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Top 5 best Bluetooth earbuds 2021

 Bluetooth wireless earbuds are becoming popular with the days passing. It is more convenient to work from home culture. Apple released the first of this kind. Gradually many other companies began manufacturing Bluetooth earbuds. Since Apple was restricted only to Apple users, earbuds for Android users are in a boom. This article has a list of the top 5 best Bluetooth earbuds in 2021. This is analysed based on the price, quality and durability. Most importantly, the Bluetooth earbuds must be comfortable and designed according to the ergonomics. Also, they must be cost-efficient along with the best features. These are some aspects to look for while getting wireless earbuds and buying these earpods from authorised centers or online shopping websites like Amazon.  


Apple AirPod Pro

Apple being the first to introduce Bluetooth earpods, they are still the best in the market. The cost is very high, ranging between 25k, but it's worth every penny. The fit of these earpods are perfect, and they give a good feel for calls or music. The noise cancellation feature is unmatched in these earpods. It also comes with a new virtual audio feature, especially for movies and music. The performance is bass and can also be modified. This is compatible with iOS 14 and further. It cannot be supported for Android devices. 

Another great feature is that these earpods are water-resistant. They come with a compact cover which can be carried anywhere. The earpods connect to the device within seconds and give you seamless sound quality. 

Samsung Galaxy buds live. 

Designs that make things easy are the trends right now. The Samsung Galaxy Buds live shaped like beans which give the right fit in the ears. In fact, many feel that this gives a better fitting in the ears than the Apple pods. They are smaller, and it does not feel like wearing a wireless earpod in the ear. This might cause discomfort to a few people. These have good noise reduction features that reduce all background sounds drastic. It gives good resistance to sweat and mild water splashes. The noise cancellation for the user is not very appreciable. 

The best thing about these buds is the shape and ergonomic design. It just stays in the ear without any disturbance. The cost of these earphones is reasonable for the quality it offers. This is a preferable option for Android users. Samsung earphones have a good reputation for durability and long-lasting performance. These earbuds, too are matching these qualities to give the best performance. 

Grado GT220

The Grado GT220 has the best version of sound quality. It comes with voice control and touch controls for calls. These are suitable for a quick buy and come at a quite affordable price. The noise cancellation in this is missing and is not very great. There is no requirement for an additional application to support the earbuds. The fitting is just enough to hold it in the ears. It is small in size and does not seem long like other earbuds. Another good feature is that the earbuds easily recognise the music on the device. There is no need to load the files every time it is played. The quality of the sound is exceptional, although the noise cancellation is missing.

The cost of these earbuds is completely reasonable for the features. They can be opted by the ones looking for a good experience with earpods at an affordable price. It can be opted by the ones who are using earbuds for attending calls. With the voice/touch controls and sound quality, it is recommended. Without noise cancellation, it cannot be recommended for songs or movies.  


Bose Quietcomfort earbuds 

Bose is a company with years of experience in manufacturing audio products. They give the best noise cancellation feature in the market. Arguably the sounds are better than Apple too. The design is not very comfortable for the ears. Some may dislike this model of earbuds for themselves. It can withstand a few water splashes and sweat, but it cannot be exposed to moisture regularly. 

Cost-wise these are pretty affordable and can be chosen for the best sound experience. Charging for these earbuds is wireless, but this is not very efficient. The charging is bulky and also does not last for a long time. The earbuds are quite bulky, too but give a reasonably comfortable fitting. This can be opted by the ones who wish to experience earbuds for the first time. As they have a good fit with the best quality music, this is highly recommended for that purpose.  

Microsoft surface earbuds

Microsoft being a giant in computer OS and software, has given a try to earbuds too. This has a different design, unlike other earpods that just stay on the surface of the ears. They are known for providing clear audio outputs every time you hear a song. It has a comfortable fitting, and it stays in place. The noise cancellation features are also excellent. It can be connected using the Microsoft application exclusive for the earbuds or can be connected through Bluetooth too. Many did not like the overall look of the earbuds in the beginning. However, many prefer these for the excellent sound quality it produces. 

The functionality of these earbuds is commendable. As Microsoft manufactures it, can be opted by people who use laptops as the primary device. The apps supporting the earbuds can be accessed easily and be connected. This is a great one for work from home, home school etc. 


These are the top picks of the year for the best Bluetooth earbuds. This is becoming more popular than the wired ones as they have many disadvantages. Earbuds allow us to make seamless connections through sound, music and calls at any time. Additional accessories like pouches and holders can be used with it too. They have created a new era for listening and communication devices.  



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