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Look at the Top 5 best angry bird games Android 2021

 Angry Birds may be a popular game that started with some disgruntled birds having their eggs stolen by nasty pigs. So to exact revenge, the mission of the birds is to take down all the pigs and cause as much destruction as possible within the process. And as a player, you have exactly the same mission, to launch birds as if you were using a slingshot. This article discussed about the best angry bird games Android 2021.

Sounds interesting right? Throwing birds into the air with the correct aim to shoot down all the pigs that are available on your way. Well, it sure is interesting! And from where Angry Birds has reached all the heights of success. As there have been a variety of products that came associated with this franchise, it’s like comics, TV series, merchandising and even a movie.

But if you are an Angry Birds fan, you recognize that the classic game is simply not enough to satisfy all your gaming demands. So to solve this, there are a variety of games on the Google Play Store that are connected to our favorite Angry Birds. But don't wonder what percentage of them are yours, as here may be a list of the 10 best Angry Birds games for Android that will offer you the classic game in a much more interesting and renewed way.

1. Angry Birds Classic:

Eliminate all the pigs and cause as much destruction as possible within the process only within the Angry Birds Classic game. The aim of the sport is extremely simple; you would like to launch the birds aiming well at the enemy pigs to make them go off. But it requires strength, logic and skill at the same time. As in every level, the problem bar also goes up. But don't worry, if you stop at any level, you will buy the Mighty Eagle that will fly from the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion. Overall, Angry Birds Classic can be a fast and fun game that is perfect for cutting through your boredom with easy yet exciting game play.


Main features:

Classic angry bird’s game play.

6 new levels a day.

Great sound effects.

Amazing graphics.

2. Angry Birds Star Wars II Free:

Angry Birds Star Wars II is the second version of Angry Birds Star Wars, and it is practically identical to its first version. But, the sport still has some new additional features and it also expands the game play considerably. Because the game now has new playable characters, new forces, and indeed new missions. Also, in addition to the main version, at this point players can choose which characters they need to tackle in each level and can get a special score with each of them. So, turn your Android device into a battlefield and download Angry Birds Star Wars II to have a free and fun game.

Main features:

More than 30 playable characters.

Swap characters as you play.

Supports tablet devices.

Tons of achievements to unlock.

3. Angry Birds Rio

The original angry birds are kidnapped, but they still need to be able to run away. But now they need to save their friends Blue and Jewel from the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, complete the Angry Birds Rio game. The sport has more than 320 fun levels, with 72 action-packed bonus levels in 12 addictive episodes! So leaving your Android device is not a good option, look at the best angry bird games Android 2021. But shooting birds into the air to defeat enemy pigs sure is.

Main features:

320 fun levels.

Bonus levels.

Free full game.

4. Angry Birds Epic RPG

Defeat the fearsome boss pigs and their many minions by unleashing the flock of Angry Birds during a fun turn-based RPG. Because, when advancing within the game, you would like to advance through scenes that are divided into levels, where you will face a variety of enemies. And as for role-playing games (RPGs), you would like to appear in your characters by buying new pieces of equipment and weapons that can help you within the combat attack system against other enemies. So, collect and craft a huge arsenal of weapons and take a look to defeat your opponents from all over the world during this fun and exciting Angry Birds Epic RPG.

Main features:

Lots of enemies to fight.

Hundreds of weapons.

Challenge real players from all over the world.

Various villains to fight.

5. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space, because the name suggests it, can be a game that has all the amazing images of space and everything that goes into it. Like here, you will have your own system with a planet that is made entirely of junk food! Also the simplest part, within the game, our dear angry birds are going to fly through space instead of through the air. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye on the different degrees of gravity fields at each level. In addition, the game includes more than 300 interstellar levels, where your mission will be to boost three stars. And don't worry; the images of the sport are very detailed and delicious. So, download Angry Birds Space and get your own system with 10 fun planets. This is one of the interested games in the best angry bird games Android 2021

Main features:

More than 300 interstellar levels.

Zero gravity space adventures.

Wonderfully detailed backgrounds.

Daily missions.

So, above is the list of the best angry bird games Android 2021 that you can easily play on your Android devices. And all the previous games are connected with the similar Angry Birds theme, but all feature a distinctive story and amazing graphics. As in one of them, you will reach space, while in one you can blow up the balloons to free the birds and in one that you bought to know the story from the perspective of the evil pig.

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