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Top 5 best apps with more than billion downloads Android 2021

 With increase craze for smart phones, and Android devices, there is increase in downloads of several apps. Android applications are actually the soul of Android smart devices. With apps, these devices are use less. These are apps whether it is gaming apps or some utility apps, they make the Android devices useful.

With this apps, you can only use Android devices in playing your favourite games, checking news updates, weather updates, paying bills and other payments, for entertainment purpose, connecting with friends and family, video calling your closed ones, messaging, navigating the unknown paths, and many more.

You can get these apps directly from the Google play store. Google play store is one stop destination for all Android users who are looking for some app whether it is utility purpose app or for entertainment purpose app. You need to simply visit the Google play store home page. In the search bar available on the top of the page, search for the requires app. The Google play store will take you to the page with the list of apps that you are looking for. Now search for the best app with highest rating or use other filers as per your need. Press the download button available beside the app. Now get that app downloaded and installed in your syste,.

Basically apps are the actual soul that makes the Android phone useful in real sense. Some apps has already crossed more than 1 billion downloads. Here in this guide, we list you some of these apps with more than billion downloads Android 2021.  

Top 5 best apps with more than billion downloads Android 2021

Given below are best apps with more than billion downloads Android 2021:


The first app that comes in our list is Google. This app is designed by Google LLC and it has been trusted by more than 5 billion users. It is best app with more than billion downloads Android 2021.

Google is now becoming basic demand for every person. Now with more data from telecom companies, approach to Google is now in hand of even every kid. Whether we have to search for any term want to translate something, Google is always ready for your help. Google is helpful in search anything from recipes to medicinal treatment. This application is helpful in finding quick answers, staying up to date with the news happening all around the world, and exploring your interest.

Now this app is also providing the feature of voice search where you can use your voice in searching anything from electronic items to traditional dances. Just simply say what you want to ask and the Google will answer you.

This app will not answer you what you ask but will also keep you informed about the things you are interest in. This app will regularly give you updates and news on the topics you are interested in. Google will keep you informed about the things that actually matters to you.

In this app, you will get the option to quickly find any answer, stay up to date with the things important in your life, and explore more with your interest. The more you use this Google app, more you will learn, and better this app will get.

The Google app will not only keep you informed about the things happening in worldwide but will also help you search for your local restaurants and shops nearby you.

With this app, you can easily get live sports scores and schedules and it will also keep you informed with movie casts, times, and reviews. The Google is full with entertaining videos and images and is perfect destination for those who have more interest in news, stock information, and many more. Anything that you want, it is available in this app.

With Google, now you will get personalized updates as well. This app will keep you updated about the things that matters to you and you are interested in. In this app, you can check the weather updates in the morning and learn about all the top news occurring all around the world. This app will also provide you updates on movies, sports, and other events. With this app, you can stay updated for the new album dropped by your favourite artists. It will let you get access to the stories you are interested in and will help you follow interesting topics right from your search results.

Get this app now. In the case when you are having poor connection or other connection issues, this app will answer you as soon as you reconnect ith the network. Also, it will automatically optimize the results in order to improve loading on bad connections.


Messages is another app by Google LLC having more than 1 billion users on Google play store. It is highly rated messaging app that provides you an easy to use app for sending quick messages.

This app will also provide you the chat feature where you can send and receive messages over internet data or wifi. Also, this app allows you to send multimedia messages like images and videos in high quality.

With its clean, comfortable, and intuitive design, this app offers the faster communication. Using the dark mode feature, you can chat even in low light condition comfortable.

Google Maps – Navigate and explore

Whenever we got stuck in any new place, the first app that comes in our mind is taking help from Google maps. This app is also designed by Google LLC and has more than 5 billion users. This app will provide you the feature of real time GPS navigation. Not only help you in emergency conditions but will also help you by suggesting food, events, and other activities nearby you.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media app having more than 1 billion users on Google play store. This app will help you stay connected with the society around you and will keep you updated for news, sports, entertainment, politics, and many more.


Whether you are a big industrialist or running a small company, the tool that will help you a most is Gmail. It will help you send and receive emails and will manage them.

The bottom line

So these are Top 5 best apps with more than billion downloads Android 2021!

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