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Top 5 best video editor apps Android 2021

 The smart phones of this generation are even capable to shoot like a DSLR and are having similar picture quality as well. With such a good quality camera for video recording, people or we can say the beginners are using their smart phones for recording professional type videos. Using the smart phone for recording professional type videos make the user need for smart video recorder apps as well. Since people/ youngsters or those who are having similar passion as professional video recorders are using smart phone as their tool for recording videos, it is no surprise that there is increase in demand for smart video editor apps.

The video editor apps are those that are used by the professionals to enhance the quality of the video as well as to do some editing like video cutting, video merging, and many more. So for such video recorder professionals, here we are bringing top 5 best video editor apps Android 2021.

Since youngsters are using their Android phone as main tool for several work and it is also a convenient option to carry the simple Android phone and do several work. Recording the video using the DSLR camera of your smart Android phone and edit that video to the pro level using the smart video editing Android apps is best for all beginner level professional video recorders.

If you want your career in the field of professional type video recording, your smartphone with good quality camera is going to help you a lot. In the case when you are not having a good quality camera, no worries, still you can at least use the smart video editing app to edit the video recorder from any other tool.

The video editor apps we are listing below will help you enhance the quality of the video along with many more video editing features like video cutting, video merging, and many more.

Though there is availability of large number of video editing professional type software both paid and free on PC and the variety of these video editor apps is comparatively low in Android smart phones. Still, users are preferring video editor application on Android smart phones unless you are high level professional video recorder because of the convenience to use the Android smart phone.

Whether you are a YouTuber, instagram reel maker, video maker for facebook, messenger, or any other different platform, the video editing apps listed below are going to help you in creating professional looking videos.

Using the video editing apps listed below, you will get the feature to edit your video using the music and several more effects. Using the music and effects, users will get the chance to enhance the quality of their videos. Also, some apps listed below will help you cut your video, merge it with any other video piece and several more video editing features.

The video editor apps listed below are actually providing you with the free to use movie maker and thus are providing you the facility to create your videos easily for different platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Messenger, facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, and many more.        

Not only video editor, the apps will also provide you the feature of video creator. Using these apps, you can create videos using several amazing effects and then edit your videos with music and pictures and make it best for your Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

You can easily get these video editor apps from the Google play store. In order to download these video editor app, simply visit the home page of the Android play store in your Android smart phone. In the search bar at the top of the home page, make the search for your desired video editor app and hit the Enter button. The play store app will show you your desired searched video editing app along with the list of similar apps. Now select the best video editing app on the basis of ratings and reviews. Press the download button next to your desired video editing app. After this, the play store will automatically download and install the video editing app for you.

Here are top 5 best video editor apps Android 2021 for your professional use.

 Top 5 best video editor apps Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best video editor apps Android 2021:

Video editor and Video maker- InShot

 This is great video editor app Android 2021 to enhance the quality of your video. With this app, you will get the feature to use effects, edit video with music, trim video, crop video, merge video, and many more.

VideoShow Video editor, video Maker, Photo editor

With more than 100 million users, this video editing app will provide the feature of video merger and joiner as well. The video cutter and splitter feature in these apps will help you cut or trim your video to the desired length and then using the video merger, combine several video clips to make the video that you want.

KineMaster- Video editor, video maker

It has more than 100 million users and has best rating as video editor app. With this video editor app, you will get the video editing features like cut video, crop video, trim video, merge video, edit video with YouTube, edit video with music, add stickers in video, add text/ title in the video, and many more.

PowerDirector- video editor app

This app will provide you with variety of video editing features like cut, crop, merge, copy, paste, reverse, and many more. You with these apps will get the feature to edit your video with music, with transitions, combine video clips, make video longer, and many more.

YouCut- video editor and video maker

It is another great video editor app Android 2021. The app will provide you the feature of adding text, aspect ratio, filters, merger, and cutter for your video.   

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best video editor apps Android 2021!


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