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Top 5 Best Life simulator game apps Android 2021

 Simulation games is considered as one of the most popular and expensive game genres these days. The popularity of simulation games is increasing these days because of their interesting game play. People love playing more and more different type of simulation games.

The craze of simulation game has increased in Android smart phone as well. In the Android play store, now people can search for different type of simulation games including tractor simulator, farming simulator, doctor simulator, and many more.

One such popular simulator game is Life simulation games. The trend of life simulation game is increasing as here users enjoy their growth from zero to hero. Most of the games help the users learn different life experience. Along with fun, these games also encourage people in indirect way to work hard and thus gain achievement in the life.  

In this guide, today we are listing top 5 best life simulation game apps Android 2021. These games are not only easy to play but are going to be great fun for you. The game play in these simulation games is highly engaging and some of these game can last even for years.

We can define this simulation game as a kind of thing that happens automatically and all you need is to push the thing in certain direction with your good decision.

With these simulation games that we have listed below, you will get the option to simulate anything virtually. It is quite difficult to list the top 5 best life simulation games as all of the life simulation games are interesting and have high fun level. Still we are picking up the top from those life sims game and listing the best from the Android play store.

In some of the life simulator games, you will get the role of a person who with his hardwork and dedication achieve all the goals in his life an dbecome the successful business man in the world. While some will provide you the role to become the successful hotel manager or hotel owners. You will need to start working in nay hotel, and then in the last become the owner of the hotel with your hard work and dedication, build more hotel, and expand your brand throughout the world.

Most of the life simulator games will take you on the journey from poor to billionaire and you can categorize these games as poor games and rich games. These life simulator games will make you choose the business type that you want making billions in and then work hard to achieve your goal. Prove the world that you are having talent and with your talent, turn yourself from poor to the poplar billionaire in the world.     

The games of life simulation that we are listing here are all free to play. You can get these games easily from the play store app and play these game easily. There is no need to learn playing this game. Simply use some strategies that you want to use in order to live your life, get success in the life. Work hard, take smart decisions and achieve the best in your virtual life and wish the same in your real life as well. 

These games are easy to play and you can download any of the life simulation game easily from the Google play store app. All the Android apps provide the feature of Google play store where the users can get the games and apps for their android device. In order to download the life simulator game, simply launch the play store app in your Android device. Now in the search bar at the top of the home page of the Google play store, type the name of the life simulation game that you want to download and hit the enter button. The play store app will show you your search life simulation game along with the list of similar life simulation game apps. Press the download button beside the life simulation game that you want in your Android device. After this, the play store app by Google will automatically download and install the game app in your device and let you play it any time when you wish.

So given below are the top 5 best life simulation game apps Android 2021 that will let you play and enjoy the virtual life that you actually want to live.

Top 5 best life simulation game apps Android 2021

Here is the list of top 5 best life simulation game apps Android 2021 that will let you live the successful virtual life that you actually want to live and we wish you have the successful real life as well.

The Sims FreePlay

With more than 100 million users, this life simulator game app has high rating son Google play store. In this game, you will get the role of Sims, and you will get the chance to create and personalize every aspect of the Sims life with your decisions.

BitLife- Life Simulator

Candywriter designed this life simulator game app Android 2021. Here in this game, you can control your virtual life and decide what should happen in your life.

Idle Life Sim- Simulator game

This is another great life simulator game app  Android 2021 by Codigames. Thisagme allows you to choose your career, start a new life, and personalize your life the way you want.

From Zero to Hero: Cityman

This is best life simulation game app Android 2021 by Healtherglade Publishing. With more than 5 million users, this life simulation game is rated best on Google play store. Here in this game, you will get the role of an unemployed person without money and home who will need to work hard in order to build the career and climb up the corporate market with your strategies.

Hobo World- Life simulator

This life simulator will make you live the life of the tramp. With your decision, survive, save money, and rise above the crowd.

The bottom line

SO these are top 5 best life simulator game apps Android 2021!

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