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Top 5 best action adventure game apps Android 2021

 In this era full of modernization, new gaming technologies and platforms, who won't love action adventure games? Definitely there's no such person. So here we have brought a list to make your experience of action adventure games more realistic and amazing.

Here is the list of the top 5 best action adventure game apps Android 2021:


1.Life After


Life after is a perfect mixture of action, adventure, and survival. It is one of the most adventurous games in the play store you'll ever find. This is a mobile game that depicts the survival of humanity in a post virus apocalyptic world. In this game, you must keep your will to survive and your hopes alive as well. The game is full of life-threatening situations such as diseases, famine, cold, infections, and organizations with hidden agendas. The goal of yours in the game is to conquer and survive such situations.


In the various situations given in the game, you will require weapons or other survival equipment. So you need to live on with anything available. You need to be capable of exploring every inch of the world in front of you. This will help you out in scavenging essential materials to survive.


In the run for scavenging essential materials, you might encounter other survivors too. You also need to be extra careful because, in the same way, they can also attack you for loot. But if in the case they are amiable, you both can end up sharing as well.


2.Lord Mobile: Tower Defence


Lord mobile is full of adventures in the whole game. The game has the basic theme whereby you need to fight battles and conquer kingdoms to create an empire and win the war.


Lord mobile allows you to collect and upgrade cards, mix and match them to deal with several stages. This will put your brain to the test to defeat the evil enemies who are lurking on the verge. Here you can build your kingdom by upgrading the buildings. You can also conduct research, and train your troops. Also do not forget to level your heroes that will help in leading your kingdom well to prosper.


The game has 4 different types of troop and 6 different types of troop formations. You need to plan your lineups and take the advantage of the counter system. Make sure that you pair up your troops with the right heroes. You must have a perfect strategy to defeat your enemies. Thus, here you can clash online with global players and seize the throne and rule.



3. Kingdoms: Lost Crusade


Rise of Kingdoms is another most played and highly rated game in the play store. Here you need to create your civilization. The game offers you 11 civilizations, 34 heroes, and real warfare.


You will experience the real-time battles in the game which are not pre-calculated but happen in real-time on the map. The game is played on a seamless world map. There are no isolated bases or separate battle screens. The map features also include some useful information such as isolated bases or separate battle screens.


The game is full of exploration and investigation. You can dispatch your scouts to explore the mysterious land and the hidden treasure. The major places to investigate are the lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and also tribal villages, etc.


In the game, you need to focus on conquering the kingdom. Here you need to fight alongside your alliance to take the control of the vast kingdom. Thus, the game is all about conquering so that should be your goal.



4.Gangster Vegas: World of Crime


Gangster Vegas is full of lots of action and adventures. The game is all about starting a gang war to rule Vegas in an open world that is full of guns, cars, and crime.


This crime game of the gangster world is full of six-gun blasting action missions, fight night boxing, and many other street fights that just start suddenly. You can also experience crazy city driving with different vehicles.


You can start the game by heart racing the Vegas story by boxing for the mafia cartel. You will be soon able to free to claim the real grand prize when you send your crime clans vs. the rest gang world of the city. You need to keep on fighting to gain the essentials from robbing and thefts, auto racing, shooting actions everywhere.


In the game, you can open the gang wars with a grand bang with fighting with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers, and even futuristic firepower. You can also try out many new weapons as well as vehicles. 


5.Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


Prey Day is another best action-adventure Zombie survival game. The basic concept of this game is to learn the survival rules, declare war against the Zombies and survive the battle.


The game storyline is of 2033, where the world saw the outbreak of an unknown infection that left humans dead and converted into Zombies. the day is an online multiplayer shooter survival game. This game takes place in a huge city after the Zombie Apocalypse.


Here you will be playing the role of one of the few survivors. After this huge outbreak, you will deal with extreme hunger and thirst. You need to for the survivors' camps and you need to craft your shelter from whatever you have collected. Your mission is to investigate the cause of the infection by completing the quests. You also have to explore the darkest corners of the city to craft unique armor and weapons. So, here gather your friends and together venture all the dangers and the dangerous parts of the city.


So, here were the top 5 best action-adventure game apps Android 2021. Choose your preference from the above list and start your adventurous journey full of actions.


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