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5 best microwave oven 2021

 The main differences concern dimensions, costs, size, power, methods of use and functions supplied, all fundamental elements for a choice appropriate to your needs, as long as you know the needs to be found in the microwave oven.

Bosch HMT75M451

Bosch HMT75M451 is a countertop microwave oven that has quite bulky dimensions (46.1 x 35.1 x 29 (h) cm) when compared to the cavity capacity of just 17 liters. The aesthetic aspect is not the most sophisticated, with an essential design designed not so much to pay the eye as to make the appliance very intuitive to use.In my opinion, the German company has perfectly succeeded in its intent by offering a model with a very robust structure, external cladding in brushed stainless steel and internal enamelled steel to facilitate cleaning, as well as a tidy and easy to understand user interface.

In my opinion, the main advantage is the ease of use in fact, for the simplest operations, I didn't even have to consult the manual. Taking advantage of the clear indications on the keys, I am able to immediately select the power level I want, starting from a minimum of 90 watts up to a maximum of 800 watts.Even setting the timer is really child's play thanks to the handy selector, all assisted by the Start and Stop buttons to start or stop the heating. Convenient function for memorizing a frequently used setting, having to press the M button, choose power and duration and press the same button again to confirm.This model has 4 programs for defrosting and 3 for automatic cooking. In such circumstances it is necessary to read the instructions, not because the settings are complicated, but to understand what the number that appears on the display corresponds to.


Very simple to use

Good quality materials

Solid structure


High price

Cavity of limited capacity

There is no grill mode



LG MH6336GIB is a free-standing microwave oven characterized by a modern design with elegant touch buttons and a completely black color. First of all, I must highlight the good relationship between size and capacity, in fact, compared to average dimensions, the benefit of a cavity of 23 liters.The credit goes, above all, to the Smart Inverter technology which allows to reduce the space occupied by the magnetron. The power value is also top-notch, reaching a maximum of 1150 W with the microwave only, 900 W with the grill and 1450 W in combined use. The aforementioned technical data offers me, on the one hand, uniform heating to obtain homogeneous cooking and defrosting, and on the other hand, reduced times and lower energy consumption.The control panel is very essential despite the completeness of the functions available. In general, the use is not particularly complicated, however the instruction booklet should always be kept handy in case you want to activate the special modes. I am referring to the automatic programs, defrosting by weight and type of food, keeping warm, sequential mode (softening / melting and defrosting / cooking) and the preparation of yogurt.


Satisfactory value for money

Reduced cooking times

Homogeneous diffusion of heat

Powerful interior lighting

Very comprehensive functions


Programming not always immediate


Whirlpool MWP103W

Whirlpool MWP103W is a countertop microwave oven suitable for convenient positioning at any point on the kitchen top. In this regard, however, I must point out the presence of a power cable only 1 meter long. This model is characterized by very essential design and functionality, elements that can be easily understood by observing the control panel consisting, simply, of two old-fashioned rotary switches with which to choose the heating mode and set the timer.Practice opening the door that does not integrate the usual handle but is done by pressing a large button located under the timer selector. The dimensions are in the norm for a model with a capacity of 20 liters, as well as the supply of accessories having found the classic glass turntable with its support and a metal grill.



Door with push button opening

Very intuitive operation


High price

A display is missing

Short power cable

Essential functions

Pretty old fashioned controls

Samsung MG23K3614AW

Samsung MG23K3614AW is a free-standing microwave oven with a 22-liter cavity and ceramic interior coating to facilitate cleaning and increase scratch resistance. The design is essential but well finished while the operation is really elementary. Certainly this model will be appreciated by those who want an appliance of immediate use, without getting lost in long and boring reading of the manual. In fact, I only have a selector to decide the heating mode and a knob to set the duration, with a small display to indicate the current time or the minutes at the end of the process.As needed, I can choose whether to defrost, grill using the 1100 watt electric resistance or heat water or ready-made dishes using electromagnetic waves by selecting a power level from those available. In addition, I have several ways to combine grill and microwave depending on the food to be cooked. What I appreciated most during the test is the diffusion of heat in every point, which ensures rather homogeneous cooking. On the other hand, the very low internal lighting needs to be improved.


Constructive solidity

Internal ceramic coating

Very simple to use

It cooks and heats evenly


List price too high

Not particularly powerful lighting


Beko MGF28310X

Beko MGF28310X is a free-standing microwave characterized by a cavity volume of 28 l and the possibility of combined cooking by operating the 1150 W grill. This should ensure a certain versatility of use, but in reality grilling using the electric resistance leads to rather results. scarce.On the other hand, I found defrosting very satisfactory, being able to choose between a weight mode (from 100 to 2000 g) or by time (maximum 95 minutes). No problem even for heating precooked foods, using the 5 power levels of the magnetron up to 900 W. Of course there is a timer that also acts as a clock, with 30-second increments and buzzer at the end of the countdown.There are two other details that I think it is appropriate to underline. The first are the 8 automatic cooking modes to be selected through the relative menu. The preset parameters should help in the preparation of certain foods.


Defrosting by weight or by time

Multi-phase cooking


Rather unsatisfactory grill


Which microwave oven model to choose? When you are preparing to choose a microwave oven you must first understand where to place it and what size it must have based on the objective space available in the kitchen. Although it may seem like a trivial evaluation, it is instead essential for the first parameters of the purchase to be outlined.


Furthermore, it must be borne in mind whether the microwave oven will be used by one person or if it will be used by an entire family. Just as you would do with an electric oven, it will be important to check the proximity of a power outlet, both to avoid being forced to move it manually whenever needed, and because the use of an extension cable can alter the power and also create some voltage fluctuations.


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