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Top 5 best game apps for Kids Android 2021

 It is quite common to see kids using the Android smart phones. Kids these are no more interested in outdoor activities and they love more using the smart Android device.

Mummies and parents are also taking help from smart Android devices in order to keep their kids busy. Also, it is reported that kids these days are making fuss while eating food in the case when they are not provided with Android device.  

Android devices are becoming essential for the mummies in order to keep their kids busy and behave the way they want. But there is need to ensure what things your kid is accessing on Smart device.

As they are in their young age, they need to be provided with the stuffs that are good for their mental health. Action or violence related stuffs may impact negatively on your kid’s mind and thus hamper their mental development. If you are giving your kid smart phone to play, make sure he or she is playing the game that is suitable for his/ her age group. Make sure your kids are not in something like violence or adult content.

So in order to keep your kids busy and entertained, here we bring you top 5 best games apps for kids Android 2021 that are suitable according to their age and will impact positively in their mental growth.    

The games we are going to list in this guide are educational games or games to relax your kids. These games are specially designed for kids and will keep them engaged, entertained, along with making them learn new things.

Kids are immature, they don’t know what stuff is good for them while which stuff is not. It is your responsibility that your baby is surfing healthy contents only that impacts positively. Violence or other adult type content can impact negatively on your kid’s mind. Adult content may make them learn abusive words, spread violence in schools, and may develop bad addictive habits in them. But the good content will help them have better mental growth, more concentration in studies, excellent results, and ultimate progress.

The game apps we are listing this guide for kids offers only good content to your baby and thus will leave positive effect on your baby’s mind. With these games, the baby will start learning fast, they will have better mental growth, and these games will help them develop good lifestyle.

For all working mummies who are not having time to pay as attention on their kids as they needs should try these game apps to enhance the mental health of their kids. With these games, they can keep their kids busy in surfing good stuffs, and they can do the work peacefully that their kids are learning in fun way.

You can easily download any of these kids’ game apps directly from the Google play store. All you need is to simply open the Android play store in your Android device. There you will see a search bar at the top of the home screen in Google play store. Now type the name of the game that you want for your kid in the search bar and hit Enter. The Google play store will present you the list of your desired game and similar games for kids. In order to download the desired game for your kid, simply press the download button available next to the game. After this, the Android play store will automatically download and install the game app in your device. Once installed, you can allow your kid to play with that earning content anytime, anywhere.

So to help you, here we are listing top 5 best game apps for kids Android 2021 that will keep your baby busy, entertained, and learning along with fun.

Top 5 best game apps for kids Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best game apps for kids Android 2021 that will enhance the mental health of your kids, will increase their learning capacity, as well as concentration thus make them more intelligent and smart. Have any of the following games for kids Android 2021 and keep your baby busy in learning creative and good stuff.

Piano Kids- Music and songs

This is best musical game for kids where they ca learn playing the instruments, sounds, and wonderful songs. 

Masha and the bear Child game

This is best game app for kids Android 2021. This kid’s game was designed by Hippo Kids games. The masha and the bear child game app has been downloaded and installed by more than 50 million users and is rated great on Google play store. This game app has more than 308 thousand users and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this game, you can take your kid on the adventurous ride with mash and misha. In this game app, your kid will get the access to 13 different mini games. Here they can enjoy playing and talking with masha with the genuine phrases from the cartoons.

The masha and misha games will introduce your kid to different learning games and all the games here are based on masha and the bear cartoon series.

Baby Games for 2, 3, 4  year old toddlers

With more than 10 million downloads, the bebi family games: free and educational for toddlers designed this great kid’s game Android 2021. It is rated great and is teacher approved game for your toddler baby. With this game app, you will get 15 educational games that will keep your baby busy and learning with fun.

Kids Educational Game 3 Free

PescAPPs designed this another great game for kids Android 2021. The game app will provide you access to 12 different educational games that are fun for toddlers and they will learn animals, numbers, paints, puzzle etc alongside.

Brick game

Perseus Games designed this grea kid’s game app Android 2021. With this game, you can provide your baby with collection of best arcade games for the most famous console of the 90s.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best game apps for kids Android 2021. 


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