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Top 5 Best Firing Game Apps Android 2021

 The Play Store is nowadays full of several firing game apps. But this is where you get confused about choosing the best firing game for yourself.  So to solve your problem, we have brought for you the list that includes the top 5 best firing game apps android 2021.

The games which will be discussed here are the highly-rated game apps with the best players view that gives you an amazing gaming experience.


1.Air Attack 2


Air Attack 2 is the new generation shooting or firing game app with Amazon 3 D environment that adds orchestral soundtracks. This game is especially the sequel of the next-level air combat shooting game.


In this game, you'll be enjoying a WW2 classic environment where you have to shoot them up in the modern rendering.

Your mission in the game is to prepare your plane and kill the axis of evil with several available arms and ammunition such as flamethrowers, tail gunners, bombs.


There are several extraordinary features in this game. You will get a chance to complete 22 campaign missions along with an adventurous survival mission. The best thing about the game is its fully destructible 3D environment. It also features 30 unique tracks which are orchestral. You'll daily get some events and on accomplishment, you'll be awarded amazing rewards. The game provides you 5 player airplanes with upgrades such as flamethrowers, tail gunners, bombs, lasers, wigmen, homing rockets, etc. You'll get to see amazing lighting and explosion effects in the game. The best thing is that this can be played offline.



2.Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game


Cover Fire is one of the most played offline shooting and firing games. Once you've played it, it'll be one of your favorite firing game apps. Your mission in the game is to lead the battle and become the best Shooter.


The first advantage is that you can even play the game without any internet connection as well. With the new updates, you will find the new shooting game modes and challenging story modes. Start the game by choosing your weapon and striking the enemy with a hail of bullets or with massive guns or grenades.


You'll also experience the best gaming scenario with HD graphics and a destructible environment that seems to be real. Apart from offline mode, you can also switch to online tournaments mode which increases the adventures.


You also have the option to set up your assassin squad and include unique skills such as hacker, sniper, assault man, etc. You'll unlock more new epic snipers with more new levels. You'll be enjoying more story mode challenges and many more things.



3.Garena Free Fire


Garena Free Fire is the ultimate Survival Shooter game. This game is a mixture of survival and shooting. You need to survive 10 minutes of the game by firing on other players in the game. In each 10-minute survival game, you are put on an island with other 49 players who will be battling to survive till last and win.


In the game, the players are free to choose the starting place and can use their parachutes to land on the place. You also aim to always stay inside the safe zone. If in any case, you are out of the safe zone, your life will go on decreasing and you'll die. In the game, you'll get several vehicles to explore the map and even hide to stay longer.


One of the most important aims in the game will be searching for weapons and staying in the play zone. You also need to search for medication and other crucial tools to kill your enemy. Apart from single gameplay, you can also choose to play in a squad with 4 members. Moreover, the controls are easy and smooth with promising graphics.



4.Gun War


Gun war is an exciting offline shooting game. Although it's a small game, it is much more exciting and not at all simple. You can access the game in more than 15 multi-languages and more than 124 exciting shooter tasks with 6 very special game types.


You'll discover 6 special game types which include 50+ featured scenes and maps. The list not only stops here, but you'll also get more than 5p weapons and epic weapons waiting for you after every level. The game includes a weapon upgrade system where you can also upgrade ordinary weapons. The game also shows up the world championship leaderboards to let the players around the world challenge each other.


Gun war is optimized for mobile device operating. It has a smooth, controlled, and exciting battle sound. It has amazing and much more flexible artificial intelligence behavior.



5.Call of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty is one of the most admired battle royale, sniper games. This particular game is specially designed to be played on mobile phones. In this game, you can play in iconic multiplayer maps and modes. This game has console-quality HD gaming which has customizable controls with voice and text chat with thrilling 3D graphics and sound. This makes you experience the thrill in the game.


You can play this game either single or can squad up with your friends in the 100 person battle royale survival map.

As you will play the game regularly, you'll be able to unlock and also earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, outfits, source streaks, and pieces of gear. The game offers you several modes such as team deathmatch, frontline, free for all, search and destroy, domination, hardpoint, and many more.


In the game, you need to use your skills and strategy to battle and top in the competitive rank mode. In this way, you will also be able to win clan prizes. The game lets you compete and fight against millions of users worldwide.


Thus, these were the top 5 best firing game apps android 2021. These games are selected based on their ratings and are the most adventurous games on the play store.

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