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Top 5 best chimneys 2021

 Chimney is an excellent alternative to traditional wood or gas chimney. Requires no maintenance, wood cutting, chimney cleaning or expensive installations, electric chimney are affordable, clean, safe and easy to install without special permits. These chimney are our future.

The Faber.

The best electric chimneys of 2021 is Faber . It quickly heats the environment with its high power, fits recessed into any wall and is elegant and modern thanks to the colored LED background. You can't ask for more from an electric chimneys !With an adjustable power between 1000 and 2000 Watts, it can quickly heat every room in your home, even the largest ones, and does it with great style. It manages to create a beautiful relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, you will never want to leave your home! It is perfect for any environment and for all kinds of homes and any type of furniture.



It adapts to recessed into any wall

Two power settings to choose from

Fast in heating the rooms

Suitable for any type of furniture

Led system for colored backgrounds


Energy consumption of the chimneys is not very low

Hindware- Best value for money


One of the best electric chimneyss today is in our opinion, Hindware. It offers you excellent performance combined with a truly enviable final quality / price ratio. Easy to assemble and with adjustable effects, you will never be able to spend an evening without turning it on.Identify the hole in the wall where you intend to install this fantastic electric chimneys, it only takes five minutes! All you have to do is connect the electrical cables, it does not require the installation of any flue or additional element. Now you just have to select the heating power and let the magic of the chimneys invade your home.. You can even keep the flames burning while the chimneys is actually off, just to recreate a beautiful environment


One of the best electric chimneyss on the market based on the value for money

Easy recessed wall mounting

Selectable heating power

Ultra realistic flame effect independent of actual heat

Curved crystal front panel for a better optical effect

Practical and convenient remote control

Very easy to clean


Just noisy

The Elica

Elica will amaze you, will leave you speechless thanks to its unique and unrepeatable design. The stone decorations give it a rustic and at the same time realistic look to the point that you will forget that in reality you have only bought the electric chimneys with the best design of today.The Elica recessed electric wall chimneys is able to recreate an elegant and solemn atmosphere in any room of your home. The body is entirely in Polystone, a material that gives it a total reality and in fact the bricks will seem those of a classic chimneys in a rustic mountain house.That's not all though, this product is much more than aesthetics and beauty! In general, the performances are very high and it heats the rooms in a short time.


Best built-in faux electric chimneys with unique design

Polystone body for an exceptional decoration reality

The bricks don't look fake

Excellent performance

Timer with built-in thermostat

High energy saving, exceeds that of s

Atmosphere recreated among the most romantic and elegant


Not suitable for all types of homes


Those who do not yet know how to choose a good chimneys must evaluate the purpose that this element has within their home. If you are looking for a pure decorative element, you can opt for various solutions that do not necessarily have to be able to completely heat the environment.

The speech changes if you want to use it as the main element to make the rooms comfortable. In this case it is good to opt for a wood-burning chimneys like the one proposed by Glen . This model is also ventilated, so it will be possible, with the appropriate system, to make other rooms comfortable in addition to the one where it is placed.Its dimensions are very large in order to have a greater concentration of heat. The thermal power is about 8.6 kW / h for an efficiency of more than 80%: it can completely replace the much useful radiators.It needs a flue so that the fumes from the burnt wood are conveyed outside. The practical ash drawer is removable and assists cleaning operations which are usually quite tedious.



Calore: this chimneys can easily replace a radiator to heat even a large room given the thermal power it offers of 8.6 kW / h. Ventilated: a very popular feature is the presence of a fan that "pushes" the heat into other rooms in addition to the one where it is installed Cleaning: to make cleaning easier, this chimneys has a handy ash drawer


Chimney: cannot be placed anywhere, but only in the room where the chimney is present.



All the charm and warmth of a chimneys without the hassle of having to struggle to light the flame and having to manage the emission of smoke and ash. This is what allows you to have this electric model by El Fuego, with a classic design and the ability to return the pleasant impression of being in front of a real chimneys. The merit is to be ascribed to the presence of the wood logs from which a virtual flame is released which also radiates the heat that completes the work, allowing this product to be exploited to increase the temperature of the room in which it is placed.


Design: Reproduces the style of a classic chimneys, thanks also to the presence of a brick cladding and burning logs. Heats ... or not: You can decide whether to combine the flame effect with the emission of heat, in order to use it to increase the temperature inside a room.


Measurements: The impression you get is that of a larger product than it actually is. Check its measurements carefully.Instructions: The manual is not in  but only in German, not that it is essential but it is right to report it.


There is not just one type of fireplace, on the contrary, the choice is quite wide as the reader will be able to find out if he will continue reading. Let's start with the solution that we like to call classic, that is, the open fireplace. This model is powered by wood but has the disadvantage of a high heat dispersion. It is estimated that on average only 20% of its potential can be exploited.

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