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Top 5 best lite apps Android 2021

 Whether you are using Facebook or Instagram, you need to have their original app in order to get the best experience. These platforms will not give the best result when used in browser. The platforms has provided a special app for its users to get the best ever experience.

Having the app is no big deal for those who are having good RAM and great memory in their phone. But people with low budgeted phone or having less memory and lower RAM do not afford to install these heavy-weighted apps. Also, those who are running out of Internet data cannot afford to download and install these heavy weighted apps.

So in order to provide such users with less Internet data and low budgeted phone with less memory can go with lite apps. These lite apps are lighter version of above mentioned apps that have the feature to provide the similar experience. The only difference is that they are light weighted and requires less space in compare to get downloaded in installed in any device.

These days the lite apps are becoming mainstream on the Google play store. Almost every popular app have launched their lite apps version for lower end devices.                             

These apps are good for those who are having poor Internet speed, less memory, and lower RAM. Also, those having less battery life should opt for these lite apps as they eats less power.

Those who are holding low end devices should go for lite apps as they are light weighted, will take less memory, run smooth on lower Ram, and will last for more time with less battery consumption.

In the case when you are using a device with less memory and lower Ram, you should opt for Lite app as they will not only run smooth on your  device but will consume less battery and less space and thus allows you to do more thing with your device. In the case when you go for original app, then you might not able to install more apps. Also, your device will start hanging in between and will provide you really bad experience instead of good experience.

Though the original app can give the best experience only but in low end device, instead of giving good experience, the phone starts hanging in between and thus poor performance. While these lite apps with their light weighted version gives the equivalent amazing experience and will keep you phone run smooth.                       

In order to download the lite version app, all you need is to open the Google play store. Whether you are having high budgeted phone or a low end device, every Android device will provide you access to Android play store or Google play store. Open the play store app, there you will see a search bar present at the top of the home screen. In the search bar, type the name of the lite app you want to install. The Android play store will present you with the list of your searched lite app and similar apps. Now select the app that matches your needs the most. After this, press the download button available next to your searched app. The Android play store will automatically download and install the lite app in your device. Once you get the app in your device, enjoy the similar experience of that platform using the lighter version of the app and have fun.

Here we are presenting you top 5 best lite apps Android 2021 that will provide you the similar experience in the lighter version that will suites bets for the low end devices.

Best lite apps Android 2021

Given below are top 5 best lite apps Android 2021 :

Facebook Lite

This is best lite app Android 2021 for the Facebook app. The app was designed by Facebook. This facebook lite app has been downloaded and installed by more than 1 billion users and is rated great on Google play store. This lighter version for  Facebook app has more than 17 million reviews on Google play store and several positive reviews right there. This lighter version for Facebook app will use less data and will work well in every internet condition.

This app has feature to provide the best and similar experience of Facebook as in original Facebook app and will run well in lower end device without causing it to hang in between.

The Facebook lite app will allow you to make new friends, post status, see what’s going on in your friend’s life, share your latest pictures, get notified when any of your friend like or comment on your picture, search for social events, make plans to meet friends, chat with them, and many more as in original facebook app.

Instagram Lite

This is a lite version of Instagram app Android 2021 that will provide you the similar experience of the Instagram as in original app. With more than 10 million downloads, this lite app is rated great on Android play store. This lite version of Instagram app will use less data and has feature to perform well even in poor internet connectivity.

You can use this app as like you use the Instagram original app. The only difference is it will use less data and thus may provide you a little bit low quality but overall you will get the best performance even in lower end device with poor internet connection.

Twitter Lite

Twitter, Inc designed this lite version of twitter app. With this app, you will get the world news, politics, entertainment, and many more highlights in lighter version.     

Spotify Lite

If you are a spotify fan but not having enough space to install the original spotify app, then go for this lighter version of spotify. This will work similarly even in poor connectivity and less space.

LinkedIn Lite: easy Job search, jobs, and networking

LinkedIn is great platform for job searching and networking but requires more space. In case when you want it  in your device with low storage, go for lite version app.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best lite apps Android 2021!   

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