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Top 5 best apps by Facebook Android 2021

 Facebook is one of the top trending platforms all around the world. This platform is famous as a social networking platform which connects peoples letting them share what is in their mid with the people.

But do you know that facebook has launched many more apps in order to either enhance your facebook using experience or to use facebook for business or other purpose.

Here in this guide, we are listing you top 5 best apps by Facebook Android 2021. The following listed apps by facebook are either designed with a purpose to enhance the experience of using facebook or to help people using the facebook platform to increase and propagate their business.

The following listed apps by facebook are all free to download. They all are easily available on Google play store. Google play store is an app store for the Android users where they can search and download their favorite apps or games as per their need and get them installed in their system.

The following apps by facebook all are free and easily available on Google play store. In order to download any of the below listed app by Facebook, open your Google play store. In the Google play store home screen, at the top of the page, the users will find the feature of search bar that allows them to search for any app or game and get them downloaded and installed without need to make efforts in search them in categories.  

There in the search bar, type the name of the app by facebook and hit the enter button. Once to hit the enter, the Google play store will show you the download link for your preferred app by facebook along with the list of similar apps. Now compare their features and select the best for your device.

After this, press the download button next to the app by facebook that you want to get in your android device. After this, the Google play store will automatically download and install your desired app by facebook letting you have advanced version of facebook experience.

So these are top 5 best apps by Facebook Android 2021 that will either help users to get the experience of facebook usage or will help the users to take the advantage of the facebook platform in order to propagate your business.

Top 5 best apps by facebook Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best apps by Facebook Android 2021. The following listed apps by facebook will help you get the advanced experience of facebook use or the platform where you can advertise and grow your business.


This is best and most downloaded app by Facebook with more than 5 billion users. This app by facebook has been downloaded and installed by more than 5 billion users and is rated great on Google play store. This facebook app has more than 116 million reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, the user will get the app version of facebook platform. This app will help them meet new people, find friends, connect with old friends, make new friends, share what is in your mind with your friends and family, know what is going on in your closed ones’ life, watch entertaining videos, play games and many more in this social networking app.

The facebook app provides the users with the feature that helps them easily and fast keeping up with friends. With this app, users will get the feature to share updates, and pictures, stay connected with similar communities, engage with friends and pages, and many more.  

With this app, users will get the feature to connect with old friends, make new friends and have so much fun. Also, here in this platform, you can share your moments, and update statuses in order to let the world know what is going on in your life. Also, here in this facebook platform, you can share videos, pictures, and many of your favourite memories and show off the fun and achievement you are having in your life.

With this application, you will also get to know that what is going on in your friends life. This app will notify you in the case when any of your friends like or comment on your post. Also, you can use this app in searching for local events and make new plans to get together with your old friends.

Here in this social community, you will get the chance to play games with any of your facebook friends and do much more beyond your expectations. This application will allow you to follow your favourite artist or other celebrity and get to know about their latest updates in their life.

Messenger – text and video chat for free

This is another best app by Facebook Android 2021. This app by facebook also has more than 5 billion users and great rating son Google play store. Here in this app, there are more than 79 million reviews on Google play store and several positive reviews right there. This app provides the facebook users with many more advanced feature of facebook platform that includes free group video chat, voice calls, video calls, and text messaging.

The app is providing you enhanced experience of facebook platform where the users will also get the feature for video calling, voice calling, and highly smooth messaging experience.

Facebook lite

With more than 1 billion users, this is lighter version of facebook app. It is specially designed for those smart phones that are having low storage and providing them with great facebook using experience. This version of facebook app utilizes less data and easily perform well in all network condition.

Facebook ads manager

With this app by facebook, the users will get the feature to utilize the facebook platform for advertising their business.   

 Marketplace – Buy and sell

Via this app, the facebook provides a platform to buy and sell goods and propagate and grow your business.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best apps by facebook Android 2021!     


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