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Top 5 best Apps by Samsung Android 2021

 Samsung is one of the top smart Android phone manufacturer having great name in the smart devices industry. Though the Samsung device are itself giving amazing experience but in order to enhance and provide the customers with best ever experience, the Samsung has launched several app to enhance your experience of using the Samsung mobile device.

Here in this guide, we are listing top 5 best apps by Samsung Android 2021 that will facilitate in several tasks. These apps will ease your daily tasks like payments, use of internet browsers, Samsung health, and many more.

Though Samsung is having its own play store also but you can download the following listed apps from the Google play store. The following apps by Samsung are easily available on Google play store for free of cost. In order to download any of the below listed app by Samsung, simply open the Android play store.

In the Android play store, you will find the search bar at the top of the home screen. In the search bar, type the name of your desired app by Samsung and hit the Enter button. The  android play store will show you your desired app by Samsung along with the download link. Press the download button allowing the play store to install that app by Samsung in your device. After this, the Google play store will automatically download and install the app by Samsung in your device allowing you to use it as per your comfort and will enhance your Samsung device usage.

So here are top 5 best apps by Samsung that are specially designed by Samsung electronics. Co in order to provide you with the best facility and enhance your Samsung android using experience.

Top 5 best apps by Samsung Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best apps by Samsung Android 2021 that will ease your day to day work and help you in daily tasks.

Samsung internet browsers

Use of internet browsers is become common these days. There is a need for a good internet browser for every android device in order to enhance the surfing experience of the user. With Samsung internet browser, the Android user will get a private, secure, and an optimized mobile web browser for their regular surfing.

The app will provide the ultimate level of privacy feature. This internet browsing app by Samsung will help you protect your security and privacy while browsing the internet.

The app is also having the feature of smart anti0tracing that will intelligently and smartly identify the domains that have issue of cross site tracking and will block the storage (Cookie) access.

This Samsung internet browser app will care for your privacy and will warn you in the case when you view any malicious website that this having the risk to steal your personal data. The app by Samsung will notify you and warn you before visiting any malicious site and thus will prevent you from visiting the site that is having potential risk to steal your data.

With this internet browser by Samsung, you will also get the feature of content blockers. The app will use the filters from the 3rd parties app in order to block contents and thus making the browser safe and more streamlined for you.

Samsung health

The Samsung team also care for your health. And this is the reason why they launched the Samsung health app that will help you build a healthy life schedule. This health app by Samsung is going to be your true lifestyle companion that will help you in tracking your fitness, diet, weight, food, and sleep.

This Samsung health app will help you build healthy habits from today only. With this app, you will get several features that will help you in managing your health. The app will provide you the feature to record your activities and will help you create a healthy lifestyle for you.

In this health tracker app by Samsung, you can check various health records. The app will allow you to add and edit the items or records that you want to manage like daily steps, body weight, activity time, sleep record, calorie consumed, and many more.

With this Samsung health app, you will also get the feature to manage and record your fitness activities like swimming, running, and cycling, and many more. Using the galaxy watch wearable will enhance your exercise experience.

Also, you can use this app in developing healthy eating habits. This app will record your every meal and let you track your calories consumed. Have this app now, work hard, and maintain your best condition.


Now the Samsung app in your Samsung mobile device will help you control all your Samsung devices like TV, appliances, and many more. Using this smart app, you will get the feature to remotely control the Samsung appliances via wifi or any other method.

PENUP – Share your drawings

This app is a creative SNS based app on pen generated images. With this app by Samsung, you will get the feature to share your imagination with global creative minds. This app allows all to draw images easily using the pen.

Also, in this Samsung PenUp app, you will get the feature to colour on various beautiful sketches. The app will help you foster your drawing skills using the Live drawing feature where you are allowed to make drawing videos.

The app will help you in drawing using photos. Also with this app, you can challenge yourself with new topics. The PENUP app by Samsung will help you enjoy the real time popular artwork and you are allowed to share your own drawings.

This app also provides the feature of drawing comments where you can express your feeling by drawing in fun manners and interact with one another.

Samsung shop

Samsung has also launched the shopping app where you can find the perfect Samsung product for you. In this app, you can shop for TV, smartphones, home appliances, and many more from Samsung.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best apps by Samsung Android 2021!


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