Top 8 top India Bollywood movies of all the times

 These days the craze of web series and Hollywood shows in increasing but still cannot beat the craze of bollywood masala movies. Though people are appreciating the taste of Hollywood and web series new contents but have not forgotten the delights of bollywood movies.

The bollywood movies are mostly produced from Mumbai and are known to have masala content that the people of India love. From this bollywood industry, many actors become superstar and gain much popularity. This industry have produced many cinema’s most extravagant and spectacular movies ranging from the awe inspiring and colourful movies to hyper real world movies from the parallel world and something in between.

Whether you are a action lover or love seeing the romantic and relaxing movie, or for those who loves Indian comedy, bollywood is having something for all.

Here in this guide, we are listing users with top 8 best Indian bollywood masala movies of all the time that you should watch. So let’s get started

Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

The DDLG is one of the most popular hit and typical love story of Indian cinema starring shahrukh khan and Kajol. This is the movie behind the successful chemistry of the stars and it is the top hit for both of their career.

The movie moves around the man, Raj (shahrukh khan) who travels from the Landon all the way to Punjab with a quest to win over the hand of his love, Simran (Kajol). Raj and simran met by chance while the Europe tour and later they fall for each other.

The only trouble in the movie is that the father of simran had already arranged her marriage with his friend’s son in Punjab and thus was against the love marriage of simran. But with his love and passion, Raj in the last succeed to convince the father of the simran (Amrish Puri) to give her hand and agree for their marriage.    

3 idiots

3 idiot is best movie of the Indian cinema showing the hilarious satire of the poorly designed education system and the adolescence. The movie keeps taunting on the education system where the talent is not respected, the thing that is respected is the scores and the performance in exam.

This movie shows how the educations system instead of targeting on enhancing the talent, are encouraging students to mug up more and perform well in the exam. They are not preparing the student to face the real world challenges instead making them face the challenges of exams only.

The story moves around 3 friends with different interest and different family conditions. The main cast in this movie is Aamir khan who makes his friends and even teachers realize that the talent will win. Only mugging up will end in limit success while the learning with interest and passion will help them to do something big in the life. In the last, Phonsukh wangdoo (Amir khan) was having no engineering degree but had talent that makes him win over the degree holder, chattur.       


Sholey is all time  favourite hit of bollywood having everything in it from romance, comedy to action. The story shows the friendship of jai and veeru (Amitabh bacchan and Dharmendar). In the movie, you will love watching the friendship of jai and veeru, how they help the thakur in arresting gabbar, but in the last, jai lost his life in order to save veeru. 

The movie is worthful to watch as here you will get comedy, romance, and action all in one movie. 

Mother India

It is 20th centaury hit movie showing the struggle of single mother. The movie shows hot the mother struggles in order to raise her kids despite of their poverty. The story in this movie moves around the lady, Radha, who struggles hard to raise up her kids while opposing Sukhilal, a greedy moneylender.

The movie shows that radha faced many struggles and hurdles but still she refused to sacrifice her integrity.   


Lagaan movie takes viewers to the time of the British raj. The story is about the farmer namely bhuvan who accepts the challenge from the Captain Andrew Russel and beat his team in Cricket game in order to prevent his village from not paying the taxes for the next three years.

It is one of the top hit bollywood movie directed by ashutosh Gowariker and won several awards including Filmfare awards and many more.  

Mugal e azam

Mugal e azam is a bollywood movie on the basis of historic story of salim and anarkali. The story depicts the love story of emperor’s son, Salim, who falls for the beautiful courtesan, Anarkali. Despite of their true love, the emperor or the father decide to break them apart. In the end, the raja only did is kill the anarkali but failed to end their true love.   

Kuch Kuch Hota h

Kuch kuch hota h is a best romantic movie of all the time starring shahrukh khan, kajol, and Rani mukharji. The story begins with the letter of late Tina (Rani mukharjee) to her daughter Anjali on 8th birthday. The movie shows the friendship of Rahul (Shahrukh khan) and Anjali (kajol). Anjali in the movie is first shown as a tom boy with no girlish features. But then a new admission in their collage is of Tina (Rani mukharjee) who is ideally girlish. Rahul fall for tina without understanding the love of anjali for her. This make the anjali feel dejected and she return back to her home.

But after the death of Tina, anjali (daughter of shahrukh khan) tried fixing the remarriage of his father with his best friend anjali (kajol). In the second half, Anjali is shown fully transformed from a tom boy to gorgeous girly girl but engaged. The story shows how the little anjali followed the wish of her late mother and remarried her father with his best friend, anjali.     

OMG- Oh My God

This movie is typical comment on the fake religious people who worships god in front of public and behave like saints but in background do sinful tasks. He movie criticize the business of religion.

The bottom line

SO these are top 8 best bollywood movies of all the time. 



Top 5 best high rated Indian TV serials 2021

 Though there is much increase in the viewers of the web series and many other entertainment shows but the Indian TV serials are still on the top preference of us Indians. People in India still prefer TV serials over Netflix and other web series hub.

Some serials in India has got world wide popularity. Here in this guide, today we are listing you top 5 best high rated Indian TV serials 2021. The TV serials we are listing here are having the highest TRP in their time and are counted under most watched TV serials of all the time.  

The Indian TV channels includes Star plus is known to provide the most of the high TRP TV serials. While other channels like Sony Sab is popular for its Taraak Mehta ka ulta chasma and many more high rated serials. India Idol is another popular serial used to shown on Sony TV. While talking about the most popular and high TRP TV serials, how can one forget about Big boss. It is most popular Indian TV serial from Colors TV.

 Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on these top and high TRP Indian TV serials. So let’s get started:

Taarak Mehta ka ulta chasma

Taarak Mehta ka ulta chasma is highest TRP Indian TV serials ranked number 1 in India. This serial is directed by Dharmesh Mehta, Harshad Joshi, Dheeraj Palshetkar, and Malav Suresh Rajda and written by Abbas Hirapurwala, Rajen Upadhyay, Raju Odedra, Jitendra Parmar, and Niren Bhatt. It is telecasted on Sony Sab Tv and is also present in SONY Liv app.

The story in TMKOC moves around the residents of Gokul Dhaam society. It shows how the society members keeps having fun and quarrel all the times but helps each others in their difficult time. The story depicts how all the society members  lives like a family and face all common, real life challenges and then all together get involved in the sticky situations.

The serials is fun to see and will make you laugh in every episode. All the episodes in this serial are fun based and directed in such a way to make it more funnier. But in the last of every episode, all the viewers with some much fun will also get to learn some new lesson of life.

It is no doubt the best TV serial perfect for family time. It involves everything including Fun, lessons, laughter, and many more but with no abusive words and no controversial scenes. You can simply enjoy this serial with your family, parents, and kids.     


Star plus is known to show highest rating serials and these days anupama is top among all the serials. The story of anupama was given by Namita Vartak and zama Habib and it is telecasted on Star Plus.

The show is known to have the highest ratings among the serials shown on star plus. The story of this Anupama serial shows the story of a lady, Anupama, who sacrifices her goals and ambitions in order to raise her family. But later she feel dejected and fails to get all the credit for the sacrifices and trails she done for her family. All these make her feel much dejected and in last she finally decided t live her own life according to her own dreams.

Also, the husband of this Gujarati homemaker Anupama secretly had affairs and she was used to be humiliated for her incomplete degrees. The cheating by Vanraj, her husband and the humiliation from the family actually makes the Anupama a way more strong and then she decided to stop living for her family instead she start persuading her own life, dreams, and ambitions.        

Indian idol

Pop idol is one of the top singing reality show of the world and Indian idol is its Indian version telecasted on Sony TV. This is highest TRT singing reality shows where the singing contestant talents from all around the India participate and show their talent. And in the last, who survives and prove their talent get the chance to win the tag of Indian idol with lots of awards, gifts, and reputation.

Also, the singers who performed well in this reality shows starts getting offer from music industries to perform and  they get the chance to become popular over night with their singing talent.

This Indian idol show has already their 12 sessions along with 2 Indian Idol Junior sessions. The show along with much popularity also sometimes remains in controversies for the biasness between contestants. It is also accused to show only the poor house holders on TV in order to gain more and more TRP. Despite of so many controversies, this show is still one of the best show formany of the Indian idol fan followings.        

Big boss

Big boss is much controversial still highest TRP show of colors TV. The show is already having 38 seasons and 7 versions. It is an Indian reality TV game show which was produced by Endemol Shine India.

In order to participate in this show, the contestant needs to be celebrity and those with high popularity get the chance to enter the big boss house. Despite of the controversies, people love watching this show. Also, the celebrity who once got into the big boss house starts getting more popularity.

The serial makes all the celebrities to live together in a specially constructed house isolated from the outside world where all the contestants are continuously monitored by the Live camera. They all voted out every week until the last winner stays and the winner wins the cash prize.       

Ye rishta kya kehlata hai 

It is another popular hit by the Star plus. The  story in the starting moves around the housewife Akshara. The show depicts how akshara manage all the challenges of her life and even managed the Singhania’s business when her husband goes under coma for 4 years. Later after the death of the akshara, the story starts revolving around the life of Akshara’s daughter, Naira showing how she manages the challenges of her life. 

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best highly rated Indian TV serials.

Top 5 best business transaction apps Android 2021

 Running business is not kid’s work. There is need to manage the performance of the business, track their performance, manage the accounts, invoice, bills, transactions, and many more. But the management of transaction, accounts, bills, etc results in wastage of the working business time. In the case when the users get the application manage all these other business works, the users will get the option to invest more efforts in managing the business.

Here in this guide, we are listing you top 5 best business transaction apps Android 2021. These applications will help you manage all the transaction of your businesses and allow you invest your saved time in increase the performance of your business.

These business transaction apps Android 2021 will help the users in manage their all transactions and free them from all the tensions related to transactions. Users can easily download and install any of the following business transaction app for free from the Google play store.  

These business transaction applications are freely available on the Google play store and users can easily get it install in their device right from the play store app. The app store  by Google is one stop destination for all the android users where they get the option to download and install  any app or game for free or for some cost. There in the play store app, the users get the option of search bar at the top of the page where they can search for any app or game easily. In the search bar, type the name of the business transaction app that you want to download and then hit the enter button. The play store app will show you the download link for the business transaction app that you want in your device along with the list of similar business transaction apps. Compare the features of different or all kind of business transaction apps available on the play store and select the best as per your requirement reading their features. Now press the download button next to the business transaction app that you want to download and install in your device. After this the Google play store will automatically download and install your preferred business transaction app Android 2021 allowing you increase the performance of your business and leave the transaction work on this app.

Here are top 5 best business transaction apps Android 2021 that will help you easily manage the transaction of all your business and invest your more saved efforts in increasing the growth and the performance of your business.

Top 5 best business transaction apps Android 2021

Given below are the top 5 best business transaction apps Android 2021 that will help you in managing the transaction of your business and let you work more for the growth and the progress of your business.

Google Pay for Business – easy payments, more sales

This is best business transaction app Android 2021. This app was designed by Google LLC. The Google pay business transaction app has been downloaded and installed by more than 10 million users and is rated great on the Google play store. This app has more than 127 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, the payment and transaction becomes so easy for all the business men. Now users with this app get the feature to manage all their business transaction easily and invest more time in the growth of your business.                    

This app will provide the users with the feature to accept all payment. With this app, it will be easy for the users to accept payment from the millions of users and run your business with peace of mind. Also, here the users will also get the option to make payment to the whole sellers and others easily.

If you are not a english person, no worries, this application for business transactions support multiple languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, and telugu and many more.  

It is easy to set up and there is no involvement of any complicated steps. Anybody can easily register in this app and start receiving payment. Since, this app is backed by Google security, it will be easy for the users to have faith in this app for their payment related transaction.

Paytm for business: Accept Payments for merchants

The paytm app for business is another best business transaction app android 2021 and it has more than 10 million users from all around the world who are faithfully using the Paytm app for all their business related transactions. This business transaction app has more than 284 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store and it allows the users to accept digital payments at 0% fee and thus make it counted under most trusted payment app in India.

With this business transaction app, the users will get the feature of easiest and fastest way platform where the users get the option to easily and fast receive the payment and can also make the payment to the whole sellers and others.   

Paypal Business: Send invoices and track sales

This is best business transaction app Android 2021 by PayPal Mobile. This app has more than 10 million users and several positive ratings on Google play store. With this app, users will get the option to send invoices, receive payments, and manage business transactions.

PhonePe for business

It is also great application for managing the business transactions.  

Bharat ZupPOS: Accept Credit and debit card and UPI

This is another best business transaction app Android 2021 that allows the users to receive payment for all payment methods including debit card, credit card, UPI, wallets, and many more. This app was designed by Zerone Microsystem Private limited and this app has more than 100 thousand users with great ratings on the Google play store app. The Bharat ZupPOS app has more than 1 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, the payment sending and receiving become very easy.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best business transaction apps Android 2021!       

Top 7 best apps for business Android 2021

 With decrease in employment opportunities, the craze of businesses and entrepreneurship is increasing day by day. Nowadays, it is not a time to search for a job instead it’s time to generate job opportunities in your own enterprise.

I know, starting a enterprise not only involves the financial issues, but also the management issues. Here in this guide, we are listing you top 7 best apps for businesses Android 2021. In this article, we will share you some of the best app from where you get the feature to get approval for the loan, management apps that will help you manage your business successfully and many more.   

With the help of following apps, it will be easy for all the users to start their own business. For a business, the first requirement is the finance and this app will help you either get the investors or get the approval for the loan. After this, seeing the requirement of today’s world, here we are also listing you some app that will help you digitalize your business or enterprise. Some of the below listed apps for business Android 2021 will help you manage the accounts of your business and some will help you easily manage the invoice, bills, receipts, etc of your business. Also, some apps will help the business track the performance of their business and manage the transaction related to business. 

The following listed apps for business Android 2021 are free to download and users can easily get these apps from the Google play store for their Android platform. The Google play store is one stop destination for all the Android users where they get the option to download and install any of their favourite app or game for free for some payment.    

In order to download or install any of the following listed apps for business Android 2021, open your Google play store. In the Google play store at the top of the page, there is option available for search bar allowing the users to easily search for any apps or games. Type the name of your desired apps for business in the search bar and hit the enter button. The Google play store will s how you the link for downloading your desired app along with the list of similar apps for business Android 2021. Press the download button next to the app for the business that you want in your device. After this, the play store app will automatically download and install your desired app for business as per your requirement in your device allowing you easily manage your new business, digitalize it, and get success.

Here are top 7 best apps for business that will help you easily manage your business and get the maximum from your efforts for the success of your enterprise.

Top 7 best apps for business Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 7 best apps for business Android 2021 allowing the users to easily track the performance of your business, manage them well, digitalize it, and get the success.

Lendingkart – Easy business loans

This is best app for business android 2021. It was designed by Lendingkart Technologies. This app for business loaning has been downloaded and installed by more than 500 thousand users and is rated great on Google play store. This app will help you easily get the approval for the loan in order to start your new entrepreneurship. With this app, the users get the feature to get the approval for the loan without need for much paperwork and it allows the users to quickly get the loan.

With this app, users get the feature digital app where they can get the instant approval for the loan for their business at fair interest rates. Also, it provides the users with flexible repayment option for the loan tenure that ranges from 6 month to 36 months.

LetsVenture – Discover and invest in Startups

It is another great app for business Android 2021 by LetsVenture Technologies Pvt Ltd. With more than 10 thousand users, this is highly rated business app on Google play store. With this app, users get the feature to discover the investors for their start-ups while the investors get the start-ups where they can invest in and get maximum profit.

This is much beneficial app for the start ups holders as here the users can connect directly with the investors, explain them their plans, and get investment in their new business.

Digital Show room – Online Dukan. Create free store

This is another great app for business Android 2021. It was designed by DotPe – sales and marketing App – Made in India. This digitalization app for business has been downloaded and installed by more than 5 million users and is rated great on Google play store. With this app, it will be easy for the users to easily digitalize their store and start selling online. This app will help the users to create your own e-commerce personal site. By digitalizing your business, this app will help users to take their business to the next level not in their local area but in the complete nation.

M-PESA for business

This great app by Safaricom Limited will help the users to manage all their business transactions, connect with customers and accept digital payment both at store as well as online. Also, it will helps users to track the performance of their business.

Google My Business

This app will help the users to advertise their business and easily let people know more about your business.

Accounting Bookkeeping – invoice expense inventory

 TrackTile System designed this another best app for the businesses Android 2021 allowing the users to manage the accounts of your business, track sales, purchases, inventory expenses, receivables, and payments. Also, it will help users to manage the bills and invoice of your business.

Oriflame Business

With more than 1 million users, this app will help business man to enhance the network of their business and manage the business from anywhere anytime.

The bottom line

SO these are top 5 best business apps Android 2021!


Top 5 best chimneys 2021

 Chimney is an excellent alternative to traditional wood or gas chimney. Requires no maintenance, wood cutting, chimney cleaning or expensive installations, electric chimney are affordable, clean, safe and easy to install without special permits. These chimney are our future.

The Faber.

The best electric chimneys of 2021 is Faber . It quickly heats the environment with its high power, fits recessed into any wall and is elegant and modern thanks to the colored LED background. You can't ask for more from an electric chimneys !With an adjustable power between 1000 and 2000 Watts, it can quickly heat every room in your home, even the largest ones, and does it with great style. It manages to create a beautiful relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, you will never want to leave your home! It is perfect for any environment and for all kinds of homes and any type of furniture.



It adapts to recessed into any wall

Two power settings to choose from

Fast in heating the rooms

Suitable for any type of furniture

Led system for colored backgrounds


Energy consumption of the chimneys is not very low

Hindware- Best value for money


One of the best electric chimneyss today is in our opinion, Hindware. It offers you excellent performance combined with a truly enviable final quality / price ratio. Easy to assemble and with adjustable effects, you will never be able to spend an evening without turning it on.Identify the hole in the wall where you intend to install this fantastic electric chimneys, it only takes five minutes! All you have to do is connect the electrical cables, it does not require the installation of any flue or additional element. Now you just have to select the heating power and let the magic of the chimneys invade your home.. You can even keep the flames burning while the chimneys is actually off, just to recreate a beautiful environment


One of the best electric chimneyss on the market based on the value for money

Easy recessed wall mounting

Selectable heating power

Ultra realistic flame effect independent of actual heat

Curved crystal front panel for a better optical effect

Practical and convenient remote control

Very easy to clean


Just noisy

The Elica

Elica will amaze you, will leave you speechless thanks to its unique and unrepeatable design. The stone decorations give it a rustic and at the same time realistic look to the point that you will forget that in reality you have only bought the electric chimneys with the best design of today.The Elica recessed electric wall chimneys is able to recreate an elegant and solemn atmosphere in any room of your home. The body is entirely in Polystone, a material that gives it a total reality and in fact the bricks will seem those of a classic chimneys in a rustic mountain house.That's not all though, this product is much more than aesthetics and beauty! In general, the performances are very high and it heats the rooms in a short time.


Best built-in faux electric chimneys with unique design

Polystone body for an exceptional decoration reality

The bricks don't look fake

Excellent performance

Timer with built-in thermostat

High energy saving, exceeds that of s

Atmosphere recreated among the most romantic and elegant


Not suitable for all types of homes


Those who do not yet know how to choose a good chimneys must evaluate the purpose that this element has within their home. If you are looking for a pure decorative element, you can opt for various solutions that do not necessarily have to be able to completely heat the environment.

The speech changes if you want to use it as the main element to make the rooms comfortable. In this case it is good to opt for a wood-burning chimneys like the one proposed by Glen . This model is also ventilated, so it will be possible, with the appropriate system, to make other rooms comfortable in addition to the one where it is placed.Its dimensions are very large in order to have a greater concentration of heat. The thermal power is about 8.6 kW / h for an efficiency of more than 80%: it can completely replace the much useful radiators.It needs a flue so that the fumes from the burnt wood are conveyed outside. The practical ash drawer is removable and assists cleaning operations which are usually quite tedious.



Calore: this chimneys can easily replace a radiator to heat even a large room given the thermal power it offers of 8.6 kW / h. Ventilated: a very popular feature is the presence of a fan that "pushes" the heat into other rooms in addition to the one where it is installed Cleaning: to make cleaning easier, this chimneys has a handy ash drawer


Chimney: cannot be placed anywhere, but only in the room where the chimney is present.



All the charm and warmth of a chimneys without the hassle of having to struggle to light the flame and having to manage the emission of smoke and ash. This is what allows you to have this electric model by El Fuego, with a classic design and the ability to return the pleasant impression of being in front of a real chimneys. The merit is to be ascribed to the presence of the wood logs from which a virtual flame is released which also radiates the heat that completes the work, allowing this product to be exploited to increase the temperature of the room in which it is placed.


Design: Reproduces the style of a classic chimneys, thanks also to the presence of a brick cladding and burning logs. Heats ... or not: You can decide whether to combine the flame effect with the emission of heat, in order to use it to increase the temperature inside a room.


Measurements: The impression you get is that of a larger product than it actually is. Check its measurements carefully.Instructions: The manual is not in  but only in German, not that it is essential but it is right to report it.


There is not just one type of fireplace, on the contrary, the choice is quite wide as the reader will be able to find out if he will continue reading. Let's start with the solution that we like to call classic, that is, the open fireplace. This model is powered by wood but has the disadvantage of a high heat dispersion. It is estimated that on average only 20% of its potential can be exploited.

Top 5 best earphones 2021

 If you own your smartphone then the earphones are complementary. Earphones let you listen to music, enjoy the game sound, watch movies, attend phone calls, and many more. But in this case, if you go for a low quality you can get troubled. So, to help you, we have brought for you the list of the top 5 best earphones 2021. The earphones listed here are the best and long-lasting sets with the best sound quality.

1.boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic

These earphones by Boat are accompanied by a PVC cable which is totally tangle-free and also long-lasting. The sensitivity of this earphone is 101db± 3dB. The frequency response by this set is 20Hz-20KHz. It is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It can be connected via a 3.5mm AUX cable. This boat bassheads wired earphone offers water and sweat resistance. It also includes an inline mic and you also get additional earbuds, a carry pouch along with a warranty card with the purchase.


The weight of this product is 14grams with dimensions of 120 x 1 x cm. This earphone is compatible with all devices with 3.5mm. It can be controlled with your android phone with a tangle-free cord. It also supports iOS control.

This lightweight earphone is also water-resistant and includes a volume controlling option.

2.boAt BassHeads 172

This earphone by boAt comes with HD sound, a line mic, and a dual-tone secure braided cable. This earphone will provide you with a super extra bassy sound. It has 10mm drivers that bring you a premium audio experience. This boat earphone has a fluid metal finish and a smooth cool metal finish tipped with shape blending earbuds.


This earphone has a secure braided cable that is capable of carrying a whole lot of swag. You can carry these stylish and durable earphones anywhere you go. It also has integrated controls and a mic so that you can take calls with ease. The inbuilt mic can also activate the voice assistant. Thus this earphone is suitable for communication and music.

This earphone is equipped with a 3.5mm jack which you can use in the device supporting the same jack size. The weight of this earphone is 13 grams with dimensions 18 x 1 x 5 cm. It requires 1A batteries which are composed of lithium.

3.JBL C100SI by Harman In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones with Mic

Here comes the other best earphone on the list and that is from JBL. This is the most lightweight and comfortable earphone that comes in three different sizes of earplugs. It also consists of an angled fir which is capable of making the earphone more comfortable and adjustable even if you are wearing it for a long time.

This earphone is compatible with Android devices and you can also activate google assistant with a long press. This earphone has a premium metallic finish that ensures its stylish design and durability.

This earphone allows you to answer and manage your calls effortlessly without any hindrance. It has a gold-plated 3.5mm jack that improves connectivity and better data transfer.

This earphone has extra deep bass with a noise-canceling microphone and a one-button universal remote with the mic that can quickly launch the Google assistant.

4.realme Buds 2 with Mic for Android Smartphones

This Realme bud makes you feel the real bass with an 11.2 mm bass boost driver. This earphone contains a multi-layered diaphragm that brings deep and powerful sound.

This earphone has a 3 button remote along with a mic. This feature enables you to answer the incoming calls and play or pause the music. You can also use these buttons directly to activate the voice assistant. It also has integrated magnets. This is designed to provide you with the ultimate solution. This earphone supports an extraordinary built-in as well as an adjustable cable strap that helps to keep your earphone tidy.

This extremely powerful 11.2 mm bass driver earphone. It consists of a multi-layer composite diaphragm that brings a really deep and powerful bass response. It is equipped with inline remote features that include three tactile buttons along with a mic. These controls help you to answer incoming calls and music as well. This earphone has a premium reinforced braided jacket and it also includes two evenly grooved TPU cables. This cable makes the design of this earphone robust and much more durable.

This realm bud has built-in magnets along with a cable strap which is built for smooth functioning of the earphones. This extra cool-looking earphone adds up style and looks more elegant and attractive. This earphone provides you with a 6 monthly warranty.

5.PTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver

PTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver is an amazing in-ear gaming wired earphone that comes with an inline mic. It also has passive noise canceling technology with a 3.5mm audio jack and tangle-free cable.

It has dual dynamic drivers which support powerful sound. It comes with 8mm dual drivers in each earbud that gives a lot more bass. It is an ergonomic and noise-isolating earphone with 120°oblique in-ear wearing.

This earphone is just suitable to hear the music of all genres such as Pop, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, or Jazz.

This PTron earphone has an 8mm dynamic driver design that pumps out the deepest bass soaring highs and also comes with the ultra-clear midrange. This soft silicone earbud is super comfortable and its ergonomic design resists sweat and water. You can use these lightweight earphones almost everywhere such as workout, travel, or regular wear.

This earphone has a gold-plated 3.5 mm audio connector that reduces the possibility of corrosion. You can also run it on phones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

Hence, these were the top 5 best earphones in 2021. All these wired earphones are durable and stylish with powerful sound effects.


Top 5 best smartwatches 2021

 In all honesty, there are smartwatches worth claiming other than the Apple Watch. If getting significant (or not all that significant) warnings on your wrist in 2021 sounds interesting to you, there's extraordinary information: Most smartwatches can do that for you now. Also, you have alternatives with regards to style, design factor, and more committed wearable purposes.


There are smartwatches that focus on style and the classic watch, others that assistance you train for contest in explicit games, and genuinely everything in the middle. From easygoing exercisers to the individuals who need all of information and direction they can get, the smartwatch scene has developed. There's an incredible fit out there for every one of us. Also, as of late, we returned to a portion of our most loved smartwatches and tried the most recent deliveries with an end goal to arrange the best this landscape has to bring to the table and help you make sure about the best one for your necessities.


The best smartwatch 2021, that you can buy


1.Fitbit Sense


The Fitbit Sense is the company's first rate smartwatch that accompanies further developed wellbeing and health includes that the Versa line. In addition to the fact that it has a FDA-endorsed ECG sensor and blood oxygen perusing, yet the Sense can quantify electrodermal action and skin temperature, as well. As a standout amongst other Fitbits, the Sense works with the two iOS and Android, and accompanies on-board GPS, a local application store, Alexa and more. N Fitbit is not just simply a brand with items for following our means: Fitbit gadgets like the Fitbit Sense show taking a comprehensive look at our wellbeing.


2. Garmin Vivoactive 4


Garmin vivoactive 4 is another smartwatch available in the market with best features. This watch has all the features of vivoactive 3 watch. This watch is best for those individuals who are heath freaks. Vivoactive 4 smartwatch comes in two sizes 40mm and 45mm to fit a vast majority of people's wrist. This watch includes garmin play and music stock features. Garmin vivoactive 4 additionally comes with other extraordinary features like yoga and pilates exercises on screen to help you stay healthy. Another heartbeat sensor examines blood oxygen level and more. This watch has a 7 day long battery which makes this watch the most loved watch among the generation for its wellness buffs and smooth performance. So if you have a low budget you can go for this watch, rather than going for vivoactive 3 premium version.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


The Galaxy Watch 3 accompanies an astonishing design, a distinctive showcase, and a lot of new wellness highlights to help you keep tabs on your development across a wide scope of exercises, and stay roused. Samsung has stayed with a conventional looking roundabout presentation shape and a rotatable raised bezel that empowers you to genuinely push through on-screen menus.


The Galaxy Watch 3 is superior to its archetype and is likewise slimmer and lighter. The battery life is comparable to the watch however, you'll be left with moderate charging. The new wellness highlights improve the action following that you hope to get from a smartwatch in 2020. Samsung has additionally added pressure following and SPo2 observing.


4. TicWatch Pro 3


This watch is designed for those individuals who like to wear expensive  premium wear. This watch gives you a good battery life than most other smartwatches available in the market. Ticwatch pro 3 has 3 day long battery life, extraordinary speed, and a smooth performance. It doesn't especially dominate at anything, yet it fulfills all your fundamental exercise and message-seeing necessities, with a standard Wear OS programming arrangement and a couple of TicWatch-marked exercises and wellbeing applications.


This watch has spO2 and heartbeat sensors on the lower part of the watch and there are two buttons on the side of the watch to give it a stylish look. The watch is combined with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of inside stockpiling that ensures you get generally smooth performance


5. Fossil Gen 5E

At this moment, fossil Gen 5 is one of the least expensive smartwatches available in the market. Fossil gen 5E is the new advanced water resistance form of fossil gen 5.  The Gen 5E offers a solitary catch instead of the three fastens as seen on Gen 5. The sole catch is likewise rotatable which implies you can look through the menus.

Fossil gen 5E comes with 1GB RAM, 4GB inner stocking which you can easily run on UI. Focusing on health, the fossil gen 5e comes combined with accelerometer, gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensors and more.


The watch likewise accompanies a speaker and amplifier. There's just associated GPS on the Fossil Gen 5E, so it will possibly record area information for exercises and then some if it's fastened to your cell phone. Different highlights incorporate 5ATM water obstruction, battery life as long as 24 hours and speedy charge support which can energize to 80% shortly, wifi, bluetooth features and Google Play store support.

In the event that you need three buttons, you can get the Fossil Gen 5




Curating this list of best Smartwatches is a tedious task and we investigated profoundly to select the items that fitted the best factors in the given measures. Above all, it is a big responsibility  to find a good smartwatch under budget for you because you put your trust in our choice. So in the event that you are considering what our rules for choosing the top 5 best smartwatches, we have listed it beneath for you:


- details and highlights


- availability


- Design


- cost


- client reviews etc.


We trust we assisted you with tracking down the best smartwatch through this list and assisted you with picking one as per your necessities and budget plans. Go ahead and buy your favorite watch from the list according to your requirements and budget. We made this list specifically for you with no bianess and after a broad product analysis. Happy Buying!

Top 5 best robotic vacuum cleaner 2021

 There are now all types and prices on the market, you are really spoiled for choice. In this buying guide we will try to shed some light, on the one hand by highlighting the aspects to consider before making a purchase, on the other by selecting the most interesting models, from top of the range to cheaper alternatives




The iRobot range is really wide and includes models of all types, from best buy to much more sophisticated and expensive products, such as the Roomba i7 + [read our review] or the brand new S9 + with self-emptying system at the base. For those interested in a more balanced product in terms of quality / price ratio, we recommend a model of the 6 Series and in particular the Roomba 671, a robot that is really easy to use and offered at a price of around .

Everything passes through the now classic central ignition button, but if you want you can also use the iRobot Home mobile app from which you can start and schedule cleaning from any place and at any time. Once started, the Roomba 671 will follow a path able to bypass the obstacles of the house as well as tangles, and - thanks to Dirt Detect technology - to recognize the areas with the highest concentration of dirt to carry out a more thorough cleaning where it is needed.







The strength of this product lies in the laser mapping system carried out by an integrated LIDAR with DSS navigation technology, an option that is usually offered on high-end models and that allows the robot to better orient itself in the home environment. . Roborock S5 MAX also connects to the home WiFi and, from here, to the Mi Home app, from which you can see the routes traveled on the virtual maps, but also the state of wear of the main components supplied (filters included) .

The presence of a small water tank allows the robot to passively wash the floors using a microfiber cloth that is attached to the robot's belly. The declared autonomy is interesting, which is about 150 minutes of continuous use with charging times of up to 4 hours.











We are faced with a 2-in-1 robot capable of getting by both in the suction and washing phases. This last option is guaranteed by the presence of an additional 0.3 liter tank that can be filled with water to moisten a microfiber cloth to be placed under the robot.

The mapping of the environments does not use the laser (for that it is necessary to orientate on a higher-end model such as the Deebo Ozmo 930) but it is still accurate thanks to a navigation technology (Smart Navi 2.0) that allows you to map the house during the suction by combining the images detected by a video camera with a patented algorithm (SLAM). In fact, the Deebot 715 goes through all the rooms following a systematic cleaning path to avoid cleaning multiple times or forgetting certain areas.


Robot 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner








The Neato Robotics D7 Connected (review) is one of the most interesting robot vacuum cleaners currently available on the market thanks to the good build quality (plastic body but solid and cared for) and the high general performance. In the upper part the brand logo stands out, under which all the laser sensors, the four status LEDs and the dirt drawer with removable filter have been positioned. In the area in contact with the floor, on the other hand, we find a small rotating brush and a brush almost as long as the entire robot composed of bristles and rubber blades useful for catching even the hair of pets. Both are, of course, removable.

Among the strengths we mention the very accurate mapping, the precision in circumnavigation of obstacles, the attention in cleaning the farthest corners and, above all, the smart part. The Neato, in fact, is manageable through virtual assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) and has a truly complete mobile app. It will be possible to choose between three cleaning modes, also including manual, to set demarcation lines for the areas that do not need to be cleaned (My Floor Plan) and to program the work cycles. Finally, we mention the maximum autonomy of 130 minutes corresponding to over 200 square meters of home with a single charge.










The flagship robot of the Samsung collection is characterized by the cyclonic suction system - with a channeled flow that brings the air to an external chamber to preserve the cleanliness of the filter - and by the Intelligent Power Control system that dynamically adapts the suction power. .


The presence on board of a whole series of extras that make it one of the most equipped products. Among these it is worth mentioning the self-cleaning brush, with built-in precision "blade" to grind the hair and all the other particles that end up tangling, the presence of a barrier (Edge Clean Master) that literally comes out of the robot at every contact with the walls to better collect dust and the Point Cleaning control system that allows you to use the supplied remote control to physically illuminate the area of the floor to be cleaned.


Suction power that adapts according to the surface

Self-cleaning brush

Remote control with pointer to illuminate the areas to be cleaned



Limited capacity of the drip tray



Most robot vacuums have a charging base and are capable of self-charging. Just choose a point accessible to the robot for the base, and it will return to the base by itself before the battery is completely discharged. It will stay on charge until it has enough power to get back on and continue cleaning the house from where it left off. It is also possible, for most robots, to set activation times, so that they can start cleaning work, for example, while you are away from home. This means that, potentially, you can avoid any physical interaction with the robot by simply emptying the dust container when necessary.


Top 5 best dishwasher 2021

 The dishwasher is one of the most important appliances that have now entered all homes for a few decades, freeing from the hassle of washing (and in many cases even drying) the dishes used. Before getting to know the specific features and functions of the different dishwashers, it is good to divide them into two main categories: domestic dishwashers on the market can be built-in or free-standing. By built-in dishwashers we mean the models mounted inside the kitchen furniture, so as to be invisible without affecting the harmony of the furniture. The other category, the free-standing ones, include those dishwashers that are inserted outside the kitchen cabinets, and which boast different sizes and different finishes that make the appliance pleasing to the eye. In both cases the standard sizes available are 60 cm and 45 cm.

Bosch SMV25AX01E review

Among the best ten 60 cm built-in dishwashers there is also the Bosch SMV25AX01E, considered among the first for cleaning and drying that guarantees dishes, it manages to significantly limit the costs of water and electricity consumption. In fact, the energy consumption for a daily program is 1.12 kWh (main program), and 0.81 kWh for the Eco one; as regards the consumption of water with the daily program instead we speak of 14 l, and 10 l for the Eco mode. This fantastic dishwasher belongs to the classic energy A ++, with an annual consumption of 258 / kWh, and a water consumption declared according to the energy label of 2,660 liters, the average annual consumption is 99, 76 €, a figure lower than many other competitors. .


The Eco program is able to completely remove traces of encrusted food

The Eco program also thoroughly cleans encrusted pots


Slowness of program duration

Best price on Amazon

Bosch SMV46KX01E review

Bosch is still the protagonist brand in question, and this time we talk about the exactness of the SMV46KX01E model, a splendid 60 cm built-in dishwasher, considered by professionals to be a good mix between quality and price, with a daily energy consumption of approximately 0.99 kWh for the normal program and 0.82 kWh for the Eco program; water consumption is around 12 liters for the standard program, and 9 liters for the Eco program, for an average annual consumption of approximately € 91.86. These numbers are significantly lower than the dishwashers viewed up to now, which make the SMV46KX01E even more attractive. Equipped with thirteen place settings, this Bosch model, in addition to having excellent effectiveness with both the main program in terms of cleaning dirt and encrustation, has excellent features such as delayed start from 1 to 24 hours, status indicators , the quantity of brilliant and the topping up of salt.


Very low consumption

There is a delayed start function

Presence of a sensor that can identify the degree of dirt by adjusting the washing


The duration of the programs is very slow

Bosch SMV46MX00E review

Bosch is by all accounts a leading company in the household appliances sector, and it is for this reason that it offers a wide range of dishwashers adaptable to all kitchens according to customer needs, all of excellent quality, as well as the SMV46MX00E model. built-in 60 cm complete. Judged by experts as one of the best in terms of washing and drying, its main characteristics are the presence of fourteen place settings and a perfect result at the end of the wash. After the drying phase with both programs it is practically impossible to detect even a few small drops.

This dishwasher has a delayed start function from 1 to 24 hours, but there is no half load option. There are also indicators relating to the status of the dishwasher, those that indicate the amount of brilliant to be inserted and the salt refill indicator. Unfortunately, an indicator that monitors the time remaining at the end of the program is not available, this lack has actually slightly lowered the judgment on this appliance.



The Eco program is also extremely effective in cleaning dirty pots and pans

The electrical consumption of this appliance is low


The duration of the programs is very long (main program 123 ', Eco program 203')

Whirpool WIE2B19 Review

Inserted in eighth place in this special ranking among the best 60 cm built-in dishwashers, the Whirpool WIE2B19 model is considered by professionals with a good overall judgment thanks to the extreme effectiveness of the main and Eco program, both for washing and for drying. The average water consumption is considered high (16 l for the main program and 12 l for the Eco program), while the electricity consumption is average (1.17 kWh for the main program and 1.05 kWh for the Eco program) for an average annual cost of € 94.97. Inserted in energy class A +, the WIE2B19 is equipped with thirteen place settings, there are indicators for the addition of brilliant and for topping up with salt, but there are no indicators on the status of the dishwasher and on the time remaining for the end of the program. The times for the daily programs are very long both for the main one, in which it is estimated about 121 minutes, and in the Eco one, where the duration is around 171 minutes.




The Eco program removes traces of encrusted food without particular problems


Rather high noise (50 dBA)


5. Whirlpool ADG402 - Good washing and drying quality

On the lowest step of the podium of the best five 45 cm built-in dishwashers, we find the Whirlpool ADG402, a comfortable model for couples and singles, and for those who don't have too much space in a small kitchen. Unlike the first two examined, this dishwasher has the space available for ten place settings, as well as a very good quality of washing and drying, which allows the dishes, once out, to be inserted directly into the cupboard. Daily electricity consumption is low (0.99 kWh main and 0.70 kWh Eco), the same can be said for daily water consumption which seems slightly below average, with 11 liters for the main program and 10 liters. for the Eco program, with an average annual cost of € 89.78. At the end of the two programs, the dishes are perfectly clean and shiny, but the problem arises from the extremely long times of the main program (111 minutes), and above all of the low consumption Eco program, which goes up to 173 minutes of processing.



There is a delayed start function


The duration of the programs is very long


There is less risk of glasses and plates breaking. Often in fact, while we wash by hand, it is not uncommon for them to slip. Inside the dishwasher, the dishes placed safely and securely are more protected, both during washing and drying.Cleaning is better. Washing with a sponge does not ensure the same results as washing in the dishwasher. The latter ensures a more complete disinfection, especially if the appliance is used correctly and following maintenance.


5 best microwave oven 2021

 The main differences concern dimensions, costs, size, power, methods of use and functions supplied, all fundamental elements for a choice appropriate to your needs, as long as you know the needs to be found in the microwave oven.

Bosch HMT75M451

Bosch HMT75M451 is a countertop microwave oven that has quite bulky dimensions (46.1 x 35.1 x 29 (h) cm) when compared to the cavity capacity of just 17 liters. The aesthetic aspect is not the most sophisticated, with an essential design designed not so much to pay the eye as to make the appliance very intuitive to use.In my opinion, the German company has perfectly succeeded in its intent by offering a model with a very robust structure, external cladding in brushed stainless steel and internal enamelled steel to facilitate cleaning, as well as a tidy and easy to understand user interface.

In my opinion, the main advantage is the ease of use in fact, for the simplest operations, I didn't even have to consult the manual. Taking advantage of the clear indications on the keys, I am able to immediately select the power level I want, starting from a minimum of 90 watts up to a maximum of 800 watts.Even setting the timer is really child's play thanks to the handy selector, all assisted by the Start and Stop buttons to start or stop the heating. Convenient function for memorizing a frequently used setting, having to press the M button, choose power and duration and press the same button again to confirm.This model has 4 programs for defrosting and 3 for automatic cooking. In such circumstances it is necessary to read the instructions, not because the settings are complicated, but to understand what the number that appears on the display corresponds to.


Very simple to use

Good quality materials

Solid structure


High price

Cavity of limited capacity

There is no grill mode



LG MH6336GIB is a free-standing microwave oven characterized by a modern design with elegant touch buttons and a completely black color. First of all, I must highlight the good relationship between size and capacity, in fact, compared to average dimensions, the benefit of a cavity of 23 liters.The credit goes, above all, to the Smart Inverter technology which allows to reduce the space occupied by the magnetron. The power value is also top-notch, reaching a maximum of 1150 W with the microwave only, 900 W with the grill and 1450 W in combined use. The aforementioned technical data offers me, on the one hand, uniform heating to obtain homogeneous cooking and defrosting, and on the other hand, reduced times and lower energy consumption.The control panel is very essential despite the completeness of the functions available. In general, the use is not particularly complicated, however the instruction booklet should always be kept handy in case you want to activate the special modes. I am referring to the automatic programs, defrosting by weight and type of food, keeping warm, sequential mode (softening / melting and defrosting / cooking) and the preparation of yogurt.


Satisfactory value for money

Reduced cooking times

Homogeneous diffusion of heat

Powerful interior lighting

Very comprehensive functions


Programming not always immediate


Whirlpool MWP103W

Whirlpool MWP103W is a countertop microwave oven suitable for convenient positioning at any point on the kitchen top. In this regard, however, I must point out the presence of a power cable only 1 meter long. This model is characterized by very essential design and functionality, elements that can be easily understood by observing the control panel consisting, simply, of two old-fashioned rotary switches with which to choose the heating mode and set the timer.Practice opening the door that does not integrate the usual handle but is done by pressing a large button located under the timer selector. The dimensions are in the norm for a model with a capacity of 20 liters, as well as the supply of accessories having found the classic glass turntable with its support and a metal grill.



Door with push button opening

Very intuitive operation


High price

A display is missing

Short power cable

Essential functions

Pretty old fashioned controls

Samsung MG23K3614AW

Samsung MG23K3614AW is a free-standing microwave oven with a 22-liter cavity and ceramic interior coating to facilitate cleaning and increase scratch resistance. The design is essential but well finished while the operation is really elementary. Certainly this model will be appreciated by those who want an appliance of immediate use, without getting lost in long and boring reading of the manual. In fact, I only have a selector to decide the heating mode and a knob to set the duration, with a small display to indicate the current time or the minutes at the end of the process.As needed, I can choose whether to defrost, grill using the 1100 watt electric resistance or heat water or ready-made dishes using electromagnetic waves by selecting a power level from those available. In addition, I have several ways to combine grill and microwave depending on the food to be cooked. What I appreciated most during the test is the diffusion of heat in every point, which ensures rather homogeneous cooking. On the other hand, the very low internal lighting needs to be improved.


Constructive solidity

Internal ceramic coating

Very simple to use

It cooks and heats evenly


List price too high

Not particularly powerful lighting


Beko MGF28310X

Beko MGF28310X is a free-standing microwave characterized by a cavity volume of 28 l and the possibility of combined cooking by operating the 1150 W grill. This should ensure a certain versatility of use, but in reality grilling using the electric resistance leads to rather results. scarce.On the other hand, I found defrosting very satisfactory, being able to choose between a weight mode (from 100 to 2000 g) or by time (maximum 95 minutes). No problem even for heating precooked foods, using the 5 power levels of the magnetron up to 900 W. Of course there is a timer that also acts as a clock, with 30-second increments and buzzer at the end of the countdown.There are two other details that I think it is appropriate to underline. The first are the 8 automatic cooking modes to be selected through the relative menu. The preset parameters should help in the preparation of certain foods.


Defrosting by weight or by time

Multi-phase cooking


Rather unsatisfactory grill


Which microwave oven model to choose? When you are preparing to choose a microwave oven you must first understand where to place it and what size it must have based on the objective space available in the kitchen. Although it may seem like a trivial evaluation, it is instead essential for the first parameters of the purchase to be outlined.


Furthermore, it must be borne in mind whether the microwave oven will be used by one person or if it will be used by an entire family. Just as you would do with an electric oven, it will be important to check the proximity of a power outlet, both to avoid being forced to move it manually whenever needed, and because the use of an extension cable can alter the power and also create some voltage fluctuations.


Top 5 best Bluetooth earbuds 2021

 Bluetooth wireless earbuds are becoming popular with the days passing. It is more convenient to work from home culture. Apple released the first of this kind. Gradually many other companies began manufacturing Bluetooth earbuds. Since Apple was restricted only to Apple users, earbuds for Android users are in a boom. This article has a list of the top 5 best Bluetooth earbuds in 2021. This is analysed based on the price, quality and durability. Most importantly, the Bluetooth earbuds must be comfortable and designed according to the ergonomics. Also, they must be cost-efficient along with the best features. These are some aspects to look for while getting wireless earbuds and buying these earpods from authorised centers or online shopping websites like Amazon.  


Apple AirPod Pro

Apple being the first to introduce Bluetooth earpods, they are still the best in the market. The cost is very high, ranging between 25k, but it's worth every penny. The fit of these earpods are perfect, and they give a good feel for calls or music. The noise cancellation feature is unmatched in these earpods. It also comes with a new virtual audio feature, especially for movies and music. The performance is bass and can also be modified. This is compatible with iOS 14 and further. It cannot be supported for Android devices. 

Another great feature is that these earpods are water-resistant. They come with a compact cover which can be carried anywhere. The earpods connect to the device within seconds and give you seamless sound quality. 

Samsung Galaxy buds live. 

Designs that make things easy are the trends right now. The Samsung Galaxy Buds live shaped like beans which give the right fit in the ears. In fact, many feel that this gives a better fitting in the ears than the Apple pods. They are smaller, and it does not feel like wearing a wireless earpod in the ear. This might cause discomfort to a few people. These have good noise reduction features that reduce all background sounds drastic. It gives good resistance to sweat and mild water splashes. The noise cancellation for the user is not very appreciable. 

The best thing about these buds is the shape and ergonomic design. It just stays in the ear without any disturbance. The cost of these earphones is reasonable for the quality it offers. This is a preferable option for Android users. Samsung earphones have a good reputation for durability and long-lasting performance. These earbuds, too are matching these qualities to give the best performance. 

Grado GT220

The Grado GT220 has the best version of sound quality. It comes with voice control and touch controls for calls. These are suitable for a quick buy and come at a quite affordable price. The noise cancellation in this is missing and is not very great. There is no requirement for an additional application to support the earbuds. The fitting is just enough to hold it in the ears. It is small in size and does not seem long like other earbuds. Another good feature is that the earbuds easily recognise the music on the device. There is no need to load the files every time it is played. The quality of the sound is exceptional, although the noise cancellation is missing.

The cost of these earbuds is completely reasonable for the features. They can be opted by the ones looking for a good experience with earpods at an affordable price. It can be opted by the ones who are using earbuds for attending calls. With the voice/touch controls and sound quality, it is recommended. Without noise cancellation, it cannot be recommended for songs or movies.  


Bose Quietcomfort earbuds 

Bose is a company with years of experience in manufacturing audio products. They give the best noise cancellation feature in the market. Arguably the sounds are better than Apple too. The design is not very comfortable for the ears. Some may dislike this model of earbuds for themselves. It can withstand a few water splashes and sweat, but it cannot be exposed to moisture regularly. 

Cost-wise these are pretty affordable and can be chosen for the best sound experience. Charging for these earbuds is wireless, but this is not very efficient. The charging is bulky and also does not last for a long time. The earbuds are quite bulky, too but give a reasonably comfortable fitting. This can be opted by the ones who wish to experience earbuds for the first time. As they have a good fit with the best quality music, this is highly recommended for that purpose.  

Microsoft surface earbuds

Microsoft being a giant in computer OS and software, has given a try to earbuds too. This has a different design, unlike other earpods that just stay on the surface of the ears. They are known for providing clear audio outputs every time you hear a song. It has a comfortable fitting, and it stays in place. The noise cancellation features are also excellent. It can be connected using the Microsoft application exclusive for the earbuds or can be connected through Bluetooth too. Many did not like the overall look of the earbuds in the beginning. However, many prefer these for the excellent sound quality it produces. 

The functionality of these earbuds is commendable. As Microsoft manufactures it, can be opted by people who use laptops as the primary device. The apps supporting the earbuds can be accessed easily and be connected. This is a great one for work from home, home school etc. 


These are the top picks of the year for the best Bluetooth earbuds. This is becoming more popular than the wired ones as they have many disadvantages. Earbuds allow us to make seamless connections through sound, music and calls at any time. Additional accessories like pouches and holders can be used with it too. They have created a new era for listening and communication devices.  



Top 5 Best Smart TV 2021

 In India, there might be barely a household without a TV. It is one of the most convenient ways of entertainment. Not only entertainment, but it is also a source of information. Previously we used to watch TV serials, news,cartoons, and many more entertainment channels on TVs.


But in today's generation of smart TVs, there are several new features such as connecting it with your smartphone and watching whatever you want to similarly play games of your choice and many more. These features make it more popular. But now, which one to buy will be your major question so the only answer is given in the list below.

Here we have discussed, top 5 best smart TV 2021.



1.Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV


Thus 8K stunning smart television by Samsung can be your ultimate choice. It has several amazing features and technology used in it. The best part about this television is its amazing screen size which is available in three different variants: 65inches, 75 inches and 85 inches with 8K panel resolution with Neo QLED / Mini LED.


This TV has awesome picture quality with standard HDR settings. This television has established a new era of television technology. This smart TV supports stunning picture quality and amazing color and brightness. The TV offers terrific sound and outstanding blacks.


This Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV will only offer you the most recent HDMI 2.1 as well as the eARC which is ideal for gamers. This is amazing television for those who have invested in the next-generation console or even in the beastly gaming PC. It also supports 4K/120fps or 8K/60fps gameplay via HDMI 2.1. This TV has amazing game motion plus and free sync premium pro.



2.Sony A8H OLED


This is the new generation Sony Television that is also one of the affordable ones. This television has two different size variants: 55-inch and 65-inch along with 4K panel resolution. It is an OLED smart TV. This Sony Television supports gorgeous and refined pictures with good sound quality. This TV also supports ultra-wide viewing angles.


If you are also a serious cinema fan then this TV is going to be your ultimate option. The premium OLED picture performance and powerful direct sound system provide you with a compelling experience.


This Sony Television supports the customary acoustic surface Audio system. These are joined by two subwoofer bass systems. Additionally, it also supports an acoustic auto-calibration system that assists you to optimize the sound in your room. This can be one of the best TVs to buy in the Sony range Sony.



3.LG G1 Gallery Series OLED


LG has always been the most promising and trustable brand for television. This LG G1 Gallery series OLED  has a beautiful picture-on-wall design. This LG series comes in three different screen sizes such as 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch with 4k panel resolution. This television has an outstanding contrast and impressive thin design. This television has a gorgeous sleek design.


The major feature or say the unique thing in this television is the OLED Evo technology. This technology helps in the update of the panel for more brightness.

Although this is an expensive set, still every penny is worth it. You can even guess its price by its breathtaking slim design along with the contrast and color benefits of OLED and the lighting-enhanced heights.


This television is designed to be perfectly wall mounted but it also comes with a TV stand so that you can place it at your convenience. You can also avail any other third-party device to place it on the counter.



4.LG C1 OLED Series


The latest television series from LG for the year 2021 is LG C1 OLED which is also the current king of all televisions. This television series comes with four screen variations such as 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch with 4K panel resolution. This is an OLED smart TV. This television provides you a beautiful 4K/HDR picture along with four HDMI 2.1 ports and it features fantastic WebOS.


This amazing smart TV is truly one of the top 5 best Smart TV of 2021. This television has met all the expectations of the users. The processor used in this television is  LG’s Alpha a9 Gen 4 processor. This processor helps in better upscaling and also in virtual surround sound audio. This television supports four separate HDMI 2.1 ports. This TV is perfect for the PS 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, etc. This will be the perfect choice for the gamers as it gives you the option to adjust brightness in no seconds as well as contrast and VRR.


This LG TV is a truly smart TV that can also be connected to WiFi. You can also connect to your smartphone and control it from your phone itself. Along with these advanced features, you can enjoy your movie time on this large-screen Television.



5.Samsung QN95A Neo QLED


This is another of Samsung's best television series with a mini LED screen. Samsung QN95A Neo QLED comes with three screen size variants: 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches along with 4k panel resolution. This television has Neo QLEDSmart technology. This is majorly famous for its stellar picture quality and impressive sound system.


The new features that have added to the value of this Samsung television are its significant increase in dimmable zones and its thinner panels. This television features quantum dot technology and delivers saturated colors.


This television model of Samsung can deliver 2000 nits in the dynamic picture mode. In this television, you don't even need to tone map for the HDR content. All these special features make it one of the most convenient smart TVs of 2021.


Thus, here were the top 5 best Smart TV 2021. These TVs have one of the most special features that will enhance your experience.



Top 5 power bank to buy in 2021

 In today's time, the smartphone plays a very important role in day-to-day life; you cannot go to a place without your smartphone. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of mobile has become much more important than the previous one; all the works are done on the virtual medium. Every organization has shifted their work online; work from home is trending. The education is shifted to the online medium; even school-going students have to carry a smartphone for attending their classes. You cannot bear your laptop all the time, and lots of features of windows and mac are available on android or ios devices.


Therefore most of these works could be done on smartphones. If you take heavy-duty from your smartphone, then it is evident that it would get discharged, and at that time, you don't have any choice, rather than plugging in your charger to the mobile. But, the biggest dilemma is that attending those online sessions or managing the work is also very important, and you can't afford to waste time charging the smartphone. Therefore, the role of Powerbank becomes very important, and it plays a very important and effective role in shortening this problem. There are lots of power banks available in the market with different brand tags; we need to buy the power bank from those options. But, the problem is that how to classify the difference between a good power bank and a bad performing power bank. 


All the power banks are not very similar, from a cheap to a pricy one, and diversified features are available in the market. The mindset of buying a power bank is different for a different person; some choose by seeing the name of the brand, some choose by seeing their mAh, some find according to their budget. Everyone has their perspective to buying a power bank and according to their suitability they choose. Now the question that came to everyone's mind is: What is the right way to choose a power bank?


This is a very tricky question because the various companies provide almost the same kind of features on paper, which is quite confusing to choose among those products. But, we had done huge research to find the solution to this problem, and search all the important aspects that could help you to find the best power bank.


These points are as follows:-

  • Find a power bank with a huge battery size and the specification of the smartphone's charger. Yes, looking at the battery size and smartphone's charger specification is very important. 
  • The minimum size of the power bank's battery must be similar to the smartphone's battery. Checking this is important because it ensures that your smartphone's battery gets completely charged at least once.
  • The next very important thing here is that the output voltage must be equal to or higher than your smartphone.
  • The safety of the smartphone is very much important; therefore, find a power bank that offers power-cut power in the short circuit event.
  • You should also look for the auto-cut feature in the power cut because it resists the power bank from getting overcharged, resulting from the power bank's long life.


We have made a list of the top 5 power banks that could be a good deal in 2021 and follow the above-mentioned points. And if it suits your need, then you can go with these power banks, these power banks are as follows:-


  1. Mi Powerbank 3i 20000mAh:- This power bank is the best among all the power bank, comes with a huge 20000mAh battery, you can charge 3 different devices at a single time, and provides the option to charge cameras and tablets too. One of the most important features of this power bank is that it has an intelligent power management system to charge low-power devices like Bluetooth and fitness bands. In terms of security also this device is very effective; it comes with 12 layer protection that protects your device from overheating and extra charging.


  1. MI Power Bank 3i 10000 mAh power bank (18W fast charging):- The battery size of this device is not big like the first one, but it carries lots of good features that could compete with the top one. It could charge two devices simultaneously, maintaining power output above 18W that helps in charging properly; the conversion rate is more than 90% that is very impressive. It protects the device from wrong charging, protects the device from overheating, protects from the power cut short circuit, and provides a fast charging option.


  1. Oneplus 10000 MAH Power Bank (18 W Fast PD charging):- This one is a great power bank; it takes 5 to 6 hours to get a full charge and contains a high-quality lithium-polymer battery. This power bank has to capacity to charge the smartphone several times, along with protection against overheating, and a short circuit is also available in this power bank.


  1. Ambrane PP-11 10000mAh Li-polymer power bank with fast charging:- This is one of the most reliable power banks in the market, can charge 2 devices at once, and their digital display on which provides the amount of charge stored, is a unique feature. Here, you can get a fast-charging feature, an advanced multilayer feature that protects it from overheat, over-voltage, and overcurrent, which makes it the best choice.


  1. Intex IT-PB 20K Poly 20000mAh Power Bank:- This power bank is a very budget-friendly power bank that provides 20000mAh at an affordable price. Here, you can get lots of features like 2 device charging slot, more than 500 times charging without any problem, along with protection from power-cut, short circuit, and overheating.




After going through all the articles, we could conclude that power banks have lots of features that one must check, and a user must know about those features. If a person uses the wrong power bank, then that could badly affect their smartphone. Before buying a power bank, the user must follow the points mentioned above.