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Top 5 best apps all women should have Android 2021

 Here we list you Top 5 best apps all women should have Android 2021!

Lose weight at home- Home workout in 30 days

A slim body not only look amazing but also keep you health and stay fit for long. Research proved that a balanced weight leads to a better lifestyle and healthy well being. A body with perfect weight and no obesity is very important for women as well. But in taking care of family, home, job, husband, kids, they often forget to take care of themselves and put on some weights. Pregnancy is the other reason that makes women more prone to obesity. Thus a women need to set up a regular workout schedule to keep their weight under control. A proper app that helps in regulating daily workout schedule is the best way to keep women fit and healthy. For this reason, we present you the best app that will help women to do workout and stay fit.

This is best app that a women should have Android 2021. It was designed by Simple Design Ltd. These Lose weight at home- Home workouts in 30 days has been downloaded, installed, and trusted by more than 50 million users and is rated great on Google play store. This app for women has more than 708 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. The Lose weight at Home – Home workout in 30 days app is known to focus on scientific workouts and thus help every women to lose their weight fast and in safe way. Along with workouts, it also aims in substituting the daily diet with healthy diet thus accelerate the weight lose.

This app for weight loss is specially designed for every women to lose weight in not only fast but safe mode. This app will show its result in just 30 days. Along with systemic workouts, this app also aims in incorporating diet plans at your disposal. Even researches have proved that the scientific workouts in this app is helpful in improving health and fitness.

This app will also provide you the feature of Google Fit where you can keep you calories and workout data synchronized. All you need is stick with one program and this app will transform your body in better one that you never ever imagined.

You can get this fitness app directly from the Google play store. All you need is to simply visit the Google play store page in your Android device. Now in the search bar available on the top of the Google play store, type Lose weight at home- Home workout in 30 Days and hit the download button beside the app. Get this fitness app downloaded and installed in your system. Once you get this app in your device, enjoy being fit and healthy.

In this app for women fitness, you will get the workout plans for butt, arm, abdominal and leg workouts thus will help you lose your extra weight and will help you get in your perfect shape of your body. In this app, you will also get the feature of guidance with the help of videos and animations and thus make you sure that you are doing the right exercise.

All the exercises available in this app requires no equipment and will provide you best exercise results with their scientifically proven exercises. In this app, you can perform all the exercises easily following the guidance using videos and animation and do your workouts at home or anywhere at any time.

With this app, you will also get the feature to track your lose in weight and this app will track your weight loss progress in graphs and will also provide you the feature to clearly count your calories. For the self encouragement, in this app you will get the feature where you can set the targets. As this app keep increasing your exercise every day and will increase the intensity of the exercise as you progress every step, so you should not forget to take breath every third day thus help you body to take rest and adjust with the new schedule.

This great app for fitness will provide you the feature to track your weight loss progress. It will also track the calories that you have burned while in the workout session. With this app, you will get the access to low calories diet plans. With the video and animated guidance, you will never get distract from your goal and will do the right exercise always. This app will not bore you with single exercise, instead will provide you various workouts. This app will increase the intensity of the exercises gradually thus help your body to get adjust with the new routine.

This app is perfect for those who are looking for fitness app as this app will help you lose your weight at fast pace and in safe mode. Every women should have this app!

Women Fashion suit Photo editor

The trend of fashion is more seen in women. Also, they love dressing up in unique way and look most gorgeous. But it is not possible to buy all the outfits. So here we bring you a app that will fulfil your dream to wear every type of dress and get the picture of you in that dress without even spending a penny. In this app, all you need is to simple select your best picture, get it dress in your favourite outfit and save the picture in your gallery.

This app has more than 5 million and best for those who love seeing themselves in best outfits.

Period tracker for women. Ovulation calculator

Wachanga designed this app for women that help them track their menstrual cycle, menstruation, fertility, pms, and irregular periods.

Urbanic – women fashion shopping online

Women are known to spend lots of their salary in fashion accessories, cloths, and shopping. So here we present you a great shopping app that will let them shop from their heart and with great offers, it will help them save also.

Women hairstyle photo editor

Women also love seeing themselves in different hairs and hairstyle, but hesitate to try all. So this app will help them check different hairstyles.   

The bottom line

So these are Top 5 best apps all women should have Android 2021!

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