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Top 5 best business financial management apps Android 2021

 Having a own business is not less than trophy in this world full of competition. The time of monopoly in any business has gone far back. Now every business demands for much efforts and time in order to run your business successfully in the market full of competition.

While running any business, you will need to pay much attention to your work and the strategies adopted by your competitors to attract customers. Also, you will need to invest your time in planning for the best business strategies in order to allure more and more customers.

Doing so much work and planning strategies to run the business successfully, often the business man lacks time for financial management. Managing the finance part, making bill book, credit book, debit book, etc is actually craving much of the time of businessmen.

But, if there is app to manage all such financial activities, the businessmen will get the time to invest more of its time and efforts in planning the strategies for his or her business.

So here we list you best business financial management apps Android 2021. With these apps, you can leave your financial work of your business on them and incorporate your efforts and time in planning the strategies and tactics to allure and attract more and more customers.

Here we bring you top 5 best business financial management apps Android 2021 in order to reduce your work load and handling all your business related financial work. Leave your business related financial tensions on us and make more efforts in attracting more and customers.

Top 5 best business financial management apps Android 2021

Given below are top 5 best business financial management apps Android 2021:

Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata, Credit Ledger Account

This is best business financial management app Android 201. It was designed by Khatabook Business Apps. Tis app for business financial management has been downloaded, installed, and trusted by more than 10 million users and this app is rated great on Google play store. The Khata book Udhar Bahi kahat, credit ledger account app for business financial management by Khata book business app has more than 357 thousand reviews on Google play store and several positive reviews right there.

With this app, you will get the replacement for your traditional udhar bahi khata in the form of ledger cash book. The app is trustworthy, 100% safe and secure and you can download this app for free of cost. In order to download this khata book app, you will need to simply visit the Google plays tore home page. There type Khata book Udhar Bahi kahat, credit ledger account app by Khata book business app in the search bar available at the top of the Google play store home page. The app will show you the list of this app and other similar app helpful in managing the finance of your business. Hit the download button available next to the app and get this pap downloaded and installed in your system. Once you get this khatabook installed in your device, now you will get the easy replacement for your traditional khata book and can get your finance related business work done without many efforts.

This app business financial management is 100% safe, secure and free of cost and is suitable for all business types in order to maintain their customer’s account. You can consider this app as tally for your Android smart phone device. It helps the shopkeepers to record credit and debit transaction for their trusted customers. With this app, they will also get the feature t accept digital payment through QR code at store or will also help you accept payment online just by sharing payment links with customers.               

This financial management app for business is ranked as number 1 app on Google play store to manage fiancé related work and replace the offline udhar bahi khata and will help you transform it into a ledger cash book with a lot of great features.

This app will help you accept payment via CC/ DC? Wallets. In this app, there is also feature available for automatic and secure online backups. The single app will help you manage more than one shops and it will also help you download your customers’ PDF report. The app by Khatabook app will secure your account book using App lock. Also, you can use this app to set payment reminder data for your customer.

With this app, you can add your customer to this khata book and then can edit his or her information. The app will help you add transaction done by customers. Also, this app will help you edit the old transaction from your account book. Get this app and make your business related financial work easy!

Money manager expense and budget

Realbyte Inc designed this another best business financial management app Android 2021. With more than 10 million downloads, this app is rated great on  Google play store and is also ranked ass editor’s choice right there. The app has more than 270 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. This app will provide you best platform for financial planning, personal finance management and expense tracking app!

OKCredit - Udhar Bahi kahata app, credit ledger

With this business financial management app for Android device, you will get the option to manage your business easily. The app for financial management will help you manage you credit (Shop Udhar khata) and ledger account (khatabook).

Monefy – Budget Manager and expense Tracker app

Aimbity As designed this great business financial management app Android 2021. The app has more than 5 million users and  is rated as editor’s choice app on Google play store. With this app, you will get an efficient and easy budget app and expense tracker for managing your money.

Vyapar app – Invoicing, GST, billing, Inventory, Accounting

With more than 5 million users, the vyapar app will help you in billing and invoice. It will provide you great accounting appm bill book, app for Ivnetory management and GST.

Final words

So these are top 5 best business financial management app Android 2021!


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