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Top 5 best connect the dots game apps Android 2021

 Who in the world do not like playing puzzle game? And, one of the best puzzle games is connect the dots game. It is most popular time pass game where the user needs to connect the dots in order to create a structure, drawing, or any connection for the flow.

Do you love also playing the connect the dots game? If yes, then article is for you. Today here in this guide, we are listing you top 5 bets connect the dots game apps Android 2021.

The connect the dots games we are listing below will allow you to connect different dots I order to create the free flow or to join some connection or pipe lines. With these connect the dot games listed below; you will get the chance to discover the new dimensions. In these game apps, you will get the feature t wrap paths across the board. The games listed below will require you to match the dots of matched colors with the pipes in order to create a flow.

The rules in these connect the dots given below are simple and you just need to pair the similar colors and cover the entire board in order to solve this puzzle game. Some of the games might look simple but are challenging to complete. In the case when you connect two different colors and if the pipe cross of overlap, it will break leading you lose the puzzle game.  

These games are easy to play. You will simply need to connect the dots of similar color. Make sure none of the pipe line overlaps as it may lead to breakage of the pipes and eventually you will lose the game.

Most of the connect the dots games listed below, the game play is simple yet amazing and you will enjoy the intuitive control, amazing graphics, and entertaining puzzles. With these game apps, you will enjoy the clean user interface and will allow you to easily start the game.

The simple levels of these connect the dots puzzle games are relaxing while the difficult levels will open all the windows of your brain and will provide the best exercise to your brain.

You don’t even need to have the internet connection in order to play these puzzle games. There is need for data or internet in order to download and installing this game. After the completion of downloading and installation, you will get the feature to play the game without even the need for the internet connection. All the below listed games support offline play and you can enjoy your connect the dots puzzle offline without any need for the internet.

The colors used in these puzzle games are contrasting and bright giving great visibility to the users. The games listed below also have the feature of hints that will help you in the case when you unable to solve the puzzle. We never doubt your intelligence, but in the case when you got stuck in between the puzzle, the hints option in these puzzle games will help you solve the entire puzzle and thus cross the level.

All these connect the dots puzzle games are easy to download and you can get all these games directly from the Google play store. The Google play store is a store app for the Android users where they can download and install any of their preferred games and apps directly.

You are also allowed to download any of the below listed connect the dots game apps Android 2021 right from the Google play store at no cost. In order to download these games, simply open you Google play store. In the search bar there, type the name of the connect the dots game app and hit the enter button. The play store app will show you your searched connect the dot puzzle game and the list of similar puzzle games. Compare their features and select the best form that puzzle list. Now press the download button in order to get that puzzle app downloaded and installed in your system. The Google play store will automatically download and install your preferred connect the dots puzzle game app.

Here we are listing top 5 best connect the dots puzzle game apps Android 2021 that will allow you to relax playing he puzzles or have good brain exercise.

 Top 5 best connect the dots puzzle game apps Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best connecting the dots puzzle games that will allow you playing your favorite puzzle right in your Android device?

Flow free

This best connect the dots game apps Android 2021 where you will get simple yet addictive puzzle game. Simply connect the similar colored dos in this game app and enjoy.            

Connect the Dots- Color Connect- Color line

You will require connecting dots in this fun puzzle game app. Here you can enjoy more than 100 free connect the dots puzzle games.

Flows free- Connecting Points

The connect the dots game app Android 2021 mentioned here will provide you with the logical puzzle game where all you need is to simply connect the points. Though the game sounds simple, but in actual they are challenging. It is easy to play and learn the way to play these games but require much of your efforts to master in these games.

Connect pipelines

In this best connect the dots puzzle game Android 2021; you will need to connect the pipes with the appropriate colors. The game will provide you with an interesting puzzle game where you need to connect similar colored pipes in order to create the connection.

Flow free: wraps

In this puzzle connect the dots game app Android 2021; you will get the feature to play through hundreds of levels. The levels in these game apps ranges from simple and relaxed to challenging, frenetic, and complicated and you are allowed to choose the level you want to play in.        

The bottom line

SO these are top 5 best connect the dots game apps Android 2021!


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