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Top 5 best apps for bloggers Android 2021

 Since the entire world is struggling ith pandemic time, in order to break the chain of the contamination of corona virus, the government has issued the guideline of lock down. Now in order to help the nation in this tough time, we should follow the guidelines and do as they instruct. 

But due to shut down of the complete market, many people have lost their job while others are getting half of their pay. This makes the people to think for the new source for income. And, this led many people to start their own blog. Also, there are many people who started their blog in order to pass their free time they are having in the lockdown along with some income.

But starting a blog and generating income from it is completely different. Anybody can start the blog but in order to generate income from it, there is need that the blogger invests sufficient time, efforts, and proper management. In order to drive more views and traffic to the blog, there is need for proper management of both the off-page as well as on page SEO. The blogger need to manage the site well in order to get it rank in the first or at least second page of the Google.

In order to manage the blog successfully, the blogger might feel some need of application. Here in this guide, we are listing top 5 best apps for bloggers Android 2021 that will help them in managing their blog.

With these application, it will easy for the bloggers to manage their blog successfully and drive more traffic.

The below listed apps for bloggers Android 2021 are free to download. The android users can easily get the following apps for free form the Google play store. For all the Android users, there is a facility available namely Google play store that allows them to download and install any application or game as per their need for free or for some payment.

The following listed best apps for bloggers Android 2021 are available for free on Google play store. In order to download the following apps for bloggers, open the Google play store in your Android device. There in the Google play store, at the top of the home screen, you will see the feature of search bar. With this features, the users will get the option to search for their desired apps or games without making efforts in searching the app or game in their category. In the search bar, type the name of the app helpful to bloggers that you want to download and install in your device and hit the enter button. The Google plays tore will show you the download option for your search app helpful to blogger along with the list of similar apps for bloggers.

Compare their features and select the best app as your blogging needs. Now press the download button next to the app for bloggers that you want to download and install in your system. After this, the android play store will automatically start downloading and installing your desired app for bloggers allowing you to successfully manage your blogs.

Here we are listing top 5 best apps for bloggers Android 2021 that is helpful for all the bloggers in managing the blog and the website.

Top 5 best apps for bloggers Android 2021

Given below is the list of top 5 best apps for bloggers Android 2021 that are helpful for all the bloggers in successful management and creation of their blog.


This is best app for blogger Android 2021 having more than 10 million users and several positive ratings on Google play store. This app was designed by Automatic, Inc. The Wordpress app has more than 169 thousand reviews and several positive reviews on Google play store. With this app, the users will get the easy feature allowing them to easily create their website and blog. Using this application, it will be easy for the blogger to create post> it will also help them track analytics from anywhere.

With this wordpress app, you will get the power of publishing right in your pocket. Whenever in the journey or anywhere else, if you got some idea, no need to wait to reach the home and then use your laptop to write out your ideas. Instead publish them immediately right from your smart phone. Also, in the beginning, this app will help the user to get to know with the basics of the website.

Here in this app, the blogger will also get the feature of stats that will help them keep analyzing their website and track the activity on the website any time. With this app, it will be easy for the blogger to track the post which is performing the best on the website by exploring weekly, monthly, or even daily and yearly insights. Also, with this app, you will get the feature of traffic map that will help you in analyzing that the audience of your website is coming from which country.

With this app, you will get the notification when somebody comment, like your article or new person start following you. Also, using this app, you can reply for the comments.

With the use of this single app, you can also create updates, publish articles, and many more.    


This is another great app for bloggers android 2021 that makes the blogging on the go. This app will also provide you the feature to create new post, edit the existing post, view your saved and published posts, add labels to your post, and many more.

Blogger plus

With this app for blogging android 2021, the blogger will get the complete control over their website. Using this app, you can create, publish, and edit post right from your smart phone and manage your site.

Blogspot Prime

This is also a great app for bloggers Android 2021 that helps in managing blogs with the use of powerful blog editor.

Jouri Blog

Using this app, you can blog your journey and print the memories.

The bottom line

So these are top 5 best apps for bloggers Android 2021! 


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