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Top 5 best apps by Google LLC android 2021

 Google LLC is world famous most renowned American multi national technology company having specialty for designing several internet related applications and services. This company along with having a top search engine, online advertising technologies, cloud computing software and hardware are also having many more applications for android and iOS users as well.

This company is counted among top 5 big tech companies including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. This company has launched several applications for the android platforms including phone application, Google wifi, Gallery, Google lens, Google cloud service, Google browser and many more.

Here in this guide, we are listing top 5 best applications by Google LLC Android 2021. All the following apps by Google are free of cost and can be downloaded easily from the Google play store.

The Google play store is a app store by Google allowing the Android users to easily download and install any app and games for free or for some cost. The following listed apps by Google are freely available on Google play store. In order to download any of the below listed app by Google, open the Google play store app. There in the Google play store app, at the top of the page, you will find the feature of search bar which is specially added to facilitate the easy searching of apps and games by Android users. In the search bar, type the name of the app by Google that you want to download and hit the enter button.

The Google play store after making the search of apps by Google, show you the link of the app that you want to download and install along with the list of similar apps and games by Google.

Compare their features and select the best app as per your need. Press the download button next to the app by Google that you want in your device. After this, the Google play store will automatically download and install the app by Google which is preferred by you and let you enjoy the features by Google LLC.

Here are top 5 best apps by Google play store that will help you enhance the experience of your smart phone. The following listed apps by Google will help you manage your smart phone, learn better, easily search for anything even with the picture, manage your images and videos, manage wifi, and many more.

Top 5 best apps by Google LLC Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best apps by Google Android 2021. With these apps, you will get variety of features to manage your life well.        

 Phone By Google – Caller ID and spam protection

This is best app by Google Android 2021. This app by Google has more than 500 million downloads and is rated great on Google play store. The Phone app by Google has more than 677 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. As mentioned in the name, this app will not only help you manage your phone calls but will also help you get the feature of caller ID and spam protection. This app will help you know who is calling you before picking up the call and will also protect you from spam calls by warning you before. The Google in the form of  Phone app is providing you reliable caller ID and phone call apps with the feature of spam protection and many more.

This app is easily available on Google play store and users can get this app for free form the play store app. This application for phone management by Google will help users to easily connect with the friends and family. Also, using the spam protection feature, you will get the feature to block the spam calls and using the caller ID feature, you will know who is calling you before even picking up the call. This app by Google comes in simple, yet intuitive design and help users to manage their phone calls easily.

The phone app by Google provide its users with powerful spam protection feature that helps them see warning about the suspicious callers and thus helps the users to avoid unwanted calls from the spammers, scammers, and telemarketers.

Also, with this app, users will get the feature of caller Id that will help them know the business that is calling you and thus help you get prepared first before picking up the call and answer them with confidence. With the caller ID feature, you will never miss the important calls.

With this app, users will also get the feature of voice mails that allows the users to easily view their voice mails without calling to the voicemail. Here in this app, there is feature available for calling that let users to record calls and use it later.

Google one

This is anotherbets app by Google Android 2021. With more than 100 million users, this app is rated number one among top grossing apps in productivity. The paid membership plan of this application will provide the users with phone backup feature, expanded storage, and many more.

Using this app, it will be easy for the users to manage their storage plan including Gmail, Google drive, and Google photos. This app will automatically backup your phone and never let you miss any important file.

Gallery Go by Google photos

With this app, users get the feature of light, smart, and fast photo and video gallery.  This app helps users by automatically organizing their media files as per their source and make it easy for the users to find their preferred picture or  video.

This app has feature to automatically organizing your pictures on the basis of people, nature, selfies, documents, videos, animals, and movies.

 Google Photos

Google LLC designed this another great app for cloud storing of your pictures and videos and access them later from any of your android device.

Google Drive

This is online and cloud storage app by Google letting users to save anything from images, documents, presentations, excel sheets, and many more on cloud.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best apps by Google android 2021!    


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