Best ninja games. These are some of the best ninja game apps Android 2021.

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