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Top 5 best dishwasher 2021

 The dishwasher is one of the most important appliances that have now entered all homes for a few decades, freeing from the hassle of washing (and in many cases even drying) the dishes used. Before getting to know the specific features and functions of the different dishwashers, it is good to divide them into two main categories: domestic dishwashers on the market can be built-in or free-standing. By built-in dishwashers we mean the models mounted inside the kitchen furniture, so as to be invisible without affecting the harmony of the furniture. The other category, the free-standing ones, include those dishwashers that are inserted outside the kitchen cabinets, and which boast different sizes and different finishes that make the appliance pleasing to the eye. In both cases the standard sizes available are 60 cm and 45 cm.

Bosch SMV25AX01E review

Among the best ten 60 cm built-in dishwashers there is also the Bosch SMV25AX01E, considered among the first for cleaning and drying that guarantees dishes, it manages to significantly limit the costs of water and electricity consumption. In fact, the energy consumption for a daily program is 1.12 kWh (main program), and 0.81 kWh for the Eco one; as regards the consumption of water with the daily program instead we speak of 14 l, and 10 l for the Eco mode. This fantastic dishwasher belongs to the classic energy A ++, with an annual consumption of 258 / kWh, and a water consumption declared according to the energy label of 2,660 liters, the average annual consumption is 99, 76 €, a figure lower than many other competitors. .


The Eco program is able to completely remove traces of encrusted food

The Eco program also thoroughly cleans encrusted pots


Slowness of program duration

Best price on Amazon

Bosch SMV46KX01E review

Bosch is still the protagonist brand in question, and this time we talk about the exactness of the SMV46KX01E model, a splendid 60 cm built-in dishwasher, considered by professionals to be a good mix between quality and price, with a daily energy consumption of approximately 0.99 kWh for the normal program and 0.82 kWh for the Eco program; water consumption is around 12 liters for the standard program, and 9 liters for the Eco program, for an average annual consumption of approximately € 91.86. These numbers are significantly lower than the dishwashers viewed up to now, which make the SMV46KX01E even more attractive. Equipped with thirteen place settings, this Bosch model, in addition to having excellent effectiveness with both the main program in terms of cleaning dirt and encrustation, has excellent features such as delayed start from 1 to 24 hours, status indicators , the quantity of brilliant and the topping up of salt.


Very low consumption

There is a delayed start function

Presence of a sensor that can identify the degree of dirt by adjusting the washing


The duration of the programs is very slow

Bosch SMV46MX00E review

Bosch is by all accounts a leading company in the household appliances sector, and it is for this reason that it offers a wide range of dishwashers adaptable to all kitchens according to customer needs, all of excellent quality, as well as the SMV46MX00E model. built-in 60 cm complete. Judged by experts as one of the best in terms of washing and drying, its main characteristics are the presence of fourteen place settings and a perfect result at the end of the wash. After the drying phase with both programs it is practically impossible to detect even a few small drops.

This dishwasher has a delayed start function from 1 to 24 hours, but there is no half load option. There are also indicators relating to the status of the dishwasher, those that indicate the amount of brilliant to be inserted and the salt refill indicator. Unfortunately, an indicator that monitors the time remaining at the end of the program is not available, this lack has actually slightly lowered the judgment on this appliance.



The Eco program is also extremely effective in cleaning dirty pots and pans

The electrical consumption of this appliance is low


The duration of the programs is very long (main program 123 ', Eco program 203')

Whirpool WIE2B19 Review

Inserted in eighth place in this special ranking among the best 60 cm built-in dishwashers, the Whirpool WIE2B19 model is considered by professionals with a good overall judgment thanks to the extreme effectiveness of the main and Eco program, both for washing and for drying. The average water consumption is considered high (16 l for the main program and 12 l for the Eco program), while the electricity consumption is average (1.17 kWh for the main program and 1.05 kWh for the Eco program) for an average annual cost of € 94.97. Inserted in energy class A +, the WIE2B19 is equipped with thirteen place settings, there are indicators for the addition of brilliant and for topping up with salt, but there are no indicators on the status of the dishwasher and on the time remaining for the end of the program. The times for the daily programs are very long both for the main one, in which it is estimated about 121 minutes, and in the Eco one, where the duration is around 171 minutes.




The Eco program removes traces of encrusted food without particular problems


Rather high noise (50 dBA)


5. Whirlpool ADG402 - Good washing and drying quality

On the lowest step of the podium of the best five 45 cm built-in dishwashers, we find the Whirlpool ADG402, a comfortable model for couples and singles, and for those who don't have too much space in a small kitchen. Unlike the first two examined, this dishwasher has the space available for ten place settings, as well as a very good quality of washing and drying, which allows the dishes, once out, to be inserted directly into the cupboard. Daily electricity consumption is low (0.99 kWh main and 0.70 kWh Eco), the same can be said for daily water consumption which seems slightly below average, with 11 liters for the main program and 10 liters. for the Eco program, with an average annual cost of € 89.78. At the end of the two programs, the dishes are perfectly clean and shiny, but the problem arises from the extremely long times of the main program (111 minutes), and above all of the low consumption Eco program, which goes up to 173 minutes of processing.



There is a delayed start function


The duration of the programs is very long


There is less risk of glasses and plates breaking. Often in fact, while we wash by hand, it is not uncommon for them to slip. Inside the dishwasher, the dishes placed safely and securely are more protected, both during washing and drying.Cleaning is better. Washing with a sponge does not ensure the same results as washing in the dishwasher. The latter ensures a more complete disinfection, especially if the appliance is used correctly and following maintenance.


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