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Look at the Top 5 best warrior games Android 2021

 War is not a game, but war games are quite popular on PC and consoles for a long time. Call of Duty may be a popular example. However, with the rise of Android, people have also been playing tons of games on their smartphone. Therefore, Call of Duty is also available on Android, just like many other war games. These are some of the simplest war games available on Android in 2019. With the recently introduced Google Play Pass subscription, you will enjoy a series of 5 best warrior games Android 2021 without irritating ads or in-app purchases.

1. Frontline Command: D-Day

Frontline Commando: D-Day is one of the simplest war games of 2019 to start with. The sequel to the first, Frontline Commando, this simulation takes place within the setting of World War II. The incredible graphics of yesteryear at the console level and thus the elegant touch controls make this a shocking war-themed third-person shooter. The sport features real life weapons and even places like Utah and Omaha beaches are modeled exactly like real places.

There are more than 100 levels and they are difficult. All of those factors together make the sport attractive and with the right amount of resistance. It is a highly recommended game, although you like third-person shooter games, and not necessarily just warm games.

2. Brothers in Arms 3

The original Brother in Arms was among Game loft's simplest games. The third iteration, as you might expect, is an action-packed simulation, but it's mostly described as an arcade shooter. The mobile version cannot really be compared to the PC version. But it is a nice first person shooter game for your Android. There's not much story-wise during this one, but if you enjoy mindless shooter action, the third game in the installment is still decent.


Most importantly, it is an action packed shooter that is only 62MB as of the latest version. The missions are linear, but they need some variety to make sure players don't get bored. So it is suitable for many Android smartphone, not just flagships.

3. Great Medieval Battles:

Wars have not always been fought with weapons you recognize. If you like war games but not so much modern warfare, this might be the sport for you. Great Battles Medieval can be a historical strategy title with quasi-RTS game play. It takes place during the Hundred Year Wars and has many skirmishes along with a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode.

The combat system is what makes the sport fun to play and even watch. The battles are fast, so you must use the time you have efficiently. While fighting AI soldiers and horsemen, you'll pause the game to give your units instructions to maneuver to high positions. After each battle, you will improve the troops and their skills. The experience gained usually improves your stats.

This is a must-have game for fans of historical titles like Total War. These are my battlefields. And that I will fight for my men, for my king and for my country ". Now available on all Android devices.

This is the Hundred Years War. Every man must stand tall. Every man's mettle will be tested. But among all men there are leaders, there are those who will not be intimidated. Are you capable of being that leader? During this epic strategy RPG, you will guide your army through the best of medieval wars and bring history to life again.

Free-form mission map that allows players to make a decision about when and where to fight within a historical framework. Over 20 different units all precisely researched and painstakingly modeled in astonishing detail. Almost infinite number of kit combinations. Specialize your squads with over 100 unique abilities. Play because English under Edward. Innovative battle card system that provides bonuses and penalties in battle.

4. World in arms:

It should come as no surprise to find out another Game loft game on the list. The company creates some of the simplest war games on Android, or just mobile games in general. Although the name suggests a war-type setting, World at Arms is about the United States fighting a terrorist group called the KRA. It's a base-building strategy title with a split-screen combat system that can be refreshing for most people.

You can control the positioning and placement of the unit and also use special weapons like missiles. That just means that even enemy missiles will attack you, but you will eliminate them to reduce the damage to your troops. Leveling up your base unlocks more special weapons such as an air strike, a nuclear strike, an explosive projectile, etc. However, hardcore war strategy players may not find the split-screen style very appealing. This is often one of the 5 best warrior games Android 2021 with amazing game play.

5. Army of Heroes:

With the motto "Fight, destroy and defend", the Army of Heroes is a web strategy and action simulation for Android. Since you play against real people, you have to defeat many enemies. Your motive is to train your army to defend your base against potential enemies who come to capture your base. Meanwhile, you will even try to create a robust outpost territory to defend your base and conquer the planet. These are some of the 5 best warrior games Android 2021 that you should check out.

Company of Heroes is the critically acclaimed and enduringly popular WWII game that redefined real-time strategy with a compelling combination of fast-moving campaigns, dynamic combat environments, and advanced squad-based tactics.

He runs two crack companies of yank soldiers and leads an intense campaign within the European Theater of Operations beginning with the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Designed and optimized for Android, Company of Heroes features an intuitive interface for rapid execution of advanced tactics in real time in the heat of battle. Here ends our list of the 5 best warrior games Android 2021 available for Android users on the Google Play Store.

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