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Top 5 best app stores 2021

 Whether it is Android smart phone or a iPhone from apple, there is always needed apps and games in order to enhance the experience of using smart devices. With out apps, the smart phone will be simply as torch with touch screen feature.

Even the calling and messaging features is feasible in any of the smart devices is because of the calling app and the messaging app. Though almost all mobile smart devices comes with essential in built app allowing the users to at least make calls and messages. All the smart phones are also having in built settings app to manage settings. And for more apps and games as per the requirement, the users can download  and install the apps from the play store app.

In the case when users are not satisfied with the inbuilt app, they are also having the option to download and install other substitute for a particular app and get the smart phone using experience the way they want.

But the question is from where to download and install the app. For all the smart phone users, they all are having the feature of app store that allows them download and install app.

For android users, the app is Google play store that allows the users to download and install apps and games for free or for payment. Similarly for the iPhone or the iOS users, they have the feature of Apple appstore or iTunes that help them download and install several apps for free or for some payment.

Other than these two app stores, there are many more app stores also like the store form Samsung galaxy, and many more.

Here in this guide, we are listing you top 5 best app stores that allows the smart phone users to download and install applications and games in order to enhance their using experience of smart phone.

Top 5 best app stores 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best app stores that will help the users of different smart phones in downloading and installing several apps and games either for free or for some payment in order to enhance the using experience of the smart device.

There are mostly people either using Android smart phone or iOS smart phone by Apple. Though some users are also using windows phone and phone with other kind of operating system.

The android users get the feature to download and install the applications and games for their smart devices using the feature of Google plays tore. While the iPhone and other iOS users can download apps and games from Apple Appstore or iTune store. Along with these two store, there are many more app store also allowing people to download and install games and applications in order to enhance the  experience of use of the smart phone device.

Below are the top 5 best app stores that helps the users in downloading and installing applications and games and thus enhancing the user’s experience of using smart phone regardless of the operating system.

Google play store

This is one of the most popular app store for all the Android users. They along with apps and games, also host several other kind of contents also like movies and books for the Android users.

The android users have the in built feature of this app store in their device. Allowing them to not only install game and apps but also buy for movies and books. This app is known to be first app store that absolutely targets the Android market.

The app designer can use this platform to launch their application for android platform. It is most used app store that the  android users uses in order to download the app and the game.

In this app, there is feature of robust search engine that helps in searching the game or the app easily. Using the feature of the search bar at the top of the page, the android users can easily make search for any app and game.

Since the convenience of using, this app store is most used app store for the android platform. The app designers in order to make their app popular should list their app in this play store in order to launch them for android market. Due to heavy competition, there are chances that your app might buried deep and not come in search of people. But this does not meant that you list your app here. List your app here along with some other app stores also to make it download many times.

Apple app store

For the iPhone or iOS users, this is probably the only or first choice to look for new application and game. Like Google play store, this app store by apple is first choice for the apple users to download and install apps and games. This app store is reported to contain more than 2.1 million apps. Most of the apps in this store is mostly designed by Apple TV and Apple watch. Those who want to get their app launch for the iOS platform, the need to list their app or game in this app store.

This app store is also having high competition of more than 5 million competitors. So for all the app designers, we recommend them to to list their apps here along with some other app stores also.

Smasun Galaxy apps

Recently, the Samsung also launched their own app store for the galaxy users. This app store mostly contains the app that are designed by Samsung itself. Since it is having comparatively much lesser competition, the app designers can try launching their app in this app store and get popularity.

LG Smart world

Like Samsung, the LG has also launched their own app store known as smart world. They are in built in LG phones allowing the LG users to download and install apps.

Sony Apps

Like Samsung and LG, this app store is only designed for Sony phone users allowing them to install apps and games.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best app stores 2021!


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